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<ul><li><p>Ermones</p><p>Agnos</p><p>Avlaki</p><p>Corfu WebCam Corfu Weather</p><p>Corfu Travel Guide</p><p>Corfu Guides Corfu Introduction</p><p>Beach Guide</p><p>Resort Guide</p><p>Corfu Weather</p><p>Corfu Maps</p><p>Getting Around</p><p>What to See and Visit</p><p>Useful Holiday Info</p><p>Corfu Regulars</p><p> Corfu Web Cams</p><p> FAQs and Help</p><p> Villas To Rent</p><p> Corfu News</p><p> Corfu Forum</p><p> Message Boards</p><p> Taverna Agni</p><p> Virtual Corfu</p><p> Gallery</p><p> Yachting Guide</p><p>Welcome To Greece</p><p> Food and Wine Guide</p><p> Learn Greek</p><p> Greek Life</p><p> Ionian Artists</p><p> Agni Member Pages</p><p> Property Guide</p><p>Recent Forum Posts</p><p>The forum has now been</p><p>moved to here: NewForum</p><p>520 people are viewingthis web site.</p><p>Corfu Travel Guide &gt; Corfu Beach Guide : Quiet Beaches - Corfu Corfu</p><p>Quiet Beaches - Corfu</p><p>[Quiet Beaches on the West Coast] [Quiet Beacheson the North Coast]</p><p>[Quiet Beaches on the East Coast]</p><p>Quiet Beaches On The West Coast</p><p>Ermones</p><p>Ermones is a small cove nestling betweendramatic hills, studded with a few apartmentsand a couple of hotels.</p><p>Quiet Beaches On The North Coast</p><p>Agnos</p><p>Small bay just outside of Roda.</p><p>Quiet Beaches On The East Coast</p><p>Avlaki</p><p>Situated between the village of Agiosstephanos to the south and the bigger livelierresort of kassiopi to the North, Avlaki isrelatively unknown to most of Corfu's visitors.It is a long beautiful bay with clear sea - a fewvillas and just two Tavernas. It is quiet, buthas the potential to become popular. OnSundays many of the locals invade! During theafternoon you get a Northerly sea breezewhich is cooling in the heat of the summer, butthis can make the water 'choppy'.</p><p>Kerasia</p></li><li><p>Kerasia</p><p>Agios (Saint) Spiridon</p><p>Definitely not looking for action, just quiet resort, beaches and walksand good food. I have been to Corfu a few times in different resortsincluding Paleo so think I can pictures the hills.Yes thats the problemwith Halki the journey and thats why I am trying to find a place thatseasy to get too, our trip to Halki in May was a bit rough at sea. Wehave been going there for two weeks at end Of May for last 8 years, donot think we have seen rain.We have booked Halki for next yearalready and hope that our stay in Liapades this year makes us want toreturn in the September, and follow up with more visits, we aint gettingany younger so Liapades easier trip. lol View Topic: Bakers And Eating Places</p><p>Thanks Lili or Kaytee lol, sounds just what we are looking for, I haveprinted of all walks to beaches so will do them all. We are staying atAkis apartments they look very nice. It does sound laid back but I doubtif it is as quiet as Halki where we just returned from. I expect we will goto Greek night, there is nothing like that on Halki but been to a few onother islands, yes even finished up in pool when dancing geez. Really I</p><p> fletcher12</p><p>Chat Room</p><p> Print this Page Site Map</p><p>Email Page to a friend</p><p>Kerasia is a quiet cove situated betweenKouloura and Agios Stephanos. It is mainly justone long sweeping beach and is quitestunning.There is just one Taverna and ascattering of villas. During lunchtime, theoccasional day trip boat may arrive - but theysoon depart! The Rothschild's have a holidayhome on the headland - Prince Charles andLord Sainsbury are regulars.</p><p>Agios (Saint) Spiridon</p><p>Agios Spiridon has two beautiful baysoverlooking the dramatic hills of Albania. Assoon as you reach the bay at the bottom ofthe road the turquoise of the sea stuns you,this is truly a stunning bay with the flatness ofthe beach offset by the ruggedness of therocks either side of the two beaches.</p><p> This page focused on: Quiet Beaches , Corfu, Corfu Beach Guide, Corfu TravelGuide. For related information, please visit our Corfu Beach Guide page.