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  • 8/13/2019 PRSA 2013 Yearbook


  • 8/13/2019 PRSA 2013 Yearbook


    Were new, just like you.

    At the start of 2013, a handful of young professionals took the reins of PRSA Young Pros in Southeastern

    Wisconsin. At the time, we didnt know each other that well. But, we shared a passion in connecting

    with young professionals and providing that opportunity to others as well.

    Weve come a long way since that cold, February meeting at Starbucks.

    In the past year, weve built upon the success of the previous board and hosted some exciting monthly

    events focused on education and fun. We launched the first-ever mentor program that connects young

    and seasoned professionals. We developed a

    fresh, new look, including a logo and branded

    social media pages. Weve grown our network of

    young professionals by more than 200 percent to

    nearly 400 individuals. And weve watched proudly

    as several young professionals moved further up

    the ladder at their companies this year.

    But, were not stopping there. We are hard at work developing a great lineup of events for 2014 and

    continuing to recruit more young professionals like you. Take a look at the following pages to learn what

    our group is all about. Then, make a point to join us for one or more events in the coming year. And,please, bring a friend, tell a colleague about our group, or sign up to get more involved.

    Like you, our journey is new. We hope to continue to inspire you as we grow together.

    - The PRSA Young Pros Board

    Who We ArePRSA Young Pros is a sub-group of the Public Relations Society of

    America Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter. Our mission is to ensure

    the future strength of the public relations and social media industry

    in Southeastern Wisconsin by connecting young communications

    professionals and building community through monthly educational

    outings, networking opportunities, and fun. There is no annual

    membership fee, though young professionals can further expand

    their network by becoming a member of PRSA. Discounted fees

    are available for those new to the field. Event proceeds help fund

    PRSA Young Pros programming throughout the year.





  • 8/13/2019 PRSA 2013 Yearbook




    Our executive board consists of a great team of dedicated, young professionals:

    Katie Baumgart Co-ChairKatie Baumgart is a co-chair for Young Pros, and a 2012 graduate

    of The University of Findlay. She is currently working as a public

    relations assistant account executive at Laughlin Constable. Prior

    to this, she was an intern at VISIT Milwaukee and in the office of

    public information at her university. You can reach Katie at

    [email protected]

    Sarah Kikkert Co-ChairSarah Kikkert is a co-chair for Young Pros, and 2012 graduate of

    Marquette University. She is currently working as communicationsand social media coordinator for Wisconsin State Fair Park after

    working as an intern for the State Fair for two years while in

    school. Prior to this, she worked at Mueller Communications. She

    has also interned with the Marquette University Career Services

    Center, the Milwaukee Childrens Choir and Golden Chic Events &

    Consulting. You can reach Sarah at [email protected]

    Jackie Hribar Secretary/TreasurerJackie Hribar is secretary/treasurer for the Young Pros, and a

    2002 graduate of Marquette University. She is currently working

    as a senior public relations account executive at Celtic Inc.,Brookfield. Her clients include Irish Fest, Edvest and Kohler

    Generators. Prior to this, she worked at Caffeine Communications

    where she introduced a new generation to Harley-Davidson

    motorcycles. She also worked at VMS Chicago and Meyer &

    Wallis. You can reach Jackie [email protected]

    Meghan Boyle Social Media ChairMeghan Boyle is social media chair for the Young Pros, and a

    2007 graduate from UW-Stevens Point. She is currently working

    as an assistant account executive at Celtic Inc., Brookfield. While

    in school, Meghan interned in London for Waterwise, a nonprofit

    organization, where she worked with Parliament and major news

    outlets such as the BBC. She also enjoys volunteering for a

    number of local organizations including the Shamrock Club of

    Wisconsin. You can reach Meghan at [email protected]

    We are excited to welcome

    the following additional board

    members for 2014:

    Gus Lopez

    Capstone National Partners

    Events & Programming Chair

    Megan Hemmelgarn

    Bader Rutter

    Social Media Chair

    Jordan Steinert

    Charleston | Orwig

    PRSSA Chapter Liaison

  • 8/13/2019 PRSA 2013 Yearbook


    This year, we launched the inaugural PRSA Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter Mentor Program, a partnership

    between the Chapter and the Young Pros. The program was created to foster relationships between young

    and seasoned professionals with a goal of strengthening the future of the public relations industry.

    For our mentees, the program offers an opportunity to learn the ropes, establish a network, and obtain

    career advice. Meanwhile, our mentors benefit from exercising their leadership skills and keeping up-to-

    date with new technologies from a younger generation.

    To kick off the program, we hosted a mentor mixer at Transfer Pizzeria in June where mentors and

    mentees met for the first time. After working their way through a series of clues, each pair got a

    chance to know each other better, personally and

    professionally. Over dinner, mentors and mentees

    had a chance to establish their goals for the


    Midway through the year, we hosted a social

    outing at a Milwaukee Brewers game. In January,

    well encourage each pair to attend a PRSA

    Chapter luncheon together. In between, mentors and mentees are invited to meet up, grab some coffee,

    and discuss the public relations topics that interest them.

    We have 16 wonderful mentors and mentees this year. Take a look at their names below. We look

    forward to both continuing and expanding the program in 2014.


    Katie BaumgartLaughlin Constable

    Emily Bultman

    Wisconsin DentalAssociation

    Julie Caan

    Vollrath Associates

    Jessie Deschane

    Core Creative

    Sarah Doran

    Bader Rutter

    Jackie Hribar

    Celtic, Inc.

    Sarah Kikkert

    Wisconsin State Fair

    Justin Smith

    Trefoil Group


    Bill BusslerCeltic Inc.

