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  • rhacademic@randomhouse.com jwww.randomhouse.com/academic /randomhouseacademic @RHacademicRandom House LLC Academic Marketing Dept 1745 Broadway New York, NY 10019


    Prayers for the stolenby Jennifer ClementHogarth HC 978-0-8041-3878-9 224pp. $23.00/$26.95 Can.

    the five acts of Diego leon: Novelby Alex EspinozaRandom House HC 978-1-4000-6540-0 320pp. $26.00/$31.00 Can.

    to sin against hoPe: Life and Politics on the Borderlandby Alfredo GutierrezVerso HC 978-1-84467-992-8 256pp. $24.95/$27.95 Can.

    narcolanDThe Mexican Drug Lords And Their Godfathersby Anabel HernandezIntroduction by Roberto SavianoVerso HC 978-1-78168-073-5 304pp. $26.95/$31.00 Can.

    the BeastRiding the Rails and Dodging Narcos on the Migrant Trailby scar MartnezTranslated by Daniela Maria Ugaz and John WashingtonIntroduction by Francisco GoldmanVerso HC 978-1-78168-132-9 224pp. $26.95/$31.00 Can.

    raDical citiesAcross Latin America in Search of a New Architectureby Justin McGuirkVerso HC 978-1-78168-280-7 288pp. $29.95/$35.00 Can.

    hunting seasonImmigration and Murder in an All-American Townby Mirta OjitoBeacon Press HC 978-0-8070-0181-3 264pp. $24.95/$27.95 Can .


    PaPers in the WinDby Eduardo Sacheri Translated by Mara Faye LethemOther Press TR 978-1-590-51642-3 496pp. $17.95/$21.50 Can.

    for all of us, one toDay: An Inaugural Poets Journeyby Richard BlancoBeacon Press TR 978-0-8070-3380-7 120pp. $15.00/$17.00 Can.

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    reasons of stateby Alejo Carpentier Translated by Frances Partridge Introduction by Stanley CrouchMelville House TR 978-1-61219-279-6 400pp. $16.95/$16.95 Can.

    the farming of Bonesby Edwidge DanticatSoho Press TR 978-1-61695-349-2 328pp. $16.00/$16.00 Can.

    the footloose americanFollowing the Hunter S. Thompson Trail Across South Americaby Brian KevinBroadway Books TR 978-0-7704-3637-7 384pp. $14.99/$17.99 Can.

    enriques Journeyby Sonia NazarioRandom House Trade Paperbacks TR 978-0-8129-7178-1 359pp. $16.00/$19.00 Can. teachers guide available

    the Days of the rainBoWby Antonio SkarmetaOther Press TR 978-1-5905-1627-0 240pp. $13.95/$15.95 Can.

    oPeration massacreby Rodolfo Walsh Translated by Daniella GitlinForeword by Michael Greenberg Afterword by Ricardo PigliaSeven Stories Press TR 978-1-609-80513-5 252pp. $16.95/$16.95 Can.

    BooKs By or aBout PoPe francis

    on heaven anD earthPope Francis on Faith, Family, and the Church in the Twenty-First Centuryby Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Abraham SkorkaImage HC 978-0-770-43506-6 256pp. $22.00/$25.00 Can.

    Pray for meThe Life and Spiritual Vision of Pope Francis, First Pope from the Americasby Robert MoynihanImage HC 978-0-307-59075-6 256pp. $19.99/$22.95 Can.

    lumen fiDei: the light of faithby Pope FrancisForeword by Scott HahnImage TR 978-0-8041-8585-1 96pp. $9.99/$11.99 Can.

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