RAPS Halo-Haloween 2013

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RAPS Halo-Haloween 2013 Issue published: 10/27/2013

Text of RAPS Halo-Haloween 2013

  • B A L I TAThe Official RAPS Newsletter

    M a l a k a s A n g B u l o n g S a S i g a w

  • Our Mission Statement

    To unite the Filipino students within the Rutgers community by

    establishing solidarity on the basis of a common heritage, to educate the Rutgers community on various aspects of the Philippine culture, to provide information of current socioeconomic and political conditions about the Philippines, and to provide services and programs that will be beneficial to Filipinos both within and outside the Rutgers community.

    Mission Statement 2

    Letters from the Editors/Presidents 3

    RAPS Halo-Haloween 2013 Line-Up 4

    Tonights Performers 5

    Ghost Stories of the Philippines, by Denise Bion 7

    How FIND Inspired Me, by Karoline Panes 8

    FIND Dialogue 2013: Makabayan 9

    A Glimpse of Palawan, by David Pangilinan 10

    Upcoming Events 12

    Inside this issue:

    Page 2 Issue III, Oct. 27, 2013

  • Letter from the Editors Welcome friends, family, and guests,

    Tonight, we are honored to present RAPS Halo-Haloween 2013. There are many different faces and personalities that make up RAPS, and its no surprise that along with these wonderful faces come amaz-ing talents. We applaud the various talented performers that you will witness tonight as well as the dedi-cated members of RAPS for their hard work in making this event a success.

    We also would like to congratulate the newly appointed Freshmen Representatives who have shown a great deal of passion and dedication to lending their hand to the Filipino student community here at Rutgers University. We wish you all the best!

    ...and without further ado, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

    Darienne Arahan & Franceazca Balagtas Co-Editors of the Balita Newsletter

    Dear friends, family, and guests,


    On behalf of Rutgers Association of Philippine Students, we are proud to welcome you to our annual talent showcase, Halo-Haloween! At this event, we come together to celebrate the amazing talents of our RAPS family and extended community while shamelessly indulging in our native Filipino cuisine.

    We would like to thank our hardworking executive board, our talented performers, our caterer, and you, for making this event possible.

    We would also like to welcome this year's Freshman Representatives to RAPS executive board and wish them all the best at their first event as representatives.

    Make sure to try a little bit of everything and enjoy the show!

    Sincerely, Alyssa Esteban and Nolan Mathew K. Sucdad

    Rutgers Association of Philippine Students Co-Presidents, 2013-14

    Letter from the Presidents

    Issue III, Oct. 27, 2013 Page 3

  • Tonights Line-up

    5:45-6:00pm Opening Remarks

    6:00-6:15pm Frances Balagtas & Kyle Potkay

    6:15-6:25pm Kappa Phi Lambda

    6:25-6:40pm RAGS

    6:40-6:50pm Christina Rogado

    6:50-7:05pm RUFMA

    7:05-7:20pm Lester Pernala & Marc Intal

    7:20-7:35pm RCDT

    7:35-8:00pm Intermission and Costume Contest

    8:00-8:15pm Justin Joo

    8:15-8:25pm Jersey Underdogs

    8:25-8:40pm Kim Balao

    8:40-8:50pm Pi Delta Psi

    8:50-9:00pm Tia & Ardeene

    9:00-9:20pm Adinah

    9:20-9:30pm RDT

    9:30-9:40pm Closing Remarks

    RAPS Halo-Haloween So what exactly is Halo-Haloween?

    Every Fall semester, in celebration of Halloween, the Rutgers Association of Philippine Students (RAPS) showcases new and old talents that emerge from RAPS itself, along with talents from organizations within and outside of Rutgers University.

    This year, we are once again proud to present to you a batch of talented performers who have worked hard in making this years Halo-Haloween an amazing one.

    With performances by RAPS very own:

    RAPS Dance Troupe

    RAPS Cultural Dance Troupe

    RAPS Acoustic Group of Singers

    Page 4 Issue III, Oct. 27, 2013

  • Tonights Performers Frances Balagtas & Kyle Potkay

    Frances Balagtas is currently a junior pursuing a degree in Communication and Public Relations. Shes been singing for as long as she could remember and got her start performing in musical productions as a kindergartener and all throughout elementary and high school. Her first experience on stage was a role in a musical production of The King and I in the Philippines alongside Miss International 2005, Lara Quigaman. From then on, she has been singing whenever shes given the opportunity to. Accompanying her is friend and roommate Kyle Potkay. Hes a junior studying Industrial Engineering and is a member of the Rutgers Ulti-mate Frisbee team. He is an avid singer/songwriter, so much so that you can catch him performing covers and original songs on YouTube in his spare time.