    Alan L. Gaudynski,

    APR, Fellow PRSAPR Wisconsin

    Jessica Vollrath Huebner

    Vollrath Associates

    Steve Johnstone

    The Falk Group

    Leslie Stachowiak

    Kohler Co., Hospitality& Real Estate

    Michail Takach

    Manpower Group

    Jerry Topczewski

    Archdiocese ofMilwaukee

    Carol S. Weber, APR

    Wisconsin Dental





  • 8/13/2019 PRSA 2013 Yearbook




    Each month, the PRSA Young Pros host a networking event that centers on education or entertainment.

    MARCH EVENTBLUtender Battle

    Our first event of the year kicked off in March at Blu at the Pfister Hotel. An

    annual tradition, it marks the passing of the torch from one years board to the

    next. Last years co-chairs staffed the bar for one hour, followed by this years

    co-chairs. Young pros helped raise money for 2013 programming as they met,

    mixed, and mingled.


    Women Creating Change

    During YP Week in Milwaukee, the Young Pros teamed up with the WGirls, a

    female-based volunteer group, to present a panel on Women Creating Change.

    The event, held at the Charles Allis Art Museum, highlighted pioneering women in

    the nonprofit industry who are working to make our communities stronger. They

    included: Amy Heller, Founder and International President of the WGirls Inc.; Leslie

    Colvin, Founder and President of Wgirls Milwaukee; Brittani Von Ruden, Director

    of Marketing and Public Relations at Museum of Wisconsin Art; Sarah Fierek,

    Director of Underwriting Partnerships and On-Air Personality at 88Nine Radio

    Milwaukee; and Alison Nolan, Public Relations Specialist at Childrens Hospital.


    Media Mash Up

    A panel of young professionals in the media shared their tips and best practices

    during this event at Stone Creek Coffees roasting headquarters. The panel

    included: Sandra Torres of CBS 58, Erica Breunlin of BizTimes Milwaukee, Jeff

    Engel of The Business Journal, and Jesse Mitchell of 97.3 Radio Now. A private

    barista served all-you-can-drink lattes, tea, and coffee drinks.


    Summer Social

    Young professionals enjoyed the beauty of summer along the Milwaukee River

    during a relaxed, summer social event in June. Friends, old and new, unwound

    at Rustico Pizzeria in the Third Ward over classic, summer cocktails.

  • 8/13/2019 PRSA 2013 Yearbook



    OnMilwaukee Open House

    OnMilwaukee opened their doors to the PRSA Young Pros in July. This event

    offered a first-look at the online magazines new, downtown headquarters. Editorial

    staff was on hand to answer questions about how to pitch the media and the

    best ways to interact with journalists. To provide fuel for networking, Milwaukeesfamous Sprecher Root Beer was served in Mason jars along with pretzels.


    Young Pros Bond Over Bocce

    For our August event, young pros went head-to-head on the ultimate urban

    bocce field in Milwaukee. This relaxing, late summer event was hosted at

    the Intercontinental Hotel. New and old friends were invited to network while

    enjoying some light competition.


    Discuss: Crisis Communication

    Our September event focused on an important issue in the public relations

    industry crisis communication. During this event at Gravity Connect, young

    pros were matched with a crisis communications professional and assigned

    one of three real-life crisis case studies: the LIVESTRONG/Lance Armstrong

    Crisis, National Peanut Butter Recall, or Swiffer Wet Jet Pet Rumor. Each group

    presented their strategy and tactics for overcoming the crisis before opening thefloor to a group discussion.

  • 8/13/2019 PRSA 2013 Yearbook




    Splash Studio

    Splash Studio, a painting bar in the Third Ward, opened their doors to a private

    Young Pros event in October. During a fun, three hour painting instruction

    session, each participant was invited to explore their creative side as they

    created a nighttime, city skyline on canvas. The group enjoyed pizzas catered byRustico Pizzeria along with mini cupcakes.


    10 Principles of Social Content

    First presented at the Marquette Univeristy PR + Social Media Summit in

    October, the PRSA Young Pros hosted an encore presentation by Sarah Van

    Elzen, Social Media Director at Hanson Dodge Creative. Sarah discussed what

    defines good content, provided industry relevant examples, and showcased

    the top 10 principles every writer needs to know. Afterward, young prosnetworked over cheese plates, fruit and wine.


    PR Palooza

    The PRSA Young Pros, together with the PRSA Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter,

    will host a kick off to the holiday season in early December. PR professionals will

    mix and mingle during a fantastic networking event in a one-of-a-kind setting

    the Historic Miller Caves at Miller Brewing Company. All are invited to have a cup

    of cheer and converse with public relations professionals throughout the regionwho work in agency, corporate and in-house settings.

  • 8/13/2019 PRSA 2013 Yearbook


    If you are interested in attending our events,

    becoming a member of PRSA, or just want to know

    more about PRSA Young Pros, wed love to hear

    from you! Send us an email or connect with us on

    social media!

    Email: [email protected]

    Tumblr: PRSA Wis Young Pros

    Twitter: @PRSAwisYP

    PRSA Young Pros Offers You a Chance to:

    Grow professional skills at development events

    Share best practices in the Public Relations,

    Marketing and Communications industries

    Network in casual and professional settings with

    other local, young pros

    Access seasoned professionals with our

    exclusive Mentor Program

    Give back to the Milwaukee PR community

    Connect, succeed and have a blast while doing it!

    Logo and Design by Alisha Denomme


    Illustrations by Autumn Brown

    [email protected]