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Quality? Be Skeptical!

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Quality? Be Skeptical!. Tsunami?. Uncyclopedia. The new plaza hotel. Quality Evaluation Checklist. Who wrote the page Use info: or look at “about us” Check how popular/authoritative When was it written. Other indicators: Why was the page written References/bibliography - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Quality? Be Skeptical!Tsunami?


  • Uncyclopedia

  • The new plaza hotel



  • Quality Evaluation ChecklistWho wrote the pageUse info: or look at about usCheck how popular/authoritativeWhen was it written.Other indicators:Why was the page writtenReferences/bibliographyLinks to other resourcesHelpful tool(bar)s - Google, AlexaAlways look for the source!

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  • Quality Example 1What is DMRD?Top Google result:

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