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    Advanced Snow Melt Control

    Installation and Operating Manual

  • VIEGA NA 1-877-VIEGA-NA 2 PI-17015-11/05

    The Viega Advanced Snow Melt Control provides full automatic snow and ice detection in open air spaces such asdriveways, parking areas, ramps, stairs, and flat roofs. The control operates a floating action actuator or a variablespeed injection pump to provide both boiler and slab protection. Viegas Advanced Snow Melt control is equipped with aSnow Melt Sensor which measures the slab temperature, surface temperature and surface moisture level. When thecontrol is not in Melting mode, the system can either be shut down or it can be maintained at an idle temperature forfaster response and improved safety. The control has a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) to view system status andoperating information.

    Additional functions include:Slab protection for the snow melting system Test sequence to ensure proper component operationBoiler protection Pump excercisingManual override Viscosity compensationWarm Weather Shut Down (WWSD) CSA C US Certified (approved to applicable UL standards)Cold Weather Cut Out (CWCO)

    Advanced Snow Melt Control










    Brn/SlabMixVar Ret Sup
















    MeltDemand Pmp 2

    17 18

    System Boiler

    19 22 23 24


    PowerL N


    Signal wiring must be rated at least 300 V

    not testingtestingtesting

    For maximum heat,press and hold Testbutton for 3 seconds.

    Made in Canada bytekmar Control Systems Ltd.tektra 90009K

    Power 115 V 10% 50/60 Hz 600 VARelays 230 V (AC) 5 A 1/3 hp, pilot duty 240 VAVar. Pump 230 V (AC) 2.4 A 1/6 hp, fuse T2.5 A 250 VDemand 20 to 260 V (AC) 2 VA


    Do not apply power20 21






    OutputVariable SpeedInjection Pump

    Input115 V(AC)PowerSupply


    Melt Demand







    Menu Item

    Do not apply power
















    OutputMixing Valve &

    Actuating Motor



    Advanced Snow Melt Control


    Viega North AmericaAdvanced Snow Melt Control

  • VIEGA NA 1-877-VIEGA-NA 3 PI-17015-11/05

    1 General Operation1.1 Description Of Display 41.2 Quick Setup 51.3 Powering Up The Control 51.4 Mixing Device Selection 5

    2 Snow Melting Operation2.1 Snow Melting Features 62.2 Snow Melting Demands 82.3 General Melting Operation 92.4 General Idling Operation 102.5 View Menu 112.6 Adjust Menu 12

    3 Installation3.1 Mounting And Rough-In 143.2 Sensor Installation 153.3 Electrical Connections 153.4 Output Connections 16

    4 Troubleshooting4.1 Testing The Wiring 184.2 Testing The Sensors 194.3 Testing The Control 204.4 Error Messages 21

    5 Wiring and Piping Diagrams 24

    6 Technical Data 27


    Important Note: Proper operation is possible only if the Advanced Snow Melt Control System is installed and activatedbefore there is frost or snow present. Snow melt area must be clean and dry at installation for proper system setup. Werecommended that the system be left in operation during the entire heating season. Your system will work properly onlyif the heat load of the area under control has been calculated properly or the system has been adapted to the localconditions. Please contact your installer or local Viega representative for further information.

  • VIEGA NA 1-877-VIEGA-NA 4 PI-17015-11/05

    1 General Operation

    1.1 Description Of Display

    The Viega Advanced Snow MeltControl uses a Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) as the method of supplyinginformation. You use the LCD in orderto setup and monitor the operation ofyour system. The Viega AdvancedSnow Melt Control has four pushbuttons (Menu, Item, , ) forselecting and adjusting settings. Asyou program your control, record yourAdjust Menu settings for futurereference or troubleshooting.

    MenuAll of the items displayed by thecontrol are organized into variousmenus. These menus are listed onthe left hand side of the display(Menu Field). To select a menu, usethe Menu button. By pressing andreleasing the Menu button, the displaywill advance to the next availablemenu. Once a menu is selected,there will be a group of items that canbe viewed within the menu.

    ItemThe abbreviated name of the selecteditem will be displayed in the item fieldof the display. To view the nextavailable item, press and release theItem button. Once you have reachedthe last available item, pressing andreleasing the Item button will returnthe display to the first item.

    AdjustTo make an adjustment to a setting inthe control, begin by selecting theappropriate menu using the Menubutton. Then select the desired itemusing the Item button. Finally, use the

    and/or button to make theadjustment.

    Additional information can be gainedby observing the Status field andPointers of the LCD. The Status fieldwill indicate which of the controlsoutputs are currently active. Mostsymbols in the status field are onlyvisible when the View Menu isselected.

