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Day 1 The Quiet Man You will be watching a classic movie, The Quiet Man starring John Wayne. Complete the study guide for each day. (The movie will run for 4 days). The movie stars the following people, all considered great character actors. Only Maureen OHara survives. The movie was directed by John Ford, considered one of the great directors. The movie won 1953 Oscars for Best Director and Best Cinematography.Cast overview, first billed only:

John Wayne Maureen O'Hara Barry Fitzgerald Ward Bond Victor McLaglen Mildred Natwick Eileen Crowe Arthur Shields James Lilburn

.... Sean Thornton aka Trooper Thornton .... Mary Kate Danaher/Thornton .... Michaleen Flynn, Town matchmaker, bookmaker .... Father Peter Lonergan, Narrator .... Squire 'Red' Will Danaher .... The Widow Sarah Tillane .... Mrs. Elizabeth Playfair .... Reverend Cyril 'Snuffy' Playfair .... Father Paul

Jack MacGowran .... Ignatius Feeney, Squire Danaher's handyman (as Jack McGowran)

The town is Innisfree, Ireland. Watch for the stick through out the movie. What do you think it symbolizes? Note how the characters are developed, even minor characters. Think about themes you will be asked to name two themes by day 5. 1) Where did Seans grandfather die? Where did Seans mother die? How did Seans grandfather die? Why would this be important to the story? 2) Note the girl with the sheepthis is common image of romance.beauty coming through the fields. What literary term might this be called?

3) Bold sinful man you are Sean Thorton and who taught you to be playing paddy fingers in the Holy Water? Maybe you dont know its a privilage you serve before courting How does this statement set up the plot?

4) Why isnt Mary Kate married?

5) When Widow Tillane says to Sean Since Normandy times, what does she really mean? Remember, she is saying this because Sean is American.

6) What does Will Danaher mean when he says Ive got you down in my book? What does this tell us about Wills character?

7) What is the initial attitude of the Irishmen to Sean when he originally goes to the tavern? Why did it change?