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Quicke dimension


Theres no limit

Quicke Dimension2 | Quicke Dimension

How do you leave your competitors far behind? Produce a more intelligent range of loaders. Provide users with innovative and technical solutions. Think one step ahead and develop loaders that produce more power, greater efficiency and considerably more user-friendly functions. You will then have created a loader range that is unique, and a range that lifts you to a new dimension. Welcome to Quickes world.


In this brochure we will explain how you can drive your operation towards new goals, and still have time left over for your family. Its all about design and innovation. Its a matter of future-orientated technology, which means that your tractor can carry out more tasks, more efficiently. Better performance, quite simply, so that you can work faster and enjoy peace of mind. The new Quicke Dimension loader range delivers engineering without compromise. As a result, you can sit safely behind the wheel in the knowledge that: There are no limits!

Quicke Dimension | 3


Strength Technology

THE FUTURE has arrivedin a new dimension4 | Quicke Dimension

How do you become the worlds largest manufacturer of front loaders? By creating a unique brand identity, where you never consider doing the same as others. Being at the forefront of design and development means that we are constantly looking for improvements, both large and small, while continually subjecting our loaders to rigorous testing. The new Quicke Dimension lives up to its name, and has stepped even further ahead of its competitors by designing tomorrows solutions today. With unique loader design, you can work more quickly and with the best possible visibility Q Vision With superior strength you can safely attend to more demanding tasks With more modern loader technology, you can work logically and efficiently with the help of advanced component solutions giving high performance throughout This is what it looks like, the loader that is already waiting for the next generation of tractors. Quicke Dimension.




31 | A practical toolbox is concealed behind the cross tubes protective cover. A convenient solution for people who do not want to have tools inside the cab. 2 | 100 % work, 110 % strength. As with previous loaders from Quicke, the Dimension range probably has the strongest loader beam on the market. Now it has even greater torsional and structural rigidity to meet the ever increasing demands of your business. All loader models have 70 mm wide proles and all are tested both in the laboratory and under extreme conditions around the world. All the welded seams on the double U-prole are facing in towards the tractor, which further contributes to the clean, smooth arm design. 3 | The reinforcement plates between cross tube and beam sides are a traditional Quicke detail that guarantee a long, durable loader life. Well protected inside and behind the innovative cross tube are hydraulic hoses, the new central Q Compact Valve and the new SoftDrive. Yet another dimension of modern loader thinking that includes a protective cover that can be opened. 4 | Visionary. Modern tractor, modern loader this is what an eective collaboration should look like. Nothing that interferes, nothing that interupts your concentration on the implement. Pipes and hoses that previously ran along the loader beam are now



protected inside the beam. Dirt and objects cannot get caught and the risk of damage to the hydraulics is minimised. Even if you install extra equipment onto the loader, you get the same smooth lines. Q Vision the name for best visibility! 5 | A breakthrough. Why not create a compression-moulded, curved cross tube, so that there is even more space for either front linkages or front weights? After all, the loader should increase the tractors versatility, not restrict it. Quicke Dimensions new cross tube gives as good as it gets. As always with Quicke, the cross tube is located well towards the front of the loader. This provides several benets. In addition to more space for front linkages, you gain better visibility towards the implement. It is also possible to mount longer, higher lifting loaders further back on the tractor giving excellent weight distribution and thus providing increased stability for the loader/tractor unit, enhancing overall handling. 6 | Modern loaders think of everything, and complement the design of tractors. As there has to be optimum visibility in all positions, Quicke Dimension has a cross tube that does not obscure the front headlights.

Quicke Dimension | 5



A little smarter, a lot better. Try to nd a more versatile connection and disconnection system than Lock & Go. You will save many seconds when changing your tractor from job to job, with no problems in the shape of hot exhaust pipes, tools, loose parts or uneven ground. The result over a full working year is many more relaxing moments. 1 | Connection: First connect the hydraulics. When the front of the bucket is pressed against the ground, the loader sinks down into the subframe. The locking wheel is then pressed against the subframe with the aid of the lift cylinders. The design of the subframe guides the locking wheel into place. At the same time, the wheel is turned towards a lug on the subframe, whereupon a short, strong locking pin with a diameter of 40 mm is automatically pushed into the locked position. From the drivers seat, a green marking is now visible on the inside of the arm. 2 | Disconnection: Pull out the locking pin and turn the locking wheel. Release the sprung locked support legs, and place them on the ground ready to lift the loader o the subframe. Lock & Go is now ready to be connected again.


How do you increase the tractors potential and give the worlds operators more peace of mind in their daily tasks? By looking at their needs, breaking barriers and coming up with new ideas that lead to superior loaders. One of Quicke Dimensions great advantages is its efficiency. With an efficient loader you achieve greater reliability. It has a solid bearing box with reinforced pins. In addition, you get superior service accessibility to your tractor. An effective loader is equipped with easy-to-use support legs and an outstanding locking system that allows more versatile working patterns. Thats without mentioning the fact that you can work long and hard without the slightest problem you have a subframe system of the highest quality. In short, Ground-breaking.

in a dimension of its own

6 | Quicke Dimension

Reliable Fast Stable6






3 | Functional design. If you want to give users optimum power distribution and maximum potential to work without diculties, you have to create a design that makes this possible. The compact, prole-pressed bearing box is narrow around the locking wheel, which means that the locking pin can be made short and strong. At the pivot pin, on the other hand, we have created a broad, stable support point for heavy loader jobs and eective parallel linkage. For older tractors the original Basic Quicke locking device with the well-known retaining forks and pin is available. 4 | A strong new feature. Todays cars have considerably more horsepower than cars 20 years ago. Would you be satised with 20 year-old brakes? The same applies to tractors and loaders. Both deliver signicantly greater power. As a result, we cannot allow ourselves to be satised with old designs we need subframe systems that will last for 20 years into the future. Quicke Dimensions Delta subframe has signicantly larger dimensions and more contact surface area. At the top is a 60 mm wide U-shaped contact surface. At the front, a 75 mm long surface absorbs the loads from the loader. Note the lugshaped design which keeps the loader rmly in position against the subframe. Finally, a solid surface for a 40 mm locking pin. All with the aim of fully unleashing your tractors resources. 5 | Smooth tractor service. This is what it should look like if you want to carry out simple daily servicing of the tractor.

Neither the subframe nor the front loader gets in the way. Vertical subframes and a slender bearing box provide plenty of space for both tyres and mudguards. Vertical subframes also absorb the forces exerted onto the tractor more eectively. 6 | Simple lubrication from the outside. As an extra safety feature, there are covers that can be opened over all greasing points. You avoid getting lubricating grease on your clothes during servicing, and when washing down the grease does not transfer to the bonnet or windows. 7 | Quicke Dimension does not economise on anything. All pins are galvanised. On the toolcarrier, where the stresses are particularly harsh, the pins all have a diameter of 40 mm. Many have glanced enviously at Quickes unique pin lock. A sprung locking disc and a compact rubber ring prevent axial play, keep the lubricating grease in place and secure the pin centrally. Naturally durable. 8 | Rock-steady support legs that are always available, quickly and easily. Grip the support foot and pull it upwards to fold out the support legs. The correct height setting is xed by the built-in strut. No tools are required and there are no loose parts. Large hinged support feet.

Quicke Dimension | 7

JOB SATISFACTION FLOURISHESin a dimension of its own8 | Quicke Dimension

How do you design a loader that increases your inspiration at work? Start by providing world class quality precision comfort You will undoubtedly be inspired when you look at the loaders groundbreaking design. And this inspiration will increase even more when you notice that your work is running smoothly

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