    Open / CloseDisplays when theactuator is opening orclosing the mixing orinjection valve

    Mixing Device OutputScaleShows output of mixing/injection valve or variablespeed pump. Arrows showwhether the output isincreasing or decreasing.

    BurnerDisplays when the boilerrelay is turned on

    PumpDisplays when the systempumps are operating

    WarningDisplays when an errorexists or when a limit hasbeen reached

    F, C, sec, min, hrUnits of measurement

    PointerDisplays the controloperation as indicatedby the text


  • VIEGA NA 1-877-VIEGA-NA 5 PI-17015-11/05

    Variable Speed Injection Pump(VAR)A standard wet rotor circulator isconnected to the Viega AdvancedSnow Melt Control on the Var and PwrMix terminals (1 and 2). The controlincreases or decreases the poweroutput to the pump based on thesystem requirement. A visualindication of the current variablespeed output is diplayed in the LCD inthe form of a segmented bar graph.

    Mixing Maximum (MIX MAX)The MIX MAX sets the highest fluidtemperature that the control is allowedto calculate as the mixing targettemperature. If the control does targetthe MIX MAX setting, and the MIXSUP temperature is near the MIXMAX, the Maximum pointer isdisplayed in the LCD while the MIXSUP temperature is being viewed.

    Boiler Protection (Boil MIN)Viegas Advanced Snow Melt Controlis capable of providing boilerprotection from cold mixing systemreturn fluid temperatures. If the boilersensor temperature is cooler than theBoil MIN setting while the boiler isfiring, the Viega Advanced Snow MeltControl reduces the output from themixing device. This limits the amountof cool return water to the boiler andallows the boiler temperature torecover. This feature can only beused if the Boil SENS item is set toSUP or RET. The Viega AdvancedSnow Melt Control cannot provideboiler protection if the Boil SENS itemis set to NONE.

    Use the following settings to configureyour Viega Advanced Snow MeltControl for initial snow meltingoperation. For further explanation ofthese settings, or fine-tuning thesettings, see page 11 (Adjust Menu).

    RUN TIME = 4:00 hrADD MELT = 0.30 hrSENSITIVITY = AUTOMelting = 38FIdling = OFFWWSD = AUTOCWCO = 10F (-12C)MIX MAX = 140F (60C)MIXING = FLOTMOTR SPD = 90 sec with Viega Actuator #18018; 140 sec with Viega Actuator # 18019Boil SENS = SUPT Max = 30FDIFF = AUTOBOIL MIN = 140FFIRE DLY = 0.10 minBOIL MASS = MEDEXERCISE = 70 hrUNITS = F

    1.2 Quick Setup

    The Viega Advanced Snow MeltControl is capable of controlling thefluid temperature of a single zonesnow melting system. In order tocontrol a snow melting system, theViega Advanced Snow Melt Controlmust be equipped with the AdvancedSnow Melt Sensor and the outside airsensor. To configure the ViegaAdvanced Snow Melt Control, firstinstall the control and connect thesensors (see chapter 3). When thesystem temperature is controlled by afour way mixing valve and a floatingaction actuator, ensure that theproper settings of the actuator areprogrammed in the Adjust Menu ofthe control. Be aware that Viegaactuators run on 24 Volts which aresupplied from a separate transformer.

    Floating Action (FLOT)A floating action actuator like ViegasThree Position Actuators for MixingValves (#18018, #18019) can beconnected to the Viega AdvancedSnow Melt Control on the Pwr Mix,Opn/Var and CIs terminals (2, 1, and3). The control pulses the actuatormotor open or closed based on thesystem requirements.

    1.4 Mixing Device Selection

    Exercising (Exercise)Viegas Advanced Snow Melt Controlhas a built-in pump and valveexercising function. The exercisingperiod is adjustable and is factory setat 70 hours. If a pump output has notbeen operated at least once duringevery exercising period, the controlturns on the output for 10 seconds.This minimizes the possibility of apump seizing during a long period ofinactivity.

    Mix Target (MIX TRG)The mix target temperature is thesupply fluid temperature calculated bythe control. The control will operatethe snow melt system so that the mixsupply temperature reaches themixing target except while providingboiler return protection for the boiler.

    1.3 Powering Up The Control

    When the Viega Advanced Snow MeltControl is powered up, the controldisplays all LCD segments for 2seconds, then the control typenumber in the LCD for 2 seconds.Next, the software version isdisplayed for 2 seconds. Finally, thecontrol enters into the normaloperating mode and the LCD defaultsto displaying the current outdoor airtemperature.


