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PUNE INSTITUE OF BUSINESS MANAGENT (PIBM) In partial fulfillment of Post Graduate Program in Business Management (PGPBM)


IAEER S PUNE INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENTSurvey No. - 499, Near Manas Resort, Bhugaon, Tal-Mulshi, Paud, Pune-411042(Maharashtra), India1


I, Mr. Dheeraj Kumar Maurya hereby declare that this project report is the record of authentic work carried out by me during the period from 2nd May 2009 to 31st July 2009 and has not been submitted earlier to any university or institute for the award of any degree/diploma etc.

Name of the Student: Dheeraj Kumar Maurya Date: 25th Sep 2009


Company Letter Head


This is to certify that the organizational study project is a bonafide and sincere work of Mr. /Ms Dheeraj Kumar Maurya is original and has been made under my supervision in partial fulfillment of requirement for the award of Post Graduate Programme for the period of 15 to 20 days in the month of October 08. His/her performance during this period was: Poor/ Satisfactory/ Good/ Excellent).

Mr Sandeep Singh Company Guide Date: 25th Sep 2009


IAEER S PUNE INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Institute Letter Head CertificateThis is to certify that Mr. Dheeraj Kumar Maurya of IAEER s Pune Institute of Business Management has successfully completed the project work titled in partial fulfillment of requirement for the completion of PG course as prescribed by PIBM. This project report is the record of authentic work carried out by him during the period from 1thMay to which he has worked under my guidance.

Project Guide: Prof.

Director Academics/Dean: Mr. Jagdish khandelkar




ACKNOWLEDGEMENTIn this project report I have made an honest and dedicated attempt to make the research material as authentic as it could. And I earnestly hope that it provides useful and workable information and knowledge to any person reading it. During this small time frame of two months in which the project reached its completion, there were a few people whom I would like to make a mention of and without whose help the project would have never seen the light of day. I also thanks to my internal guide Prof. Ashok Chaudhary for his timely response via email & personal meeting, which immensely helped in giving the project the initial direction it needed. I would like to thanks my external guide Mr. Sandeep Singh (Circle Head) and Mr Viraj Vinayak hardas (Area Sales Maneger) who gave me a free hand as far as going about the project work concerned. I dedicate this project to Dealers of Pune District who were extremely kind and who at times went out of the way to help me. Without their co-operation it would have perhaps not been possible to research a few places, which I did, within the stipulated time frame.

Dheeraj Kumar Maurya PGPBM+MBA (Marketing & IT) 2008-2010


EXECUTIVE SUMMERYFirst and fore most, I would like to thanks VIDEOCON DTH+ for giving me an opportunity to undertake the project MARKET ANALYSIS FOR VIDEOCON d2h+. I was given the task for market analysis in which I had to visit dealers, distributors and tell then about new introducing product by VIDEOCON DTH+. The offered products are IDTV, IDVD, IHT & DTH ITSELF. As a management trainee my work was also to note down the problems, if that dealer is selling Videocon company product. My main work was to promote /pitch the features & facilities provide in to the products and convince them for sale the VIDEOCON DTH+ product. The uphill task was to find out the potential dealers who have interest for selling the VIDEOCON DTH+ products as well as support for increase the selling. So that company assume them for selling the DTH or as a future prospect for selling the DTH. The company Videocon DTH+ is doing aggressive marketing research /analysis at the launch timing so that they can get good response and business because more market analysis give more accurate and quantitative result by which company take effective decision for making the profitable business with satisfied customer. The most interesting part in any summer internship, for a learner is, the application of concepts, he has learned. Apart from being an interesting things, it is also the key phenomena around which summer internship resolves. It also gives, a taste of pressure ,the marketing manager has due to limitation of resources, especially financial in nature .The only things which market research does not give an in-depth knowledge about is Sales. Although selling skill is considered to be one of the prerequisite of a marketing professional. Market Research does not give the taste of a hand core sales job. Thus it can be very well said that, Market Research could be very good topic for Summer Internship of a student. In order to get the best of both, I decided to do project (Pan Pune) on Market Research in Videocon DTH+ company.


