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<p>ProfIcIency adgesadges0escrIptIon ACCIDENT PREVENTION 1.Know and where possIble, demonstrate how to guard agaInst accIdents and when usIng: gas electrIcal applIances, kerosene stoves, naked lIghts, open fIres. 2.Know what specIal precautIons to take In the house wIth: 2.1Small chIldren 2.2Dld people J.Know at least three dIfferent ways of preventIng accIdents: J.1When boatIng and bathIng; J.2When usIng publIc transport, cars and cycles; J.JWhen wIth anImals; J.4n hIghrIse buIldIngs. 4.Know what specIal precautIons to take outdoors wIth regard to barbed wIre, poIsonous plants, storms and other hazards, e.g. Hornets, jellyfIsh etc.5.8e prepared to put your knowledge to the test In a gIven sItuatIon. ACILITY 1.8rIng a certIfIcate to show that she has completed one of the followIng clauses: 1.1Walked 6m over a rope brIdge; 1.2ClImbed Jm up a rope; 1.JSwam 25m. 2.2.1Covered Jkm at scout's pace. (JoggIng certIfIcate may be accepted). 2.20emonstrated good walkIng and runnIng. 2.JSkIpped contInuously for one mInute wIth rope turned backwards. J.J.1 Thrown a lIfelIne wIthIn easy reach of a person 8m away. J.2Thrown a hand ball overarm to a dIstance of 20m to land between two sIde lInes 4m apart. J.JCaught a hard ball from quIck short throws and from hIgh throws. J.4UsIng a tennIs ball, from a dIstance of 6m, hIt a target 0.5m square. 4.4.1ShowIng control and good posture, performed a balancIng feat on the floor or balanc apparatus. 4.2 0one a handstand agaInst a support. 4.J Leapfrogged In good style. AQUARIST 1.Dwn, or partown, an aquarIum of not less than three fIshes. 8e responsIble for the care of the fIshes, IncludIng feedIng and cleanIng, for at least sIx months or the CuIde may take care of an aquarIum In her School (If she does not own one herself). She should brIng a letter from her teacherIncharge to show that she has taken care of the aquarIum for 6 months. 2.Know the general requIrements for settIng up an aquarIum so as to maIntaIn a balance. J.FecognIse four common varIetIes of cold water or twelve varIetIes of tropIcal fIshes. 4.dentIfy the external vIsIble features of fIshes. 5.Choose four of the followIng aquarIum applIances and show that she understands theIr uses: feedIng rIngs; thermometers; fIlters; heaters; syphons; aerators; thermostats. Note: The tester Is to Inspect the aquarIum more than once In order to see that It Is correctly maIntaIned by the candIdate. APTIST 0rawIngs should be made on sheets of paper not less than 25cm by 17.5cm and should be of a good sIze and wellplaced. 1.0raw In charcoal, pastel or soft pencIl, an object provIded by the tester; add other objects and a background, to make a pleasIng composItIon. 2.|ake an IllustratIon of a subject chosen by the tester. J.8rIng one of the followIng, to be drawn In colour. J.1An ImagInatIve drawIng; J.2A landscape; J.JA fIgure drawIng; J.4A stIll lIfe drawIng; J.5A plant drawIng. 4.8rIng one of the followIng: 4.1A desIgn of sImple pattern suItable for wellpaper, embroIdery, or curtaIn materIal, IndIcatIng method of repetItIon. 4.2A drawIng In pen and Ink depIctIng a scene from the hIstory of the CuIde Company. 4.JA coloured desIgn for a poster, or book cover. 4.4A notIce wrItten In pen and Ink for a CuIde event. 4.5A batIk paIntIng. 4.6A pIece of work In metal relIef. 8e able to dIscuss the dIfferent medIa used In art. ATHLETE 1.Fun 100 metres In 15.4 seconds. 2.Fun 400 metres In 72.5 seconds. J.0o one of the followIng: J.1Long jump J.90 metres; J.2HIgh jump 1.20 metres. 4.0o one of the followIng: 4.1Throw dIscus (1.0kg) 15.0 metres; 4.2Throw a javelIn (600g) 15.0 metres; 4.JThrow a short putt (4kg) 6.J0 metres. Note: All events mst be ]ded n cccordcnce wth the lAFF Lcws overnn Trcck cnd Feld. ASKET-hAKEP 1.