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  • 1. Prom Night Rebecca Mahan

2. Poster

  • This is the poster for Prom Night. I really like this poster as it is very dramatic and lets people know that this is a horror movie just from the expression but also from the slogan underneath the title. I like how the picture covers all of the poster as it creates more effect. I think that this picture is really good and this is the best poster that I have analysed so far so this is what I want to try and create for my own poster. I think even though it is in black and white it works really well because it makes the title stand out. I think that the most eye catching thing on this poster is the picture just because it is a close up of the expression but also has an element of the title in it as the character is wearing a tiara to show that she is at the prom.

3. DVD Cover

  • As you can see the picture that is used on the DVD covers has been taken from the poster so that it will be easier to recognise the DVD as the target market have seen the picture before. I like this idea because it makes everything look professional as they are keeping the theme running throughout the products that they have produced. On the different DVD cover the picture has a different change in colour because on the blu ray DVD it has a hint of blue in the picture and on the unrated version they have used the colour red for the picture to show the audience that there is more gory bits in the film making it different from the original DVD. In all of the DVD covers the layout is the same which shows that they are being consistent and this will then be more recognisable for the target audience.

4. Merchandise

  • This is some of the merchandise that you can purchase online. There are posters and wallpapers that can be brought to be used on your computer, phone or even your IPod. You can also buy costumes for Halloween that are from the film prom night which I think is a very good idea seen as the film is a horror movie and you need scary outfits for Halloween and I haven't seen this done yet this means that it is a unique idea and might even give them a greater target market.Finally you can buy t shirts with people on from Prom Night oreven with the poster on the front. All this merchandise is used to generate more profits for the company so that they get more money but also so they can get more popular and make more people watch the film if they haven't already seen it. Therefore it is a good way to advertise a film in different ways rather than just adverts and posters.

5. Official Website

  • This is the official website. I think that it is good for films to have there own websites because it is another way to promote the film. I think that it is good that there is all three versions of the DVD on the website because it makes the audience know about them else they might not know. It also gives information on what is in the unrated version of the DVD which is good as well. There is a menu bar at the top of the website which lets the audience know that there is a lot mote information on the website for them to look at. It if very important that the front of the website is very appealing else they will just leave and I think that this is.