S.No. 1. Introduction-


Page no. 8-17

-Company Vision Mission -Company Profile -Business Profile -Department Hierarchy 2. About BBC About DTH 3. 4. 5. DTH Industry Profile About Videocon DTH Project Objective & Scope-Primary Objective -Secondary Objective 18 19 20-23 24-26 27-28

6. 7.

Research Methodology Observations & findings-Sales of TV,DVD,HT,DTH (table & graphic representation) -Competitor Packages & tariff Analysis

29-30 31-55

8. 9. 10. 11

Limitations Conclusions Suggestions Bibliography

56 57 59 61



T ype Genre Founded Founder(s) Headquart ers Area ser ved

Pr ivat e Conglo merat e Conglo mer at e 1979 Mr. Nandlal Madhavlal Dhoot Aur angabad, Maharasht ra, India Consumer E lect ronics Home Appliances Co mponent s Office Aut omat io n Int ernet Pet roleum Power Dth

Indust r y Revenue Net inco me Owner Webs it e

Consumer Durables, Oil and Gas et c. U$4.1 billio n U$276 millio n Mr. Venugopal Dhoot (Ceo&MD) ht t p://www.videoconwor m



VISION:y Videocon is committed to bring happiness in every home around the world by offering high quality products that ease and enrich human life. To be a USD 15Bn Group by 2013 Road Map: o By Diversifying into New Areas such as SEZs Solar power Real Estate Telecom & Mobile Services Retail IT Services Semi-Conductors Hospitality Flat Panel Displays (LCD, PDP, PND etc.)

y y

MISSION: A Reflection of Continuity & Change. To Delight and Deliver beyond Expectation through: Ingenious Strategy. Intrepid Entrepreneurship. Improved Technology. Innovative Products. Insightful Marketing. Inspired Thinking About the Future.

VISION & MISSION: To be the most preferred at home entertainment service by : Offering a better customer experience in installation & customer care. Offering better customer premise equipment. Better packaged & delivered content.


LOGO LOGIC: The two Es on either side represent the Groups Wide Spectrum of interests ranging from Electronics to Energy. It reiterates the Ethos of a Company Dedicated to Maintaining the Highest International Standards of Excellence through Quality, Technology and Innovation. It asserts its Passion for Global Impact The Steely glint, Communicates the Group's Global Ambition, its Strength, Sterling Credentials and Innovative Drive The Logo recapitulates Our Principle of Reaching Out and Touching the Lives of Millions of People, Worldwide.


HISTORY:Videocon is an industrial conglomerate with interest all over the world and based in India. The group has 17 manufacturing sites in India and pants in Chnina, Poland, Itly & Maxico. It is an Indian multinational with interests in consumer electronics, home appliances, colour picture tube glass, and oil & gas. Actualy Videocon began its tryst with destiny in 1979 from a conference room-sized assembly line. But, it was founded in 1987 by Late Nandlal Madhavlal Dhoot. He completed his education in Ahmednagar and Pune. He was a successful sugarcane and cotton cultivator. As a next logical step to vertical integration, He boldly took upon an entrepreneurial venture by importing machinery from Europe to set up the Gangapur,Sakhar,karkhana (sugar mill) in 1955.those were days when the village did not even have electricity. He thus unleashed a mini industrial revolution. At that time it used to manufacture TV and washing machine. In 1989-90, Videocon started manufacturing home entertainment systems, electric motors & ac. Videocon entered refrigerators and coolers segment in 1991. In 1995, Videocon started manufacturing glass shells for crt and in 1996 it ventured into kitchen appliances and crude oil segment. In 1998, Videocon started manufacturing compressors & compressor motors. In the year 2000, Videocon tookover Philips color TV plant. In 2005, Videocon tookover 3 plants of electrolux India and acquired. Currently, it start to manufature rotary compressor-based air conditioner, which new technology in Indiaunder Videocon logo. Videocon is all set to enter the dth, hospitality, telecom, SEZs and real estate industries. Videocon has launched green-field power generation projects which will collectively produce 15,000 mw of electricity. Planet m is owned by Videocon through its retail arm, next.