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Putting Research into Practice. Rosalind Healy Uclan Associate Head, Centre for Employability, Academic Manager, CETH (Uclans Cetl) Employability Coordinator, Agcas. Exploring whether a knowledge of Coaching can inform guidance, with particular focus on decision-making. Why this Step?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Putting Research into PracticeRosalind Healy UclanAssociate Head, Centre for Employability, Academic Manager, CETH (Uclans Cetl) Employability Coordinator, Agcas

  • Exploring whether a knowledge of Coaching can inform guidance, with particular focus on decision-making

  • Why this Step?Our PROP sub group identified decision-making as an area of careers guidance somewhat lacking in resources and expertise. We were interested in how (and if) coaching might address decision makingSo we organised ourselves some initial insight and development in coaching.

  • Our objective:To explore how Coaching approaches can support career guidance work, specifically Decision Making. To use this knowledge and insight to develop a resource, tool or process that will be useful to careers guidance practitioners in assisting clients with their career (and perhaps) life decision making.

  • 4 main aims1 To inform ourselves about the background and underpinning philosophies of Coaching such as when and how it started, what are its roots, what disciplines it draws on, what are the main research or academic works and who are the key practitioners. 2 To become aware of the professional ethics, codes and values of coaching.

  • 3 To learn some basic processes of coaching; how does coaching help people to make decisions, what model or models of decision making are used.4 To practice some simple coaching techniques that may help careers professionals decide if they wish to pursue further training and development.

  • How we proceeded...Identified a trained, qualified and experienced practitioner in coaching www.chartwellcoaching.co.ukBriefed her on the needs and background of the groupRos and Zo worked together to draft a suitable programme for a 24 hour training sessionFound a suitable venuehttp://www.confluencecentre.co.uk/

  • ParticipantsNine participants came to the event2 from Reading University (Careers)2 from GIEU 2 from Bradford LDU1 from Uclan2 from Sheffield Hallam (Careers)- a fantastic group!

  • The programmeWe deliberately built in plenty of time for discussion and reflectionThe group operated as a client in a coaching session through questioning eg How do you wish to use this time?Responsibility for decision making deferred to group itself

  • Before the eventZo modelled the sessions on a coaching approach. This meant we directly experienced the processes that help us make decisions. Before the meeting we were encouraged to consider:What two things would we like to come away with from this workshopWhat single question would we like answered through the workshop?And to also consider the model (or models) of decision making that we currently use - either implicitly or explicitly

  • We explored...How coaching differs from guidance (that was quite a discussion)How it differs from counselling (luckily we had trained counsellors amongst us)How coaching techniques and styles can inform our own guidance skills

  • We practised on each other and learnt a lot.From time to time we stumbled to a halt.Zo made us responsible for our own decision making and planning as a groupIt was energising and a bit scary...which is just like coaching can feel

  • What coaching isA purposeful conversation that helps people to create the life (changes) they wantDialogue exploring WHY you act the way you doWhat beliefs are forming these actionsHow to go about getting what you really wantMaintaining motivation

  • What coaching isntCounsellingTherapyMentoringAdvice giving

  • Coaching is about QuestioningWhat would achieving this goal give you?What will tell you that you have achieved your goal?What is positive about what you are choosing?What would the answer be if you did know it!and lots of other very powerful questions

  • This made us think carefully about all the decision making tools and expertise we already possess

    Coaching is another one for the kitbag

  • The outcome of our experiences...As a group we wanted to produce or create something from what we had learntLots of ideas were floated; training courses, an Agcas module, a book, a project, journal articles, a webpage...

  • We brainstormed all the decision-making tools and concepts we knew aboutAnd decided a most useful outcome would be to each take one or more that we were familiar with, to briefly outline it and to log these on the Moodle site that Becka had already established http://www.blogs.prospects.ac.uk/moodle/

  • We would eventually make the resource or toolkit available to the profession in some way or another. We set a target date to upload the materials...

  • Pat - MBTIFeel the fear and do it anywayHelen - NLP - Well Formed IntentionsRobert Dilts Logical LevelsRussell - DeBonos thinking hatsEgan's Skilled Helper modelPMIKevin - NLP 2 - 3 Chair triad workKent - Lifeline exercise and points of transitionStress management techniques and locus of controlChange strategy Good - bad now and later / future

  • Zoe - Task / behaviours triangleStorying -- Joseph ConnorBecka - Kubler- Ross sabotage / validationGeneral decision-making questionnaireStorying - metaphors - Margaret ParkinRos - CIPMartin Nemco - Peter's life changerPeter - Windmills - lottery balls and MI TribesGardner and RIASECInformation Interviews Daniel PorotDavid - Change management technique - force field analysisMatrices - using them and making them

  • After the eventThroughout the two days we learnt how to apply simple coaching techniques and after the event Zo asked us to complete the cycle started initially by asking us to consider the following.

  • What was most significant for me from the 2 days?What does that tell me about myself and my work just now?What do I need to do to ensure that I keep hold of these things?When am I going to do that?If I had to share one thing from the programme, what would it be and who would it be with?What do I need to do, to get more support for all of this?

  • Will (deadline)Our efforts will be posted by 15th JuneWe hope the resources will be useful to advisers but have not decided how to disseminate them.Ideas welcome...http://www.blogs.prospects.ac.uk/moodle/

  • Davids Options Matrices page

  • Kents Lifeline

  • What next?We have another PROP session in July. We will take things forward then.