  • VIEGA NA 1-877-VIEGA-NA 6 PI-17015-11/05

    2 Snow Melting Operation

    2.1 Snow Melting Features

    Slab Protection (T MAX)The control can limit the rate at whichheat is applied to the zone throughthe T MAX setting. The T is thetemperature difference between thesnow melting supply temperature andthe snow melting return temperature.By limiting this temperaturedifference, the rate at which heat isapplied to the zone can be controlledand thermal stresses in the slab canbe minimized. When the control isoperating at the T MAX, theMaximum pointer can be seen whenviewing the T item in the Viewmenu. The control provides slabprotection differently based on theboiler sensor placement.

    Viscosity Compensation(Exceeding T MAX)At low temperatures, the glycolsolutions used in snow meltingsystems become very viscous anddifficult to pump. In order to overcomethis condition during a cold start of asnow melting system, the ViegaAdvanced Snow Melt Control isallowed to exceed the T MAXsetting for a period of time in order towarm the glycol solution. This allowsthe control to compensate for the highviscosity of the glycol solution and isused when mixing return temperatureis below 30F . When the controlexceeds the T MAX setting, theMaximum pointer will flash whenviewing the T item in the VIEWmenu.

    Running Time (RUN TIME)The running time is the length of timethat the system operates once it hasreached its slab target temperature.During the time that the system isapproaching its slab target

    Soft StartWhen the control starts applying heatto the slab, the supply temperature tothe snow melting system is rampedup over a period of time until itreaches the target mixed supplytemperature. This feature helpsreduce thermal stresses in the slab.Note: This operation only occurs if theBoil SENS item is set to RET orNONE.

    Note: The run time is only applicablewhen a manual melting enable signalstarts the snow melting system.

    Warm Weather Shut Down (WWSD)The control has a warm weather shutdown that prevents the control fromentering the melt or idle modes inorder to conserve energy. WarmWeather Shut Down is displayed inthe STATUS item in the VIEW menuand the WWSD pointer is on thedisplay.

    Automatic (AUTO)When the WWSD is set to AUTO, theWWSD occurs when the slabtemperature and the outdoortemperature exceed the MELTINGsetting by 2F. The control exits theWWSD when the slab or outdoortemperature falls to theMELTING setting temperature.

    Ajustable WWSD (WWSD)When the WWSD is set to atemperature, the WWSD occurs whenthe outdoor air temperature exceedsthe WWSD setting by 1F or if theslab temperature falls below 34F(1C). The control exits WWSD whenthe temperature falls 1F (0.5C)below the WWSD setting. This allowsthe MELTING temperature setting tobe set higher than the WWSD. This is

    Cold Weather Cut Out (CWCO)Maintaining the system at either themelting or idling temperature duringextremely cold temperatures can beexpensive or impossible. The controlturns the snow melting system offwhen the outdoor air temperaturedrops below the Cold Weather CutOut (CWCO) temperature. While thecontrol is in CWCO, the word CWCOis displayed in the STATUS item inthe VIEW menu and the CWCOpointer is on in the display. Theheater in the sensor is kept on duringCWCO until the control detectsmoisture. If water is detected, theheater is turned off but the controlretains the moisture detectedinformation. When the outdoortemperature rises above the CWCOtemperature, the control exits CWCOand if the Snow Melt Sensor detectedmoisture during CWCO, the controlinitiates melting mode. If the controlhas been started prior to the CWCO,it resumes the melting mode once theoutdoor air temperature rises abovethe CWCO temperature.

    temperature, the run time does notdecrease. Once the system reachesits slab target temperature, the runtime begins counting down. When therun time reaches 0:00 as displayed inthe STATUS item in the VIEW menu,the system has finished melting.

    useful where high slab temperaturesare required to melt the snow or ice. Agood example of this is installationsusing paving bricks on top of sandand concrete layers.


    STATUSWhile in the VIEW menu there are anumber of items available todetermine the current status of thesystem. To view the currentstatus of the system, select theSTATUS item in the VIEW menu.

  • VIEGA NA 1-877-VIEGA-NA 7 PI-17015-11/05

    Boiler Mass (BOIL MASS)The BOIL MASS setting allows theViega Advanced Snow Melt Control toadjust to different types of heatsources depending on their thermalmass.

    Light (LITE)The LITE setting is selected if theboiler that is used has a low thermalmass. This means that the boiler hasa very small water content and hasvery little metal in the heat exchanger.A boiler that has a low thermal masscomes up to temperature quite rapidlywhen fired. This is typical of manycopper fin-tube boilers.

    Medium (MED)The MED setting is selected if theboiler that is used has a mediumthermal mass. This means that theboiler either has a large water contentand a low metal content or a lowwater content and a high metalcontent. This is typical of manymodern residential cast iron boilers orsteel tube boilers.

    STRT (START)The word STRT is displayed after thesnow melting system has beenmanually enabled. It is displayed untilthe system reaches its s...


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