|ake two of the followIng, each In a dIfferent type of basketwork, such as cane, raffIa, straw, the base of one artIcle to be woven. 1.1|arket basket; 1.2|at; 1.JWork basket; 1.4Wastepaper basket. 2.Have a general knowledge of the raw materIal employed, how It Is obtaIned, and how It Is prepared for workIng. IRD WATCHER 1.8e a member of the Nature SocIety of SIngapore 2.Show her own fIeld notebook recordIng detaIled observatIon of sIx specIes of bIrds, IncludIng plumage, flIght, song, food, roostIng nest and eggs, and rearIng the young. J.Fead a book on bIrds and be prepared to dIscuss one of the followIng subjects wIth the tester: J.1|IgratIon; J.2TerrItory; J.JThe feet and beaks of bIrds; J.4SeabIrds; J.5Seasonal varIatIon In plumage. </p> <p>DATSWAIN 1.SwIm 50m and keep afloat for 5 mIn wearIng clothes. 2.Use the followIng knots: reef, bowlIne, clovehItch, sheetbend, round turn and halfhItches. J.Throw an unweIghted lIne 10m. 4.0o one of the followIng sectIons: 4.1FowIng (I) |anage a dInghy sInglehanded, In response to InstructIons, to Include gettIng under way, turnIng, backIng, brIngIng alongsIde, and makIng fast.(II) Fow a boat wIth others. (III) Know the common terms used In connectIon wIth rowIng boats. 4.2SaIlIng(I) SaIl a dInghy sInglehanded and know how to manage It under varyIng condItIons. (II) 0emonstrate makIng and shortenIng saIl, tackIng, reachIng and runnIng. (III) PIck up moorIngs and come alongsIde. (Iv)|anage a dInghy under oars. (v) Know the common terms used In connectIon wIth rowIng and saIlIng dInghIes. Note: A lfe]ccket mst be worn for scln. 4.JCanoeIng (I)Show knowledge of general handlIng canoes. (II) Cet In and out from shallow water, from landIng stage, or from other craft In deep water. (III)8e able to paddle as sIngle or as partner In doubles. (Iv) 0emonstrate: (a) paddIng wIth feathered paddles; (b) how to use a paddle as stabIlIzer. (v)CapsIze a canoe, brIng ashore wIth paddles, and empty. Note:A lfe]ccket mst be worn for ccnoen. ANTI-0PUC AUSEThIs badge Is conducted at H0 level. Hence Interested guIdes wIll have to waIt for a cIrcular from H0 before applyIng. There are two stages to thIs badge. CertIfIcates wIll be presented to guIdes who pass Stage 1. A guIde must complete both stages before she can receIve the badge, whIch Is awarded by SANA. There Is a partIcIpatIon fee whIch Is nonrefundable.Stage a) Compulsory attendance at the AntI0rug Abuse Course for CuIdes and Scouts. b) At the end of the Course, candIdates wIll sIt for a wrItten test whIch Includes |ultIple ChoIce, True or False and Essaytype questIons. The passIng mark Is 60. Stage a) 0raw a poster on the theme of 0rug Abuse PreventIon. The Poster should have a SLDCAN. Any form of colourIng materIal could be used but the paper should be of the same sIze as the normal art paper used In schools. The candIdates Name, Coy, 0IstrIct and 0IvIsIon must be wrItten on the top FCHT HAN0 CDFNEF of the front of the paper. |arks would be awarded as follows: |essage10 marks Effort 10 marks PresentatIon10 marks TotalJ0 marks b) CompIle a Log 8ook whIch should Include the followIng: I.The candIdate's Name, Coy, 0IstrIct and 0IvIsIon on the front cover. II.A report on the Course attended. III. CuttIngs from newspapers and magazInes. Iv. A report on the candIdate's role as a 'Transfer Agent'. Note:To be a 'Transfer Agent' every candIdate must speak to TEN frIends and neIghbours on the subject of antIdrug abuse. HavIng spoken to them, the candIdate must answer all theIr questIons to the best of her abIlIty based on the knowledge gaIned from the Course.The followIng are to be Included In the report: Dne sample of what was spoken to the 10 persons. The names, addresses and telephone numbers of ALL the 10 persons for verIfIcatIon. The varIous questIons asked of each person. Answers gIven to these questIons that were raIsed. ThIs 'Transfer Agent' report should be Incorporated Into the Log 8ook (In the last few pages). Contents 10 marks EIIort10 marks Presentation10 marks Total 30 marks AllocatIon of marks .Log 8ook: . 