    Kappa Phi Lambda

    Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. was founded at Rutgers University on November 7, 1999, making it the FIRST and LARGEST Asian-interest sorority in the state of New Jersey. They represent 3 pillars: Sisterhood, Service & Cultural Diversity. As winners of their National Stroll Competition in 2012, they are excited to present a special step and stroll performance for you all! Also, look out for some of their events coming up later in the semester :)

    RAPS Acoustic Group of Singers (RAGS)

    Being one of the newer subgroups, the Raps Acoustic Group of Singers (RAGS) has become home to many of our RAPS members with a love for anything music related. We are a very laid back group of individuals who meet weekly to have a good time jamming and vibing off of one another. We do perform occasionally for RAPS events, as well as outside opportunities such as singing to children at the hospital during the holidays. Everyone is welcome, from those who have little musical experience to those who major in it. If you enjoy making beautiful sounds vocally or using an instrument and have an open mind, you'll fit right in with us.

    Members: Raymond Chan, Aleta Murphy, Diana Kris, Steven Sagun, Gayle Fuentes, Kim Balao, AnnClaire Macalintal, Antonio Mikee Siopongco, Marc Intal

    Christina Rogado

    My name is Christina Rogado and I am a freshman that is majoring in Nursing. Firstly, I love music. You can either share it with others or use it to convey emo-tions that you can't seem to find the words for. I play three instruments: the piano, the ukulele, and a little bit of guitar. Although academics are important to me, I also enjoy hanging out with family and friends. Lastly, I'm shy when I first meet people, but once I get to know you, I'll open up more.

    Rutgers University Filipino Martial Arts (RUFMA)

    Rutgers University of Filipino Martial Arts (RUFMA) is a sports club dedicated to exposing the Rutgers Community to the ancient and traditional art of Eskri-ma. Eskrima is a martial art that is part of a larger group generally referred to as Filipino Martial arts or FMA, which include but are not limited to Arnis, Filipino Kali, Eskrima, and Eskrido. We offer students a stepping-stone into the FMA world and encourage members to seek out and experience various styles. Eskrima, unlike other martial arts, starts by teaching students to defend themselves using either one or a pair of sticks. The stick fighting techniques taught are instrumental in developing quick reflexes and becoming ambidextrous. Students go on to learn empty hand fighting, where many of the techniques they have learned using sticks is applicable to empty hand. We welcome all Rutgers students who are interested in experiencing Filipino Martial Arts. Our meetings are on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-11 pm at the Werblin Recreation Center in the Multi-purpose room across the weight room.

    Members: Scott Lazaro, Keith Regis, Xuelin Guo, Satreethai Sasinin, Constantina Scoullis, Denise Bion, Gabriel Tioseco, Nick Sun, Justin Cheng, Rob Williams, Ahmed Ayoub, Geoffrey Chan

    Lester Pernala & Marc Intal

    My name is Lester Pernala. I go to Bergen Community college and Im a proud member of Pasalubong. Im a music major and music is my passion in life. I've been a musician for about 12 years and I love to entertain. // Hey there, my name is Marc Intal. I'm the RAGS coordinator for my home crew, RAPS. What started out as a hobby has grown into an integral part of my life. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to share what I love to do with you all.

    RAPS Cultural Dance Troupe (RCDT)

    The RAPS Cultural Dance Troupe (RCDT) is a subgroup of RAPS. RCDT performs various Filipino traditional dances, such as maglalatik, tinikling, singkil, kali, subli, itik itik, binasuan, and pandaango sa ilaw. They perform at various events, spreading Filipino culture through dance. RCDT enjoys long walks on the beach and gazing at the stars. TEAM-nikling 4 lyf.

    Members: Daryl Ventura, Gayle Fuentes, Alexis Budhi, Stanley Ngai, Alaisha Verdeflor, Camila Palad, Joanne Modesto, Mishaelle Gomez, Donna

    Issue III, Oct. 27, 2013 Page 5

  • Justin Joo

    Justin Joo is definitely a dreamer (cue Imagine by Paul McCartney). Born of South Korean decent, Justin is a 21-year-old college student pursuing an accounting degree at Rutgers Business School (typical), but thats just one side of him. On the other side, you have a 21-year-young, high energy, outgoing kid; kind of like Calvin from the famous Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, always engaging in mischievous but fun activities. Attracted to urban culture, Justin grew up listen-ing to artists like Craig David, Musiq Soulchild, and Usher. Later, after realizing his true passion for R&B music, he explored deeper and started to get inspired by older artists like Boyz