</p><p>Author Message</p><p>Topic: Bakers And Eating PlacesForum: Liapades</p><p>aegina43 </p><p>Replies: 8 Views: 189 </p><p>View Post </p><p>Posted: 02 Jul 2013 at 8:41pm</p><p>Topic: Bakers And Eating PlacesForum: Liapades</p><p>aegina43 </p><p>Replies: 8 Views: 189 </p><p>View Post </p><p>Posted: 02 Jul 2013 at 10:19am</p></li><li><p>am just looking for nice quiet resort on an island thats easy to get tooand this seems to tick all the boxes (walking poles definitely in thecases though) View Topic: Bakers And Eating Places</p><p>Hi Pippin2</p><p>Thanks for the info. Unfortunately we're unable to book Kalami this year due to familyillness so we had to settle for a last minute holiday in Kefalonia instead. Very quietthere, greener than Corfu and nice sandy beaches but still not a patch on Kalami.</p><p>Really chuffed that people are reading my book out there while on holiday, wish I couldhave seen it for myself. It's a nice feeling that the book's appreciated and sales of nearly600 have quite amazed me!</p><p>As for part 2, that may take a few more years of story gathering before there would be</p><p>enough for a follow up. But a few more years of visiting Kalami is no bad thing</p><p>View Topic: Kalami Book/Where The Sea Shrugs It's Shoulders</p><p>Just got back from a week at the Katsaros Apartments in Sidari, well what can I say??Fabulous...the weather for first 24 hours was a bit iffy but then it was glorious, Fotiswas a smashing chap and although we didnt go much to the bar he always spoke everyday and asked if we needed anything. The apartments were basic but functional andideal as they are about 10 minutes from the main strip so in quieter place, watch yourweight when there!! lol We ate out all the time as the choice is wonderful, the Familyrestaurant was lovely as was many more - Mojitos was nice for a cocktail. My daughtertook over the driving and we drove to Paleokatritsa through the mountains and boughthome made wine and oil - the scenery was spectacular, we also had a couple of days onthe beaches at Kassiopi, very pretty place, we did the BBQ boat trip and that was goodvalue, we also did the 3.30pm - 11.30pm Corfu Town trip by boat that was nice too.Make sure if you go on night boat you take a jumper its cold at night on boats.Everything went well and now its back to work tommorrow.</p><p>View Topic: Just Got Back...</p><p>Arillas and to an extent, Ag Stef are what Corfu was in its heyday without the crowds.Plenty of bars if you want them, some good restaurants, the odd budget grillroom in AgStef and fab beaches. Arillas is the smaller and quieter of the two, but is a good baseand although the whole area is a little hilly, Arillas beach area is on the flat.</p><p>Highly recommended.</p><p>View Topic: Arillas .. West Coast</p><p>Hello everyone - I'm looking to holiday in Corfu with my wife and two-year-old son inSeptember.</p><p> We went to Kassiopi a few years back and loved it but with a toddler in tow we are nowlooking for accommodation near a sandy beach and where the transfer from the airportis not too long (under one hour). Air conditioning is a must and the more comfortable thebeds the better! We're looking for a relaxing break with days spent at the beach, evening meals in ataverna and a quiet night's sleep. After much research I am liking the look of Paleokastritsa and Agios Georgios North,though I am open to alternative suggestions.</p><p>Topic: Kalami Book/Where The Sea Shrugs It's Shoulders</p><p>Forum: Kalami, Kouloura and Agni</p><p>sidneylarkin </p><p>Replies: 128 Views: 8507 </p><p>View Post </p><p>Posted: 17 Jun 2013 at 7:23pm</p><p>Topic: Just Got Back...</p><p>Forum: Sidari</p><p>salopman </p><p>Replies: 6 Views: 581 </p><p>View Post </p><p>Posted: 09 Jun 2013 at 5:06pm</p><p>Topic: Arillas .. West Coast</p><p>Forum: Arillas</p><p>Mr-Mythos </p><p>Replies: 3 Views: 355 </p><p>View Post </p><p>Posted: 30 May 2013 at 12:37pm</p><p>Topic: Corfu With A Two-year-old - Help!