'Transfer Agent' Feport - 40 marks The overall total Is 100 marks. Dnly those who scored 60 and above would be awarded the SANA AntI0rug Abuse 8adge. </p> <p>CAMPER 1. 8rIng to the test a certIfIcate from a CuIder (qualIfIed camper) wIth whom she has camped statIng that she has proved herself to the useful and relIable and recommendIng her as a candIdate for that badge.2. Hold the Cook 8adge. J. Have camped for at least a week, 6 nIghts under canvas (not necessarIly consecutIve) and taken her share In the usual patrol dutIes.4. Know how to:4.1PItch, aIr and strIke a tent; 4.2Erect, strIke and pack up screenIng and poles. 5. Understand the care, In al weathers, of tents, groundsheets, beddIng and latrInes. Know how to carry out emergency repaIrs to a tent. 6. |ake a gadget or gadgets usIng the followIng lashIngs: square, trIpod and snake. 7. 7.1Construct a fIreplace for cookIng: collect and stack for suItable fIrIng; 7.2 Cook outofdoors: demonstratIng boIlIng, fryIng, steamIng, bakIng, makIng a hot drInk. 8. Understand:8.1How to store food IncludIng bread, butter, mIlk and meat; 8.2How to dIspose of all kInds of refuse. Note:The Tester mst be c qclfed Ccmper nomncted by the C.A/Ccmp Commssoner n consltcton wth the Ccmp Commttee. CAMPER (Extenson Secton 0nly).8rn to the test c certfccte from c 6der (qclfed ccmper) wth whom she hcs ccmped, stctn thct she hcs proved herself to be sefl cnd relcble, cnd recommendn her cs c ccnddcte for the bcde. 2.Hcve ccmped for ct lecst c week or two weekends cnd tcken pcrt n the scl pctrol dtes.J.Know how to: J.Ptch, cr cnd strke c tent; J.2Erect, strke cnd pcck p screenn poles.4.0nderstcnd the ccre, n cll wecthers, of tents, rondsheets, beddn cnd lctrnes. Know how to ccrry ot emerency repcrs to c tent.5.Mcke c cdet or cdets sn the follown lcshns: sqcre, trpod cnd sncke..Know how to constrct c freplcce stcble for c weekend ccmp; stcck stcble frewood.Z.0nderstcnd:Z.How to store food, ncldn brecd, btter, mlk cnd mect; Z.2How to dspose of cll knds of refse.Note: () The Tester mst be c qclfed ccmper nomncted by the Commssoner for Ccmp/Ccmp Advser n consltcton wth the Ccmp Commttee. ()No clternctve s sested for cny clcse: ecch ccnddcte mst ccrry ot cs mch prcctccl work cs her dscblty cllows. lf t s not prcctccl to ccrry ot certcn clcses on c prcctccl bcss, the Ccptcn s to dscss wth the tester the wcy n whch these pcrtclcr clcses ccn be tested.8.Hold the Cook 8cde or constrct c freplcce stcble for c weekend ccmp on the freplcce constrcted, n clcse . 8.Prepcre c hot drnk for two people; 8.2Cook porrde; 8.JCook rce or bol potctoes to be served ct c ven tme.Note:The ccnddcte need not hcve peeled the potctoes. </p> <p>The test applIes throughout to chIldren of J to 5 years. The candIdate must have a sense of responsIbIlIty </p> <p>IL0 NUPSE and a hIgh standard of personal cleanlIness; she must understand that when dealIng wIth a chIld, she must carry out whatever she has saId that she wIll do and must never resort to brIbery. A CuIde who holds thIs badge should be capable of takIng care of a chIld of the age group for any part of hIs day, and should realIze the Importance of reportIng to the mother any IrregularIty In routIne. The test may be taken In two parts, and the tester may delegate the testIng of Part If necessary. Part may be tested by guIde personnel. The test may be taken at the nursery home, creche, chIldren's hospItal or at a prIvate resIdence or home. Part 1. Know how a chIld should be clothed In sunny and wet weather. 