Ragnar Kjartansson and Friends: Bulletin Three

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Bulletin Three from Four: Ragnar Kjartansson and Friends "The Palace of the Summerland" – exhibition at TBA21–Augarten | Graphic design: Schienerl / ppfmd, Vienna & TBA21, 2014

Text of Ragnar Kjartansson and Friends: Bulletin Three

  • The Palace of the Summerlandby Ragnar Kjartansson & Friends

    Bulletin Three

    The Cast / The Characters

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    "Its a totally ridiculous movie set where Im go-ing Daddy, Daddy can you help me make this scene? because it is really complicated to be a director, and I have much more respect for them after this, as they dont usually have someone to cling to.

    I play the role of the director. It is peculiar to be sinking into this role, and some days Im sort of on it, but other days, I am really relieved to have my father here. I also play the groer Knstler of this installation just running around and always coming in at the last minute, when the others have almost finished the job, he puts the final touches on it, like a fucking idiot. In that role I have totally lost connection to the reality of this as an art proj-ect. It is totally where I wanted this to go I have somehow lost track of what the Artist Me was thinking about and for me that is always a good sign. I am totally in the work, and when that hap-pens, I am very happy, and I am lost in the role."

    Ragnar Kjartansson

    Director, scriptwriter, actor, painter and builder. He is the narrator and is playing the part of Sigurur Breifjr.Ragnar draws on the entire arc of art in his perfor-mative practice. The history of film, music, theater, visual culture and literature all find their way into his video installations, durational performances, drawings and paintings. Pretending and staging become key tools in his attempt to convey sincere emotion and offer a genuine experience for the audience. Ragnar's playful work is full of moments where conflict between the dramatic and the banal culminate in an unpredictable way.

    Regisseur, Drehbuchautor, Schauspieler, Bhnen-bildner und -maler. Ragnar ist der Erzhler und spielt Sigurur Breifjr.In seiner performativen Praxis sttzt Ragnar sich auf den gesamten Bogen der Kunst. Die Geschich-te von Film, Musik, Theater, visueller Kultur und Literatur finden ihren Weg in seinen Videoins-tallationen, Dauer-Performances, Zeichnungen und Malereien. Tuschung und Inszenierung sind Schlsselelemente bei seinem Versuch, aufrichtige Emotionen zu vermitteln und dem Publikum eine genuine Erfahrung anzubieten. Ragnars spiele-rische Arbeit ist voller einzigartiger Momente, in denen der Konflikt zwischen dem Dramatischen und Banalen auf eine unvergessliche Weise seinen Hhepunkt erreicht.

  • Head of painting and building workshops, ac-tress, painter and builder. She is playing the part of Jrunn.Ingibjrg is a visual artist who creates works dealing with the overwhelming melancholic nature of beauty. She has curated shows, written com-missioned texts, established a temporary school which focuses on sensory experiences and intui-tive learning. She runs the Kling & Bang gallery in Reykjavk with several other artists. Ingibjrg thinks a lot about truth and beauty and then she does works that appear to offer neither.

    Leiterin des Farb- und Bhnenbild-Workshops, Schauspielerin, Bhnenbildnerin und -malerin. Ingibjrg spielt die Rolle der Jrunn.Die bildende Knstlerin Ingibjrg schafft Werke, die sich mit der berwltigend melancholischen Natur der Schnheit beschftigen. Darber hinaus hat sie Shows kuratiert, in Auftrag gegebene Texte geschrieben und eine temporre Schule gegrndet, die sich auf Sinneserfahrungen und intuitives Lernen konzentrierte. Mit anderen KnstlerInnen leitet sie die Kling & Bang Galerie in Reykjavk. Ingibjrg denkt viel ber Wahrheit und Schnheit nach, um dann Werke zu machen, die dies nicht zeigen.

    "Jrunn is a socialist and she believes in the dream of happiness for all. She really relates to lafur and his poetic vision.

    They first meet when they are both working in the fishery. They gradually get to know each other and fall in love. Jrunn encourages him to be a poet and to do nothing except that. This is the moment in the book where you see that things are actually changing for the better for lafur: He is in love and he can be a poeteverything is open to him. lafur decides to divorce his wife Jarrur. But then he goes back to his house to burn it down, with it all of his terrible memories, and finds his wife there. Out of his idiotic pity, he thinks that the world cannot continue without him feeling sorry for everyone, and therefore he cannot leave this terrible and wicked woman. He runs away from Jrunn and gets back together with Jarrur."

    Ingibjrg Sigurjnsdttir

  • 53 Lilja Gunnarsdttir

    Producer, actress, painter and builder. She is playing the part of Jarrur.Lilja has worked as both a freelance photogra-pher and illustrator, but for the last few years has worked primarily in event management, editing and public relations. She has held powerful behind-the-scenes positions in many art and design-related festivals and events in Iceland. Lilja is now Ragnars indispensable studio manager; having known each other since age 6, they were in the same class at Melaskli until age 12, where they played together in the worlds most horrible brass band.

