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Quality Avenue “Safe Streets” Improvements City of Lakeland, Minnesota Paul Pinkston Hamline University August 18, 2015

Quality Avenue “Safe Streets” Improvements City of Lakeland, Minnesota Paul Pinkston Hamline University August 18, 2015

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Lakeland on the Saint Croix

Quality AvenueSafe Streets ImprovementsCity of Lakeland, MinnesotaPaul PinkstonHamline UniversityAugust 18, 20152010 Comprehensive PlanMISSION: The City of Lakeland will provide cost effective and efficient public services focusing on maintaining and enhancing business, cultural, recreational, and environmental qualities of the environment.

Goal #10: To assure safe traffic circulation in the City of Lakeland with well maintained streets that are multi-modal (for walking, biking, and driving).Source: 2010 City of Lakeland Comprehensive PlanProblem StatementHow can the City of Lakeland support pedestrian and vehicular traffic in a safe manner?

Typical Concepts:Widen the road to include paved shoulders.Construct a separate sidewalk along the road.

Quality Avenue DataQuality Avenue is a primary street directly serving over 195 households.Minnesota DOT classifies Quality Avenue as a Local roadway and rural character.Road width is 22 24.Speed limit is 30 mph.Does not have curb and gutter.Storm water is conveyed via roadside ditches or onto the road itself.Utilities are buried along the road. (Voice/Data, water, sewer, electric, natural gas).

Vehicles and Pedestrians

Road andR.O.W.Features

Quality AvenueConcept 1: Widen the road to include paved shoulders. Design a 4 shoulder on each side of the street.MNDOT study found that this reduces accidents by 29%.Source: Minnesotas Best Practices for Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Report, 2013.Storm water devices could be designed and constructed as the same time.(Part of the long range goal for the City of Lakeland).Road striping will be required.All residents using this street would be affected.(R.O.W., driveways, buried utilities, trees, intersections, signage, and street lighting).Concept 2: Construct a single, separate sidewalk.Minimum 5 width. (Federal Highway Administration and Institute of Transportation Engineers).May fit within the 30 Right of Way.Challenges with ditches, trees, and personal property features.Design could adjust to terrain features (natural or manmade).One side of the road or both sides?Will there be a need for lighting the walks?ADA requirements to include in design.RecommendationsCreate a working Task Force.City of Lakeland employees and residents.MN DOT and private engineering firm.More Data Gathering and Action Items.Community surveys or open forums to identify concerns.Log traffic speeds and traffic counts.Field survey Quality Avenue (utilities, culvert lines, ROW, topography, driveways)Develop cost estimates in packaged plans.Does the City of Lakeland qualify for State and Federal Grants?

TimelineAssessment, Programming, Planning, and Approvals2 3 years.Budget Identification within Public Works1 3 yearsDesign, Bidding, and Construction1 2 yearsTotal Time Commitment: 4 8 years.

AcknowledgementsMr. Matt Kline, Dir. Of Public Works, City of Lakeland.Mr. Mark Nagel, Govt Affairs Consultant.Dr. Craig Waldron, School of Business, Hamline University.