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<ul><li><p> At Your College </p><p>Submitted by </p><p>Nxtlogic Software Solutions. Bangalore and Coimbatore </p><p>We believe in quality because knowledge matters </p><p>PROPOSAL </p><p>For </p><p>On Campus Placement </p><p>Training Program </p></li><li><p>Dear Madam/Sir, </p><p>Firstly, accept our heartfelt greetings. </p><p>Objective: The vision of this program is to equip students for successful employment. </p><p>As you know Nxtlogic is a renowned Engineers Training organization and software development </p><p>industry, well known for providing quality education in advance fields such as .NET, JAVA, </p><p>ANDROID, PHP, MATLAB, NS2, VLSI, Oracle and Campus Recruitment Preparation. </p><p>Currently, these are the hottest and largest job-providing sectors. With reference to the same, we </p><p>wish to start training programs in these fields at your college campus. Students from your college </p><p>may be well placed in the market, but by getting professional training in the courses like these, </p><p>they will definitely get an edge. </p><p>Nxtlogic has already run different On Campus Training Programs at many colleges. Nxtlogic </p><p>is providing them at a very reasonable fee (enclosed herein). In this training we will acquaint </p><p>students about the concerned field, and will provide them Course book, CD (having assistance </p><p>for job) &amp; Lab Material. At the end of training, Nxtlogic will certify each student. </p><p>For starting the training program, a free of cost seminar may be delivered at your campus. After </p><p>the seminar, if our terms &amp; conditions (enclosed herein) are fulfilled, campus training program </p><p>would be started after obtaining your confirmation. </p><p>We look forward to your kind cooperation in our attempt and will wait for your reply. Thanking </p><p>you in anticipation </p></li><li><p>Our Mission is to help individuals enhance their creativity and build Knowledge that creates </p><p>opportunities, thus deliver a result that maximizes customer's return on their existing investment </p><p>Our Vision is to evolve as a product company by optimally using the resource thus to provide </p><p>competitive products that are affordable </p><p> Placement Training Session Plan </p><p>12 Hours Training: </p><p> Soft Skills Development </p><p> Interview Specific Training </p><p>3 Hours Training: </p><p> Motivational Speech &amp; College to Corporate Connect (By Top HR personality or VP of </p><p>any IT Company) </p><p>Training Methodology </p><p>Phase I: Pre -Placement Training. </p><p>Our Soft skill modules are based on NASSCOM &amp; TCS content. </p><p>Training Topics </p><p> Interviewing Skills </p><p> Resume Writing </p><p> Group Discussions. </p><p> Communication Skills </p><p> Personal Grooming. </p><p> Top 10 HR Questions. </p><p> Motivational &amp; Campus to Corporate Connect Training </p></li><li><p>Phase II: Placement Support &amp; Assistance </p><p> Best performing students data will be projected to IT companies and Core Companies </p><p>checking their eligibility criteria. Other students will be sent for Non IT interviews. </p><p> Placement drive to the college will be arranged where 2 BPO Companies and 5 IT </p><p>Company 2 Core Companies will be brought in association with HR Professionals upon </p><p>completing a training program. </p><p>Commercials </p><p>Courses Offered </p><p>No. of </p><p>Students </p><p>No of Days Course Fee </p><p>(Per Student) </p><p>On Campus </p><p>Placement Training </p><p>Program </p><p>250 </p><p>(Minimum) 3 1500 </p><p>Mode of Payment: </p><p>Nxtlogic will receive the payment as follows: </p><p>a. College will be responsible for collecting the training fee from students and keeping it with </p><p>itself. </p><p>b. Before starting of the training program a Registration Fees of Rs.750 per student (50% of total </p><p>cost) will be paid to Nxtlogic that will deduct from total fee. </p><p>c. After 2 days of the Training Program if students are satisfied only then 50% balance payment </p><p>will be given to Nxtlogic. </p></li><li><p>TERMS AND CONDITION </p><p>The terms and condition are described here for the training program, so that there should be </p><p>transparency between Nxtlogic and college administration. </p><p>1. Nxtlogic will send Experts for the training in the college campus. </p><p>2. A course manager will be there from our side who will deal in all the matters with the college </p><p>administration on behalf of Nxtlogic. All the communication between Nxtlogic and the College </p><p>would be facilitated by the Course Manager. </p><p>3. Total No of Experts can vary depending on the no. of students. </p><p>4. Nxtlogic will provide the necessary resources like S/W and other related kit if not present in </p><p>the college. </p><p>5. Training Kits will also be provided to the students. Our training kit include following </p><p>a. Course Book </p><p>b. Compact Disk containing the course material. </p><p>6. During the training a project would be undertaken that would be completed by the students. </p><p>7. After completion of the training program certificates will be awarded by Nxtlogic. </p><p> 8. We also welcome students for the live projects running at our concern Nxtlogic Software </p><p>Solutions. </p></li><li><p>COMPANY LIST </p><p>(Coimbatore Based Companies will be provided on college requisite) </p><p>ITES/IT/BPO </p><p>Accenture, Ocwen, Infosys, Aditya Birla Minacs, WNS, Fidelity, Mphasis, First Source, </p><p>Infinite, Microland, 247 Customer Service, Omega, HP, Siemens, Wipro </p><p>CORE COMPANY LIST </p><p>Eureka Forbes, LG Electronics, ITC, ESSAR, Kavin Care, Robert Bosh, Hyundai, Ford </p><p>CIVIL </p><p>Sree Daksha Property Developers, URC Construction, Amarprakash real Estate, Lakshana </p><p>Constructions, Arul Construction, I Dream Builders, SB Real Estate </p><p>SOME MORE ENGINEERING COLLEGES AS A TRAINING CLIENT: </p><p> Teja Sakthi Institute of Technology </p><p> Anjalai Ammal Engineering College </p><p> Coimbatore Institute of Technology </p><p> Nehru Institute of Technology </p><p> Sri Kathir Institute of Technology </p><p> Kings Engineering College </p><p> Bannari Amman Institute of Technology </p><p> Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College </p><p> AVS Engineering College </p><p> KSK College of Engineering &amp; Technology </p><p>SOME MORE ARTS AND SECIENCE COLLEGES AS A TRAINING CLIENT: </p><p> PSGR Krishnammal College for Women </p><p> SRI Krishna Arts and Science College </p><p> NGP College of Arts and Science </p><p> RVS College of Arts and Science </p><p> AJK College of Arts and Science </p><p> SNS College of Arts and Science </p></li></ul>