</p><p>Forum: General Corfu Holiday Questions</p><p>mackem1980 </p><p>Replies: 11 Views: 523 </p><p>View Post </p><p>Posted: 23 May 2013 at 12:37pm</p></li><li><p> Can anyone recommend some toddler-friendly accommodation and are any of thebeaches in Paleo particularly sandy (the little one loves playing with sand!)? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. David</p><p>View Topic: Corfu With A Two-year-old - Help!</p><p>Firstly, great choice Lefkada/Lefkas is a brilliant island and totally unspoiled by masstourism. Can suggest Lygia on the east coast, a few miles south of the main town. It is asmall fishing port with some very nice tavernas, a couple of "supermarkets", a gorgeousbakery, and a very friendly bar, we have seen dolphins in the channel while sitting at ataverna. Its a really friendly place on our second visit a couple of the taverna ownerscalled out to us by name when we wandered past. Have been a couple of times happyto give more info if needed. Cosmos/Monarch operate packages to apartments in thevillage or if you are going independent I can put you in touch with someone reliable andreasonable for accomodation, just p.m. me. There is also Agios Nikitas which is a bitmore touristic but still quiet. Has a nice but fairly busy beach. Nidri is quite developed but not to the scale of places like Kavos or Laganas, its more ofa Kassiopi sort of place with beautiful views to the bay and small islands and easyaccess to Meganisi. Can be quite busy though as it is the place where boat trips board.Vasiliki attracts younger windsurfer types and sailors and is very windy! Has many goodplaces to eat. Sivota (not to be confused with the one on the mainland) is reallyattractive but lack beaches. Lefkas is a beautiful island to explore, one of our favorites,the south western tip has some amazing cliffs and beaches. There are pics in my gallerythat may help. Hope you decide to go, its a well kept secret. View Topic: Where To Stay In Lefkas</p><p>Hi YvresWell you couldn't have picked a better island ...quaint, quiet, typical Greek, rustic, warm...it has it all!! Getting about the island really depends on what you like and how you like to travel. Aregular bus goes between the three main villages, Gaios, Lakka and Loggos. If you liketo walk from each of these villages the whole of the island can be covered. You could ifyou wish, lets say you are staying in Gaios, do Lakka one day and Loggos the next.Walking if its something you like to do is a wonderful way to discover the small hamletsand beautiful countryside. Then you have a boat, the best way to see the coast andmany of the beaches which some can not be got to on foot. Of course if time is limitedand you want to see as much as you can then there is the choice of a car, but in myopinion its not needed. There will be taxis at the port but most probably be already booked. Not to worrythough as the island is so small they would do their fare and come back for you. </p><p>Hope this helps. </p><p>View Topic: 1st Time</p><p>I stayed in Ixia and Trianda about 20 years ago, Trianda is a little quieter, well was thenwe stayed at Olympic Palace and The Electra Hotel. Must admit though beaches werepebbly and low flying aircraft thats why opting for the south, much prettier and relaxing.It may say 2 hours but thats because they keep stopping and dropping people off. Youcould always opt for private transfer.Hope this helps. Kids are more resilient than you think, mine have travelled since they</p><p>were 18 months old and youngest is now 15, not sure if it gets easier or harder.