Putting Mobile Back into Mobile Learning Mark van ‘t Hooft, PhD 2010 Miami University M-Learning Summit Oxford, Ohio

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  • Putting Mobile Back intoMobile LearningMark van t Hooft, PhD

    2010 Miami University M-Learning SummitOxford, Ohio

  • The mLearning revolution has merely provided mobile learning in the classroom. (Nash, 2009)

  • Interacting with a desktop computer takes place in a bubble, in dedicated times and places where the learner has their back to the world for a substantial and probably premeditated episode. Interacting with a mobile is different and woven into all the times and places of peoples lives Desktop technologies operate in their own small world, mobile technologies operate in the world. (Traxler, 2010)

  • Mobile Learning Means going beyond just mobile technologies or delivering content to mobile devices.

  • Mobile Learning Meansbeing able to operate successfully in and across new and ever changing contexts and learning spaces. (Pachler, 2009)

  • Mobile Learning Meansreal and digital realms augment each other.

  • Mobile Learning Means learning as constructivist, situated, collaborative, informal, and lifelong.

  • Mobile Learning Means emphasizing 21st century skills.

  • So How Do We Do This?

  • Possibilities Frequency 1550http://freq1550.waag.org/http://www.waag.org/project/frequentie

  • Possibilities London Street Museumhttp://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/MuseumOfLondon/Resources/app/you-are-here-app/index.html

  • Possibilities Environmental Detectiveshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goPTuUMu_oc

  • CloudBankPossibilities

  • Possibilities MyArtSpace (now Ookl): http://www.ookl.org.uk/web/index.php

  • World War II Memorial in Washington DC (2009 NECC Conference).http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M70AtlLy_nsPossibilities Learning activities using cell phones, QR codes, and digital content. Denvers Public Art (ISTE 2010 Conference.) http://www.youtube.com/group/SIGMLtour

  • Food for ThoughtImportance of place

  • Food for ThoughtMeet learners half-way and take advantage of the technology skills they already have, but teach them how to use these skills for learning. Dont assume they already know.

  • Food for ThoughtLearning lasts a lifetime, and we can and should teach our students how to take advantage of digital technologies for that purpose.

  • Questions?

    Mark van t Hooftmvanthoo@kent.edu

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    ************If we dont, here is what we could end up with.**


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