    Produzentin, Schauspielerin, Bhnenbildnerin und -malerin. Lilja spielt die Rolle Jarrur.Lilja arbeitete als freischaffende Fotografin und Illustratorin.In den letzten Jahren war sie vor allem im Eventmanagement, bei Redaktionen und in der ffentlichkeitsarbeit, aber auch hinter den Kulissen bei vielen kunst- und designbezogenen Festivals und Veranstaltungen in Island ttig. Lilja und Ragnar kennen sich seit ihrem sechsten Lebensjahr und spielten in der schlechtesten Blaskapellenband der Welt. Derzeit ist sie Studio-managerin bei Ragnar.

    "It is so much fun to be evil. It is much more fun to play someone evil than a nice person.

    Jarrur, the wife of lafur Krason, is not a very good person. She holds him down and is a burden in his life, but he seems unable to escape her. She has no understanding of poetry, and no tolerance for lafur's artistic endeavours, his talent or his lack thereof. She really wants him to do real work, instead of his endless scribbling. Jarrur is rather ugly. She is not a very attractive woman in any sense of the term."

  • Kjartan Sveinsson

    "I play the part of Jst, a farmer and overall a really bad person and also the role of rn lfar, a former poet and revolutionaryhe has tuberculo-sis and he is going to die, the poor bastard.

    rn is lafur Krasons only friend, so he is an important person for lafur, but he also serves as a contrast to lafur, because lafurs only real beliefs beauty, nature, and poetry. rn, however, believes in human life and in the fight for equality. As long as human life is seen as a continuous crime, rn lfar will not acknowledge any beauty. They are very different, but they do still respect each other."

    Composer and actor. He is playing the parts of Jst and rn lfar.A composer of classical music and ex-rock star, Kjartan was a member of band Sigur Rs for almost twenty years. Kjartan means business when it comes to banging out big music. He is a true gentleman and incredibly strong for his size (he can lift a grand piano on his own). Kjartan has contributed to many of Ragnars recent works, composing the music for The Explosive Sonics of Divinity, which opened at the Volksbhne earlier this year in Berlin. He also wrote a score for the brass band which performed daily on the S.S. Hangover at the Gaggiandre throughout the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013.

    Komponist und Schauspieler. Kjartan spielt die Rolle des Jst und rn lfar.Ein Komponist klassischer Musik und Ex-Rockstar. Fast zwanzig Jahre lang war er Keyboar-der der wagnerianischen Rock and Roll-Band Sigur Rs. Kjartan meint es ernst, wenn es darum geht, groe Musik rauszuhauen. Er ist ein wahrer Gentleman und fr seine Gre unglaublich stark. Er kann alleine einen Flgel heben. Kjartan hat zu vielen von Ragnars jngsten Arbeiten beigetragen. Zuletzt komponierte er die Musik fr Der Klang der Offenbarung des Gttlichen und schrieb eine Partitur fr eine Blaskapelle, die tglich auf der S.S. Hangover, Gaggiandre auf der Biennale von Venedig 2013, gespielt wurde.

  • 55 Mara Huld Markan Sigfsdttir

    "I play Gurn Grnhli, who is an adolescent girl that goes to school with lafur. She is one of the first (and few) people that are good to lafur, so he becomes fascinated with her.

    When he thinks about her, he starts to write po-ems. There is a very beautiful poem about Gurn as she washes near a stream, with one button of her blouse unfastened So, Gurn becomes the first female figure that lafur comes to adore."

    Musician and actress. Mara is playing the parts of Gurn Grnhli.Mara is a composer, instrumentalist and a violin-ist. In addition to composing music for films, dance and working closely with various other musicians and bands, Mara has for the past decade performed around the world with her band, amiina. The musical journey of life has lead Maria to become fascinated with texture, timbre and color, and to have a hunger for new sounds and playing odd instruments. In her music, Mara frequently works with themes of weightlessness, timelessness and her good old friend, melancholy.

    Streicherin und Schauspielerin. Mara spielt Gurn Grnhli.Mara ist Komponistin, Instrumentalistin und Gei-gerin. Neben Musikkompositionen fr Film, Tanz und MusikerInnen schreibt sie ihre eigene Musik und trat in den letzten zehn Jahren mit ihrer Band amiina in der ganzen Welt auf. Die musikalische Lebensreise weckte Maras Begeisterung fr Tex-tur, Klang und Farbe, und machte Lust auf neue Tne und sonderbare Instrumente zu spielen. In ihrer Musik arbeitet Mara mit Themen der Schwe-relosigkeit, Zeitlosigkeit und ihrem guten alten Freund, Melancholie.

  • Dav r Jnsson

    "I feel very strongly about what happens at the end of the story where the line between reality and fantasythis line which children don't know aboutthis line blurs