Psychoanalysis of the Ancient Menorah

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Text of Psychoanalysis of the Ancient Menorah

Is the Menorah Actually Phallus Worship? I say that the menorah is actually phallus worship, because the shape of the menorah is exactly shaped like a large penis and can be seen clearly is the older reliefs. Modern versions have been stylized, thus it is not so obvious. I'm not the first to point this out. Freud did. Freud understood this, he invented psychoanalysis as a technique to discover how our subconscious sexual desires manifest into art forms. Especially repressed sexual desires. So is it surprising that a militant patriarchal tribal culture obsessed with supremacy attached itself to a multi-phallus emblem as a primary expression of itself? A extra large penis represents the ultimate symbol of male power. (wikipedia: Sigmund Freud ... founded the psychoanalytic school of psychology.[1] Freud is best known for his theories of the unconscious mind and the defense mechanism of repression and for creating the clinical practice of psychoanalysis for curing psychopathology through dialogue between a patient and a psychoanalyst.Freud is also renowned for his redefinition of sexual desire as the primary motivational energy of human life (note right click on charts then select properties to find source)

The oversized penis of the donkey would be a prime symbol for fertility symbol or dominance. What primitive man is not jealous of the oversized donkey dong? Even out modern culture is obsessed with penis enlargement and drugs for permanent erection.

The donkey penis inverted is the exact size, shape, curvature, thickness of the menorah. Animals with large penises have trouble maintaining erection so the curved semi-erect donkey penis that seems flaccid is inverted to represent ultimate male power.

My other essays detail Jewish deception. But who is being deceived? Primitive man worshipped fertility symbols, and I say it is perfectly obvious to someone with an artists eye that the menorah is a phallus shaped fertility prop. I think it is very funny that the reverent hold the menorah as the "holiest" of Judaic symbols.

Hotdogs over the fire. Cooking meat on a stick is how primitive man existed for a long time.

Possibly the first menorah was a donkey penis attached to a stick, then because of competition for females, two dongs were attached to a forked stick and so on until the 7 headed menorah became the ultimate fertility symbol. The Jews are obsessed with the number 6 and the number 7. Believing these numbers to have magical qualities they create holy symbols with 7 phalluses, one in the center and 6 splayed out to the sides. (Also 9 phalluses is modernized version) As a shaman that seems likely to me. Men are obsessed with their penises and a patriarchal culture is very obsessed with controlling women through their dicks. An erect penis is a perfect visual for the life force and vitality, only a healthy male can achieve an erection.

carved wooden lingam, multi-phallus artform

A repressed male often associates with the lingam as a way to outwardly express sexual desire. If the suppressant is from religious indoctrination, then the holy symbols become a symbol of the repression unknowingly by the holy man or Rabbi. They unknowingly worship the dick on a stick. Modern self empowered Jewish women often have menorahs throughout their homes. If they were truly empowered why would a woman have symbols of male erection and dominance all throughout their living space? I would even speculate the origin of the menorah is not even Hebrew, it could of easily been appropriated from another nearby pagan culture or one

tribes fertility symbol adopted by the group. It became the primary symbol, no doubt, because of sexual repression and obsession with male dominance within the Hebrew tribe.Treblinka Memorial: a large penis shape stone monument with "holy" Menorah engraved on the head. So even on a modern memorial, the overtly large phallus shape is obvious:

The ultimate expression of the phallus and supremacy is the nuclear tipped missile. Surely we are at the end of the age, we are going to have to shift to a male-female balance in order to survive. Phishna 13 Feb 2009