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R-OAM · PDF file 2020. 1. 8. · 4 Ricardo Objective Assessment & Monitoring Tool (R-OAM) R-OAM Ricardo Objective Assessment & Monitoring R-OAM Overview For over 20 years Ricardo

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Text of R-OAM · PDF file 2020. 1. 8. · 4 Ricardo Objective Assessment & Monitoring...

  • Creating a world fit for the future

    Ricardo Objective Assessment & Monitoring Tool (R-OAM) Reduced development cost and time to market

    R-OAM Ricardo Objective Assessment & Monitoring

  • Ricardo Objective Assessment & Monitoring Tool (R-OAM)3


    3 Ricardo R-OAM Data Analysis Software Tool

    4 R-OAM Overview

    5 R-OAM Analysis Process

    6 R-OAM Toolboxes

    7 R-OAM Toolboxes & Recommended Data Logging Hardware

  • Ricardo Objective Assessment & Monitoring Tool (R-OAM) 3

    What is R-OAM? R-OAM is a flexible analysis tool that uses automated event detection to create objective measures of vehicle attributes from test or simulation data. It offers reduced development efforts fitting with increasingly reduced project timeframes. R-OAM is a modular system based around a core software module that can support a variety of toolboxes aligned to specific activities. Low cost Affordable and significantly lower pricing over similar systems. Fast Intelligent automated analysis of data acquired from either vehicle testing or simulation software reduces overall development time. Flexible R-OAM has a flexible, modular structure allowing additional toolbox extensions to the core software for future expansion and customisation. Experience-based Developed from over 25 years of vehicle attribute development and characterisation.

    R-OAM client benefits Reduced development cost Using recorded CAN data minimises acquisition set-up time, and automated event detection dramatically reduces analysis time and cost. Value added data R-OAM reduces attribute development process steps allowing the engineer to focus on the improvement of driver experience. Increased consumer satisfaction R-OAM enables improved subjective performance through real objective data comparison with target data.

    Ricardo R-OAM Data Analysis Software Tool

    Example Toolbox 1

    Vehicle Driveability

    Automated Shift Quality Additional

    Custom Toolbox 1

    Example Toolbox 4


    Example Toolbox 1

    Electric Vehicle

    Example Toolbox 3 Thermal

    Core Software

    Data Acquisition

    and Simulation R-OAM

    Ricardo Objective Assessment & MonitoringMarket concerns • Vehicle development costs

    • Increasing vehicle complexity

    • Emissions legislation

    • Societal pressures

    • Vehicle quality

    • Driving experience

    R-OAM • Rapid, flexible data analysis

    • Parallel analysis of simulation and real world testing

    • Raw data processed into fundamental attribute measures

    • Objective data comparison

    Result • Reduced time to market

    • Reduced development cost

    • Improved driver experience

  • Ricardo Objective Assessment & Monitoring Tool (R-OAM)4

    R-OAM Ricardo Objective Assessment & Monitoring

    R-OAM Overview For over 20 years Ricardo has built a wealth of deep attribute experience in vehicle behaviour across a broad range of applications. This experience and understanding has been used to develop R-OAM; Ricardo’s Objective Assessment and Monitoring tool.

    Input selection

    • Define standardised measures to calculate in analysis such as;

    - Engine RPM - Battery voltage - Wheel speed(s) - G-forces - Pedal positions

    • Select key channels for event detection

    Raw data

    • Raw data import from; - Multiple loggers including Influx, ASAM MDF, CSV, MATLAB .MAT file formats - Simulation data

    • Benchmarking tests

    • In-field data

    • GPS integration

    • Internal to logger or external accelerometer to measure vehicle acceleration in X, Y, Z

    Event identification

    • R-OAM automatically selects events such as;

    - Gear shift (automatic) - Pull away - Acceleration - Regen braking - Steady state cruise - Creep

    • User validation of metric definition points

    Objective Analysis

    • Compare measure results against target

    • Data plotting

    • Graphical interpretation

    • Presentation of results

    • Easy data export

    • Plot test route maps

  • Ricardo Objective Assessment & Monitoring Tool (R-OAM) 5

    Software Features

    R-OAM Analysis Process

    Dat a plotting

    Events detail

    Me asures

    & constants

    Raw data

    Data analysis • User selected measures and user defined

    constants influence the analysis process, giving the user full control

    • Advanced automatic event detection, with picked key points, that are user adjustable

