Rape: Lets go Capital!

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<ul><li><p>7/30/2019 Rape: Lets go Capital!</p><p> 1/4</p><p>Rape: Let us go Capital!</p><p>Yet another victim (read easy prey) being driven around on the ghastly roads of Delhi,</p><p>the rape capital cityof India 1, raped brutally and left back alive; to die every moment</p><p>of her lifeless life and hopelessly wait for an infinite ordeal to end. The assassins may be</p><p>caught or may not be; trial may end soon or may not; sentences may be passed or may</p><p>not be; but the show ..will go on!</p><p>And if she is lucky enough, she will be proposed for marriage by the bride-the rapist-</p><p>groom and this re-rape may be committed on the victim in front of the jurisdiction,</p><p>police and us. As usual, women activists, media, movie-makers and almost every one</p><p>around will be ready to cash on her immediate plight. But soon, we will forget it and</p><p>her just like any another breath of ours. Emotions will soon be run over by our I, Me &amp;</p><p>Myself busier than thou existence. Glamour will majestically sprawl across the centre</p><p>stage of the newsprint, relegating the follow-up news to a short and dark corner of page</p><p>no.5. But this Deadly-Ghost will return to haunt usagainand againand again.</p><p>Rape is a weapon that distorts a woman's sexuality, restricts her freedom of movementand violates her human rights. It leaves a woman feeling exposed, humiliated and</p><p>traumatized. A rapist not only violates the victim's privacy and personal integrity, but</p><p>also causes serious irreparable physical and psychological damage.</p><p>India ranks third over all in the list of countries with maximum number of rape cases,</p><p>superseded only by USA and South Africa. 2 It has been declared a tourist rape</p><p>destination by few too. There have been countless shameful horrifying incidents of rape</p><p>in India.</p><p>It goes way back to the Bandit Queen case which depicts the tragic story of a village girl,</p><p>who was exposed from an early age to the lust and brutality of some men. She was</p><p>married to a man old enough to be her father. She was beaten and raped by him. She was</p><p>later thrown out of the village- accused of luring boys of the upper caste. She was</p><p>arrested by the police and subjected to indignation and humiliation. Was also kidnapped</p><p>and raped by the leader of dacoits and later by the leader of a gang of few upper caste</p><p>men, who stripped her naked and paraded her in front of the entire village. This is truly</p><p>1</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Rape: Lets go Capital!</p><p> 2/4</p><p>one story that shows the apathy of the existing society. And, the infamous rape case of a</p><p>medical undergraduate by a minor boy in a historical monument located just opposite a</p><p>premier medical institution of the country (2002). And, the sensational Dhaula Kuan rape</p><p>case in Delhi where a university student was gang-raped in a moving car. And, the recent</p><p>rape and murder of a British teenage girl in the coastal city of Goa (2008). Yet again,</p><p>police, media, politicians and virtually everyone else shamelessly ensured the denial of</p><p>justice to the inconsolable mother. Leveling irrelevant allegations of drug-use and</p><p>doubting behavioral conduct of victim and her justice-seeking mother has done</p><p>irreparable damage to the humanity. And, the Orissa nun-rape case (2008) wherein this</p><p>heinous crime was committed in the garb of riots. And, the recent most case of rape of a</p><p>German minor girl by the son of a political honcho has really made our judicial system</p><p>look toothless and impotent (2008). And 2009, 2010, 2011. Ans now 16 December 2012</p><p>Vasant Vihar Delhi brutal gang-rape case of a medical student. The poor victim is still</p><p>battling for her life at the time of writing this article..</p><p>And, And, And, the And never ends!</p><p>So what is the one simple effective solution?</p><p>Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India advisory suggests speedy investigations</p><p>be conducted in heinous crimes like rape. Fast-track courts and speedy justice? Indeed</p><p>few of these cases have been solved and the accused convicted. But has it managed to</p><p>raise fear among these beasty rapists? The National Crime Records Bureau reported over</p><p>22,000 cases on rape in 2010 alone, an eight-fold increase from 1971. 3 It is not difficult</p><p>to realize that it is just tip of an iceberg. The laws carry an inherent bias themselves, how</p><p>can they ensure justice to victims. Failure of law reflects failure of society to serve</p><p>humanity. Or to educate the masses? Or to ask the fair sex (?) to cover themselves from</p><p>head-to-toe? Or to impose fairsex-curfew past 8o clock in the walled city? Or to follow</p><p>the guidelines laid down by the Honorable Supreme Court for trial of rape cases? No</p><p>these are only time-gap measures and part-solutions, but definitely not complete</p><p>solutions.</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Rape: Lets go Capital!</p><p> 3/4</p><p>As far as I, a bonafide citizen of this democratic country, think in all of my rationality, let</p><p>us go capital; Make Capital Punishment as the bare minimum punishment for these</p><p>rapists of Humanity. Capital punishment in India is legal, but rare. The Supreme Court of</p><p>India ruled in 1983 that the death penalty should be imposed only in the rarest of rare</p><p>cases. If capital punishment be imposed on rapists, then rape is likely to become a rarest</p><p>of rare case. Yes, it would neither de-rape nor re-chastise the victim; but it would</p><p>definitely serve as a deterrent for the future rapists. And, to be an effective deterrent,</p><p>there needs to be surety of punishment guaranteed upon this severity of punishment. Few</p><p>may counter-argue that it is too painless a punishment for rape. Or, the human right</p><p>activists would raise a hue &amp; cry, debates would come alive, polls would be conducted</p><p>and relentless oppositions would come; but We Shall Not Deter! Let us all come forward</p><p>together for being really fair towards the fairer sex. Come on everyone, let us pledge that</p><p>we will not let anyone rape humanity and go scot-free.</p><p>According to Wikipedia, currently many countries including Egypt, China, Guyana, Iran,</p><p>Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri lanka, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, UAE and</p><p>Vietnam have a provision for Capital punishment for rape. 61 countries currently award</p><p>Death penalty for ordinary crimes too..</p><p>So to my fellow countrymen, I again propose, let us go Capital; this time with a real</p><p>capital C.</p><p>References</p><p>1. Delhi: The Rape Capital of India. Available from:</p><p>http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/762338.cms [cited 2004 July 2]</p><p>2. India ranks third in rape cases. Available from:</p><p>http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/India/India_ranks_third_in_rape_cases/rssartic</p><p>leshow/3813759.cms [cited 2008 Dec 9]</p><p>3. NCRB-MHA. Crime in India 2012. National Crime Records Bureau. 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