2. Know what food Is suItable for hIm. J. Know what kInd of play materIal should be gIven. 4. Plan a day, recognIzIng the Importance of a regular routIne. 5. Know how to prevent accIdents In the house or garden. 6. Know how to take a chIld's temperature. Part Take charge of a chIld or small group of chIldren for a few hours under the supervIsIon of the tester. ThIs should Include: (I)HelpIng to wash before a meal, and servIng a meal; or puttIng to bed.(II)SettIng out suItable materIal for play and watchIng the play ( joInIng In If the chIld requIres It.) (III) TellIng a story. </p> <p>CARPENTER 1. |ake a sImple wooden artIcle, e.g., patrol box, screen, table, bookshelf, stool, rabbIthutch, hencoop etc. 2. Pass one of the followIng clauses: 2.1Set up a wooden shelf; Note: Metcl brcckets mcy be sed. 2.2|ake a sImple door or gate fastener. Self constructed metal latch wIll be acceptable. 2.JFepaIr a pIece of furnIture strongly and neatly. J. Show that she can use the followIng tools and keep them In good workIng order: hammer, screwdrIver, saws, chIsel, brace and bIt, plane, ruler and ser square. 4. 4.1dentIfy and know the use of four kInds of naIls, e.g. wrought naIl, round wIre naIl, oval wIre naIl, lost head naIl, panel pIn, cloth naIl. 4.20emonstrate: drIvIng In naIls correctly; InsertIng screws (usIng countersInkIng technIque) and the use of sandpaper. 5. FecognIse dIfferent types of joInt, e.g. halved, mortIse and tenon, housIng, dovetaIl etc. Know for what each type Is suItable. 0IstInguIsh between hard and soft woods, plywood and hardboard. Know theIr approprIate uses and the dIfferent treatment and methods of fInIshIng each. </p> <p>CITIZENSHIP 1. 8e able to answer questIons on: 1.1emocrccy |eanIng of the term; The ballotmethod of votIng; The franchIsevotes for all - Electoral LIst; A Ceneral ElectIon 1.2Prme Mnster's Dffce CommunIty Centres; FesIdents CommIttees; CItIzen's ConsultatIve CommIttees; ParlIamentary ConstItuency I.e. the CuIde's own dIstrIct. 1.JPcrlcment Crowth of the ParlIament System In SIngapore; The PresIdent and hIs Fole; Number of |embers and how they were elected; ComposItIon and setup; Work of ParlIament - LawmakIng, The CIvIl ServIce, Covernment 0ept, Statutory 8oards, CommIssIons, Passage of a 8Ill; |embers of ParlIament - Work, PrIvIleges, FenumeratIon; The Speaker's 0utIes, AssIstants, The Speaker's ChaIr and nsIgnIa of DffIce; 0uestIon TIme How It Is conducted, Its use; ParlIamentary News - FeportIng, PublIcatIon; 8roadcastIng and TelevIsIng - Speeches by |.Ps; LIfe of ParlIament - Length of maxImum lIfe, dIssolutIon, defeat and prorogatIon, vote of Censure; CommIssIons - mportance of - Nature of nvestIgatIons. 2. Prcctccl work |ake a Scrap 8ook of the Covernment at work. J. 8e able to speak brIefly on one of the followIng topIcs: Features of a multIracIal SocIety - the need for tolerance; The rIghts and responsIbIlItIes of a cItIzen; The ConstItutIon of SIngapore and how laws are made; Law and SecurIty In the FepublIc; The JudIcIary: Supreme Court, |agIstrate's Court, PolIce Court, The Armed Forces E SIngapore Law; FelatIonshIp wIth the Commonwealth. Dne Compulsory questIon to be asked wIll requIre the candIdate to gIve account of how she herself may be a good cItIzen. IVIL 0EFENE 1. ThIs badge Is conducted joIn by the SIngapore CIvIl 0efence Force (SC0F). t Is conducted at SCCA H0 level. CuIdes must waIt for a cIrcular on the badge to be sent to theIr schools before applyIng. Successful partIcIpants wIll be Issued a certIfIcate to purchase the badge. 2. CuIdes from aged 14 onwards and who are physIcally fIt may apply. J....</p>