</p><p>View Topic: Apartments in Rhodes</p><p>Topic: Where To Stay In Lefkas</p><p>Forum: Lefkas / Lefkada</p><p>rocdoc </p><p>Replies: 2 Views: 95 </p><p>View Post </p><p>Posted: 22 May 2013 at 9:02pm</p><p>Topic: 1st Time</p><p>Forum: Paxos</p><p>shakespearstar </p><p>Replies: 3 Views: 285 </p><p>View Post </p><p>Posted: 25 Mar 2013 at 9:51am</p><p>Topic: Apartments in Rhodes</p><p>Forum: Santorini, Kalymnos, Kos, Rhodes</p><p>sedgi </p><p>Replies: 12 Views: 307 </p><p>View Post </p><p>Posted: 14 Mar 2013 at 12:48pm</p><p>Topic: Apartments in RhodesForum: Santorini, Kalymnos, Kos, Rhodes</p><p>SusieH Posted: 14 Mar 2013 at 12:08am</p></li><li><p>Charlie</p><p>Not wanting to put you off but the Kremasti/Trianda area is the area onthat coast I would avoid. We had an hour to kill one year before wehad to get to the airport and found it hard to find a pleasant spot toenjoy a quiet cup of coffee- mind Ancient Kamiros further along thecoast is a not to be missed, ancient site and the castle further alongand free, is worth a visit too. That coast towards Rhodes, apart fromthe airport noise, is very scrappy, no heart, just a continual strip ofdevelopment. I am sure there must be some good places, we have justnever found them LOL</p><p>I would stick to the other side if I were you, Tsambiki, Stegna, Haraki,Lindos, Pefkos are your best bets, beaches are sandy with fine shingle,the market town of Archangalos (very Greek) is nearby and there aregood bus services into Rhodes Town. If you hire a car do visit theinterior. Start at Epta Pirgai (lovely taverna by river and a long tunnelyou wade through at thigh height which kids would love) then keepgoing. You will find some wonderful old villages, ornate Italian buildingsand a real welcome. And I agree the Butterfly gorge is worth a visit tooas long as you are not too late in the season when they have all flownoff</p><p>Hope you find somewhere, it is a lovely island!!</p><p>View Topic: Apartments in Rhodes</p><p>[QUOTE=charlie7]Kassioppi and Kalami both sound like possibilities. Would I be right insaying Kassioppi is busier than San Stef whilst Kalami is quieter?</p><p>Anyone have any suggestions of places that are not on Corfu?[/QUOTE]Hi Charlie7 Kassiopi is more compact that San Stef NW which would probably make it feel busier. Kassiopi is also generally cheaper than Kalami for accommodation, food &amp; drink. Nottrying to put you off Kalami, we've had 11 great holidays there, just trying to give youinformation to make your decision. Another thing you might want to take intoconsideration is that the beaches at resorts on the north east coast of Corfu areshingle, no sand. There is a lovely sand beach at Kalamaki though that might be a bitfar for a 6 yr old to walk. Whilst staying at Kalami last September, we drove over to San Stef NW to visit Effy (at 2Star taverna) who used to work at the A &amp; A at Kalami. We worked out that we hadn'tvisited San Stef since 2007, we had forgotton how lovely it is. If you are looking outside of Corfu you could consider Kefalos on Kos. I think it is similarto San Stef NW in being an airy, spread out resort. We haven't been there since 2008but friends who hve been more recently say it hasn't changed. Also has a long sandybeach and fits in with your transfer time requirements. </p><p>Deedee </p><p>View Topic: Where Else</p><p>We always get a car from airport, the beauty of being late at night theroads are quieter. We have never got lost because the main roads arewell signposted. It depends how confident you are, my hubby enjoys it,and I prefer it because he is a very safe driver. We then have the car todo as we please with during our stay. Cheaper than going onorganised trips, good for getting shopping and finding secludedbeaches and lovely villages. I would imagine the kids will fall asleep incar if they like my grandkids. It all depends what you feel comfortabledoing your self. Our hire car is 200 for 11 days, plus petrol, no othercharges that includes me as second driver. We also find it much betteron last day if leaving resort late, usually go into Corfu town, so nearairport and have a lovely last day too, it also has beaches nearby. lol</p><p>Replies: 12 Views: 307 </p><p>View Post </p><p>Topic: Where Else</p><p>Forum: Agios (Saint) Stephanos (NW)</p><p>Deedee </p><p>Replies: 32 Views: 1658 </p><p>View Post </p><p>Posted: 01 Mar 2013 at 3:40pm</p><p>Topic: Airport Transfers</p><p>Forum: General Corfu Holiday Questio...</p></li></ul>