    • Events panel allows multiple events to be quickly reviewed and adjusted. Measures are recalculated if pick points are moved by the user

    Data presentation and export • Raw data channels viewer with editing

    of units, scale, offset and low pass filter settings

    • Metrics, shift maps & driver response matrix plots & tables

    • Export data & measures to Excel, CSV or MATLAB for statistical analysis and output

    ECU, accelerometer, GPS data

    Data recorded via laptop

    Import common CAN logger file types

    Select key channels for event detection

    Define measures to calculate in analysis

    Automated detection of events

    Analysis & validation of metrics

    Report analysis results

    Export measure results

    Statistical measure analysis

    Raw data viewer

    Events detail panel

    Measures & constants panel

    Data plotting

  • Ricardo Objective Assessment & Monitoring Tool (R-OAM)6

    R-OAM Toolboxes

    R-OAM Automated Transmission Toolbox Automated shift event detection for automated transmissions • Torque interrupt transmissions (e.g. AMT)

    • Continuous torque transmissions (e.g. DCT)

    Gear shift analysis • Power-on/power-off up/down shifts

    • Static shifts, creep, launch

    • Response to pedal input

    • Start/Idle in P/R/N/D and mode changes

    Shift mapping • Shift maps and vehicle response maps

    • Understand subjective feedback better

    • Export shift data for statistical analysis

    Objectively assess subjective behaviour • Comfort, sportiness, speed, input delays, feel

    • Objectively understand event behaviours

    • Benchmark performance

    R-OAM Motorcycle Toolbox - applied to conventional manual motorcycle transmissions

    Motorcycle specific channels & analysis • Detect & analyse gearshifts

    • Shift & clutch lever forces

    • Lever positions

    • Throttle input

    • Accelerations

    • Acceleration oscillation

    Objectively assess subjective behaviour • Shift lever travel, effort, freeplay

    • Motorcycle response such as vehicle oscillation

    Simple event identification GPS integration Target setting

    • Easy identification of events of interest in data:

    • Power-on / power-off shift • Static shift • Launch • Creep • Coastdown • Manually requested shift • Response to pedal input

    • Metrics used for objective comparison of vehicle behaviour:

    • Initial acceleration • Ratio change jerk • Oscillation peak to peak • Oscillation peak jerk • Response delay • Torque interrupt time • Engine speed Rate of

    change • Torque roll-off rate • Creep speed

    • Records vehicle location throughout tests

    • Display route on down- loaded map

    • Colour code route according to data

    - Speed - Gear - Acceleration

    • Facilitates quick and efficient benchmarking of competitor vehicles

    • Driver response matrix • Shift maps • Engagement jerk • Disengagement jerk • Manual shifts • Shift frequency • Creep • Launch • Roll out shifts


  • Ricardo Objective Assessment & Monitoring Tool (R-OAM) 7

    R-OAM Toolboxes

    R-OAM Electric Vehicle Toolbox (coming soon) User specified driving cycle energy analysis • Energy flow analysis of test route, considering speed,

    elevation, acceleration

    • Analyse data from Dyno tests (WLTP, NEDC etc)

    • Electrical consumption analysis, considering the battery, DCDC converter, inverter / motor (Watt-Hours, Watt- hours/km), as well as the mechanical power at the wheels in traction state

    • Powertrain efficiency (motor / inverter, DCDC converter, braking system / regen)

    Battery analysis • Internal resistance

    • Heat losses

    Auxiliary component consumption • HV – Battery cooling, cabin cooling

    • LV – Fans, lights, infotainment

    Driveability measures and events • Regen behaviour (e.g. one-pedal driving)

    • Pedal response maps

    • Cruise behaviour

    Ricardo do have a recommended equipment list for clients without a suitable acquisition system. This recommendation gives a complete solution for data acquisition for R-OAM analysis; • Influx Rebel CT4 or CT FlexRay Logger - Including optional upgrades such as GPS, internal accelerometer, and mobile data streaming if required

    - DiaLog configuration software license, hardware and software maintenance, and technical support contract

    • Influx RebelDash Windscreen Information Display • Kvaser T-Cannector • Cables - OBD to 9-pin D-Sub

    - Influx Rebel Multi-Connec

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