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Proposed Balanced Compensation · PDF file Compensation Plan MCS Outreach Sessions ... FY12 Total Teacher Compensation = $46.7 M ... The purpose of the changes to the compensation

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  • © Education Resource Strategies, Inc., 2013 © Education Resource Strategies, Inc., 2013

    Proposed Balanced

    Compensation Plan MCS Outreach Sessions

    Fall 2013

  • Key conversation starters…

     The balanced compensation plan IS NOT  Traditional merit pay or pay-for-performance

     Designed to only reward a small number of educators

     Just about high stakes tests

     The balanced compensation plan IS  Based upon research regarding student achievement

     Designed to respect the hard work of our educators

     Focused on teacher effectiveness (contingent upon a fair and accurate evaluation model)

     Teachers can’t wait, students can’t wait!


  • Why redesign


  • Consistent with our strategic planning goals, MCS seeks to:


    Attract a high-potential teaching force

    Retain a high-performing teaching


    Leverage expertise for continuous

    improvement in district-wide teaching


    Align a high-performing teaching

    force to support district strategies and performance


    Compensate a high-performing teaching

    force in a Fiscally

    Sustainable way

  • Our recent and current reality…

     The district also seeks to develop a strong sense of pride among employees knowing that they work in an innovative school system that provides a sustainable compensation plan that is less susceptible to freezes, salary decreases, furlough days, etc. Recent history is as follows:  2009-2010: 1% COLA, no step raise; overall average teacher’s salary


     2010-2011: 0% increase across the board (no COLA or step raise); overall average teacher’s salary $55,836

     2011-2012: 1% special compensation award (not an increase to base), no COLA or step raise; overall average teacher’s salary $55,140

     2012-2013: 2% increase across the board; overall average teacher’s salary $55,307.

     2013-2014: 0% budgeted increase (i.e., no COLA or step raise); overall average teacher’s salary $55,176


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    Doctors and lawyers

    reap the full rewards of

    competence in their

    profession within

    almost 15 years of


    Teachers must wait

    much longer, even

    though evidence

    suggests that they

    become fully competent

    in their profession just

    as quickly.

    It takes teachers significantly longer to reach their

    maximum salary


  • There are few opportunities for teachers to grow

    professionally without leaving the classroom

    Few districts offer career pathway opportunities that more

    broadly leverage teacher skills




    The most significant differences between teaching and the

    chosen careers of top-third college graduates are rooted

    in compensation and career pathway opportunities.8

  • Current spending is not aligned with research on what impacts student learning

    FY12 Total Teacher Compensation = $46.7 M

     Experience Pay: Years of

    teaching experience have little

    effect on student performance

    after the first 3-5 years1

     Education Pay: There is no

    demonstrated correlation

    between teaching

    effectiveness and educational

    attainment beyond a

    bachelor’s degree, except for a

    slight impact in the case of

    high school math and science2

    What does the research say?


    % of Total


    Compensation 42% 8% 13% 9% 2% 27%



    $5.9 $4.1














    F Y

    12 T

    ea ch

    er C

    o m

    p en

    sa ti

    o n

    ( $M


    Base Pay Local Experience Education Stipends Benefits


  • Where Have We Been?

  • ERS met with district leaders over the course of the

    last five months to discuss various topics

    Month Project Topics

    April Attract and Retain:

    Shifting the workforce toward effectiveness

    May Identifying and prioritizing the key elements of the

    district’s value proposition

    June Leverage and Align:

    Making the most of existing workforce

    July Staging and blending of multiple policy levers to create

    a holistic system

    August Weighing the policy options based on customized

    model scenarios 9

  • ERS and Marietta also began conversations with a

    variety of stakeholders

    Central Office Steering Committee: Cabinet Members

    and Finance

     School-Based Compensation Redesign Committee:

    Teachers & Administrators

     School Administration Introductory Sessions:

    Principals & Assistant Principals

    General Outreach Sessions: Comprised of various

    MCS staff


    The conversations to date are only the beginning of

    the dialogue to ensure that the redesign is done well

  • We discussed all elements of the value proposition







    Opportunities Working





    Teachers’ perceptions of their school administrators is the most important

    factor affecting whether or not they decide to stay at a school, trumping

    concerns about base salary.9

  • Strengths Areas of Improvement

    Adequate facilities and security; support from CO (not

    as bureaucratic as larger systems); ample resources

    for teachers; consistent positive messaging and

    communication; professional learning/planning days

    Limited options for work hours; lack of opportunities

    for teachers to observe other classrooms; lack of

    TIME; employees are required to wear many ‘hats’

    PLC model; Availability of coaches, CEC; culture of

    continuous improvement

    Need additional opportunities for collegial

    planning/influence; need continuous training for


    Leadership Academies; some leadership


    Leadership opportunities are limited; lack of clear,

    guided career planning

    End-of-year banquet; Employee of the month;

    Innovation grants; Positive press; Students

    recognition of teachers; Marietta Schools Foundation

    support TOTY

    Finding opportunities for more teachers to earn

    rewards; communication of positive school successes

    Competitive salary; no furlough days; some roles

    are available for additional compensation

    Need to find ways to fairly compensate highly

    effective teachers / critical need areas; lack of tiered

    opportunities for administrators

    Supportive BOE to maintain benefits; Professional

    and sick leave; Health care; Life insurance;

    retirement benefits; In-house guidance and support

    Rising cost of healthcare

    District leaders and teachers identified strengths and

    opportunities about the district’s value proposition











  • ERS Recommendation

  • Highlights of the ERS proposed model…

     No presently employed teacher will earn less than they are currently making. The purpose of the changes to the compensation redesign is not to take money away from teachers. Rather, it is an opportunity to make the teaching profession more attractive and acknowledge effective teachers.

     The ERS model provide teachers with:  opportunities to make additional money sooner in their careers.

     an annual effectiveness step increase (applies to 80% of the workforce).

     opportunities to earn higher compensation based upon specified roles that are linked to increasing student achievement.

     opportunities to earn tuition reimbursement for seeking advanced degrees.


  • How can districts rebalance its compensation

    system and invest in the most important areas?


    Teacher Compensation


    T. R.

    District Incentives

    Additional Roles & Responsibilities

    Base T. R. = Tuition Reimbursement

  • Experience & Effectiveness


  • For Consideration: Effectiveness Steps  Details:

    o Annual raises vary by effectiveness

    o Ineffective teachers receive no raise

    o Effectiveness steps often replace experience pay

     Why effectiveness pay?

    o Create opportunity for effective teachers to accelerate earnings and increase lifetime

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