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RAPS Budgeting User Forum July 20, 2012 REPORTING, ANALYSIS AND PLANNING SYSTEM. Welcome – Pam Fournie FY14 Deployment Schedule – Jean Shuler Compensation Budgeting Demo – Jean Shuler FY14 Reporting –Debbie Vasel Revenue & Expense Topics – Eva Ostrow FY14 Training – Eva Ostrow - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of RAPS Budgeting User Forum July 20, 2012 REPORTING, ANALYSIS AND PLANNING SYSTEM

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RAPS Budgeting User ForumJuly 20, 2012



Welcome Pam FournieFY14 Deployment Schedule Jean ShulerCompensation Budgeting Demo Jean ShulerFY14Reporting Debbie VaselRevenue & Expense Topics Eva OstrowFY14 Training Eva OstrowWrap Up Pam Fournie


2FY14 Deployment ScheduleMedical School Compensation BudgetingOctober 8th

Medical School Revenue and Expense Budgeting October 16th

Why the change?

Due to the move away from secondary appointments and the creation of a sourcing approval process for inter-departmental sourcing; all Medical School departments will now have their budget data loaded at the same time.

An analysis was completed of the various alternatives which were discussed with the Compensation Budgeting workgroup and the Medical School Finance office. It was determined that the process would not work unless sourcing was loaded for all departments at the same time.


3FY14 Reporting4

Budgeting Reports Focus GroupLeader: Deborah Vasel CFU/RAPSMembers: Kim Dunsworth RadiologyDebbie Hofmann RadiologyPaul Schierbecker Internal Med Debbie Scherr OtolaryngologyJoanne Humphries Pathology and Immunology AdminBarry GoldsteinRAPSTodd Zimmerman/Adam BuffaRAPS Technical ExpertsKristen Singer CFU/RAPS4FY14 Reporting5

Report NameReport Type# of RunsPriority*CB - Source Detail by Dept-FundCB Financial11731*Departmental Budget Analysis ReportRE 10672*CB - Source Detail by EmployeeCB Financial6513*CB - Source Detail by Node (Role)CB Model5814*CB - Salary Budgeting WorksheetCB Model2095*CFU Budget Template ReportRE 5416*Tower Report (Med School PRB report)RE 2867*Compare Proposed FY OBUD to Current FY OBUDRE 2348*CB - Salary Change and Reason AnalysisCB Model2119*CB - Source Detail by SubClassCB Financial16410* CB Exclude from Budget ListingCB Model*CB New Job ListingCB Model5FY14 Reporting6


Report NameReport TypeNew Location*CB Salary and FTE Exception ReportCB IntegrityHR Personnel Reports*CB HR Data Changes ReportCB IntegrityHR Personnel Reports

Reminder : Request HR Reporting Access Security Authorization Forms are on RAPS Home pagehttp://RAPS.wustl.edu 6FY14 Reporting7

HighlightsSome Reports will be available within the modelSourcing SummaryOpen Source - Dept Sourcing RemainderFormatted reports will be available from a report menuAvailability date October 1 for top 10 reportsAdditional Reports developed for December Deployment7FY14 Reporting8

HighlightsReports will contain a Tree Structure rather than Cascading Prompts


FY14 Reporting9

HighlightsTest Data is available to enable Report TrainingWebinarsOn site with DepartmentsOne on One at users desk9FY14 Reporting10

10 Revenue & Expense Topics

New and enhanced feature highlights in the FY14 model

Performance is enhanced.There is now a Find function.Users can find a specific department that prompts the model to filter for funds associated with that department.Users can budget specific purpose funds at the fund level. Users who prefer budgeting specific purpose funds at the aggregate will continue to do so there is no loss of functionality.Medical School users will have a Margins tab at the department level.There are many similarities between the FY13 and FY14 models.Adapting to the new models may be painless.11

11FY14 Training

Training issues to consider for FY14 budgeting models.

Many existing users require an overview of model changes.

Some users with more/different responsibilities require targeted training.

New users require more in-depth model training but we expect few new users.


12FY14 Training


Ideas for training methods include:13FY14 Training

Webinars where specific model changes are demonstrated.

Compensation budgeting modelRevenue & Expense budgeting model includingGeneral OperatingSpecific Purpose

Pro: A large population can be reached efficiently. Con: Generic material does not apply to all users.


14FY14 Training

Brief pre-recorded topic based web sessions that include specific tab functionality.Pro: Users can go directly to a topic of interest at any time. Con: The pre-recorded session may not answer a users specific question.

Department trainingPro: Training material can be specifically directed to the needs of a department.Con: Many trainers/ training sessions are required.


15FY14 Training

One-on-one trainingPro: Training material can be specifically directed to the needs of an individual. Individual users probably get the most benefit from one-on-one training.Con: Many trainers/ training sessions are required.

Classroom trainingPro: Users get hands-on training and can ask questions in class.Con: Generic material does not apply to all users and training classes move too quickly/too slowly because of a wide variety of users.


16FY14 Training

Conclusions regarding training

Training needs to be timely, useful, and will require a combination of methods.

We will contact department representatives about training requirements.Internal staff is the best judge of training needs.

Training will begin in October 2012. We will send a training schedule via e-mail and also post information on the RAPS website.


17Wrap Up

Next meeting October, 2012Q & A