Quantum Tunneling Photodetector Arrays

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Technology for new generation of image sensors based on quantum tunneling

Text of Quantum Tunneling Photodetector Arrays

  • 1. Quantum tunnelingphoto-detector arrayrevolutionary photo sensing technologyMarek T. Michalewicz, PhDDecember 2010

2. Current Image Sensing Technology: CCD and CMOS ~ 30 Mega Pix (best of breed)New Image Sensing Technology: Quantum tunneling photodetector arrays (QIST*) ~ 300 TERA Pix at 12 wafer level *Quantum Image Sensing Technology10,000 X better 3. Are CCD and CMOS devicesthe last word in Image Sensing?Disrupting the current market ... 4. Status QuoExisting CMOS and CCDs are reaching their technical limitations based oncurrent physics - there are problems with heat, leakage and diffraction,complex manufacturing, limits of minaturisation of pixels, etcNew Image Sensor OpportunityQuantum tunneling photodetector array technology offers possibility to createimage sensors; with none of the above limitations, with up to 100 TERA Pixelsper individual image sensor, extremely fast, operating under very low power,from UV to visible to IR spectrum, and resolving colour spectrum.Creating vast new opportunities 5. Hausken, T. 2009. Image Sensor Market9.0 CCD CMOSPixel Size (Microns per Side) Pixel size of QIST = 1/50 microns per side 08990919293949596979899000102 0304 05 06 07 08 0919 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 20 20 20 202020 20202020Pixel size is near the limit 6. Quantum Tunneling Photodetector Arrays can offer2,500 X greater pixel density than CCD and CMOS Image Sensorsoffering up to100 TERA Pixels per individual image sensorBreaking the limits of old technology 7. Quantum Tunneling Photodetector Arrays offer Much faster response time even in 1,000s of frames per second Easier ne color gradation such as 16-bit per componentcolour, or multiple colour RGBYCMK sensors Easy adjustment of spectrum coverage from infrared to X-rayGreat new advantages 8. Quantum Tunneling Photodetector Arrayswill be particularly useful in: affordable super hi-res earth, marine and space surveillance new generation cameras and vision equipment ultra compact solutions for eye replacement in the visuallyimpaired wide use in both civilian and classied devicesWide applications 9. Current CCD and CMOS Image Sensor Market$US 8.5 billionis going to grow to$US 16 billion in 2015Huge accessible market 10. CMOS Image sensors market 11. Hausken, T. 2009. Image Sensor Market ApplicationOutlookCameraphonesStill the grand prize.Digital cameras Saturating but still importantCamcordersSome new opportunities in an old applicationWebcams Taking oStand-alone videophones Always the application of the futureToys, game consoles Taking oOptical miceMaturing, but still some new ideasScanning appliances A mature and closed communityGeneral outlook: Consumer apps 12. Hausken, T. 2009. Image Sensor Market Application OutlookSecurity cameras Strong growthMachine vision A fragmented and specialized marketAutomotive Strong opportunities but a long development cycleBarcode scanners A mature niche marketSingle-use endoscopy Enabling, but a nicheDigital radiographyGood growth for exotic technologiesScienticVery customized R&D applicationsGeneral outlook: Speciality 13. Hausken, T. 2009. Image Sensor Market 1,500HandsetsPrimary camerasSecondary cameras 1,125New Handsets (Million)7503750 2001 200220032004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 The killer app: Cameraphones 14. New Image Sensing Technology:Quantum tunneling photodetector arrays(QIST*)*Quantum Image Sensing Technology 15. two cross-grid nanowire arraysTunneling Photosensitive Cross-Grid Array 16. top array fabricated on transparent substrate308: SOFT MATTER SPACERsoft-matter spacer plays critical rolein resonant tunneling assisted tunnelingTunneling Photosensitive Cross-Grid Array 17. top curve:100% increase of tunneling currentobserved upon incidence of lightTunneling Photosensitive Cross-Grid Array 18. 1. Sharing the vision of quantum tunnelingphoto-detectors revolution2. Invitation to engage in joint research ordevelopment3. Seeking R&D, JV, licensing or investmentspartnersMotivation 19. Quantum tunneling photodetector array is covered by patents: Quantum Tunneling Photodetector array PCT/SG2007/000433 patent pending USA patent pending Japan 2010-539391 patent pending Europe 07852299.2 patent pending China 200780101914.5Well protected IP 20. Dr Marek T. MichalewiczTelephone: +65 9777 9599e-mail: marek@quantum-pi.comContact information