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Raychem heat-shrinkable joint sleeve Rayfit for medium ... · Raychem heat-shrinkable joint sleeve Rayfit for medium ... Raychem heat-shrinkable joint sleeve Rayfit for medium voltage

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  • Energy Division

    Raychem heat-shrinkable joint sleeve Rayfit for medium voltage joints up to 36 kV

  • Modern jointing Todays jointing technology is requiredto be simpler and more economicalyet provides higher levels of reliabilityand flexibility for operators who areunder increasing pressure to improvenetwork efficiency. Rayfit achievesthese objectives and has additionalvaluable features including:

    high recovery forces reduced installation time slim and space-saving design

    Kits are easy to select, will accommo-date a variety of cable and conductortypes and can include all componentsnecessary to complete the joint.Important among the range of features is the option to include purpose-designed range-takingmechanical shear bolt connectors for conductor and shield wires.


    A triple-extruded hybrid component combining heat-shrink and elastomeric technology


    12 kV 24 kV 36 kV

    1 2 3


    Raychem heat-shrinkable joint sleeve Rayfitfor medium voltage joints up to 36 kV

    Raychem Rayfit represents the newgeneration of heat-shrinkable jointingtechnology. It is based on a triple-extruded heat-shrinkable elasto mericjoint sleeve com ponent. The systemis suitable for paper and polymericcable constructions and is designedto accommodate modern jointingrequirements such as mechanicalshear bolt connectors.

    Main features

    Triple-extruded body provides a pre-engineered joint unit with fewer kit components

    Advanced shrink behaviour and profile-following are combined with a significant reduction in shrink time

    High recovery forces result in tight electrical interfaces and perfect sealing ability

    Optimised heat transfer due toreduced thermal capacity

    The reduced overall joint diameterprovides a slimmer and space- saving profile

    As an alternative to crimp connec-tors, kits can be selected withmechanical shear bolt connectorsfor con ductor and shield continuity

    Unlimited shelf-life simplifies material logistics and reduces cost

    Exceeds international performance standards including CENELEC HD 629 and IEC 60502 for joints and IEC 61238 for Tyco BSM typemechanical connectors

    Raychem Rayfit joint sleeve The triple layer heat-shrinkable jointsleeve combines:

    1 heat-shrinkable outer conductive layer

    2 heat-shrinkable insulation layer 3 elastomeric insulation layer

  • New triple layer elastomeric ERICinterface stress control to joint sleeveinterface stress control to cabledielectric

    Existing dual layer elastomeric ECICinterface stress control to joint sleeveinterface stress control to cabledielectric

    New triple layer elastomeric ERIT

    Dual layer elastomeric ECIT

    Co-extruded heat-shrinkablesleeve CICM (non elastomeric)

    Joint sleeve recovery forces during installation

    Joint sleeve temperature distribution during installation












    cooling downheating



    t [min.]Shrink time

    T [


    t [min.]

    F [


    Raychem Rayfit joint sleeveThe outer conductive layer and insulating middle layer provide theheat-shrinkable hold-out for the innerelastomeric layer of the joint sleeve.During the heat-shrink installationprocess, the stored recovery force of the elastomer is released and combines with the recovery force ofthe heat- shrinkable layers. As a result, the electrical interfacesare reduced to the minimum and thejoint sleeve provides a tight electricalinterface. The elastomeric characteristic of thematerials, combined with the rigidouter heat-shrinkable (screen) layersenable the joint to follow the thermallyinduced dimensional changes of thecable insulation.

  • Cordless impact wrench for simpleand easy installation of mechanicalconnectors.

    Shield continuity With mechanical shear-bolt connectorsas standard, typical shield wire crosssections up to 35mm2 can easily beconnected with the connector supplied in the kit. Positioned at theoversheath cut back, the connectionprovides a smooth profile and resistsmechanical damage. There is no needfor a crimping tool and its mainte-nance. Shear bolts provide the requiredcontact force in order to ensure safeinstallation and reliable performanceduring load cycling in service as well asduring short circuit conditions. Anadditional layer of copper mesh isapplied around the joint to provideeffective shielding and protection.

    Other jointing elements

    Joint kits for other connector tech -nologies including deep indent andhexagonal compression are available.

    Electrical stress controlThe stress control sleeves in combina-tion with stress grading mastic at thescreen cut provide a precisely definedimpedance characteristic whichsmoothes the electrical field. For easeof installation, mechanical shear-boltconnectors are applied in combinationwith a stress control patch while jointswith compression connectors usemastic tape for void filling and stressgrading.

    ArmouringAs some cable designs use a steelwire armour to provide a certainmechanical strength, joint designershave to provide the same perfor-mance. A steel wire armour wrap incombination with a heat-shrinkablesleeve or fibre reinforced wraparoundare being used to fulfill the impacttest requirements as requested e.g. in the CENELEC specification.

    Robust outer sealing and protectionModern cable laying techniques requirea robust oversheath replacementcapable of withstanding high mechan-ical stresses during conventional cablelaying as well as mechanical impactoccurring during the entire cable life.The thick-wall heat-shrinkable tubingis internally coated with a hot-meltadhesive to ensure an effective moisture seal and corrosion protectionfor the joint. When installed, the jointsprovide a level of protection andthickness equal to modern cables with PE oversheath. A space savingalternative using a fibre re-enforcedwraparound sleeve coated with hotmelt adhesive can be selected forinstallations in manholes and restrictedjoint bays.

    Mechanical shear-bolt connectors Joint kits can be selected to include aTyco BSM type mechanical shear-boltconnector to ensure a reliable pre-engineered electrical connection for different conductor types andmate rials.

    range-taking sizes cover 25-400 mm2

    conductor cross-sections for alu -minium and copper conductors

    pre-set shear torque provides safe and reliable installation

    removable half shell insert providecore centering

    tin-plated and greased contact surface for corrosion protection

    no need for compression tools ormaintenance

    shorter length compared to com -pression connectors

    tested in accordance with IEC 61238excellent tensile performance due to special bolt tip design

  • EPKE Single core live end seals (stop end) up to 36 kV

    SXSU Medium voltage joints up to 36 kV using compression connectors

    MXSU Medium voltage joints up to 36 kV including mechanical connectors

    Product families for polymeric insulated cables

    EPKB Medium voltage branch joints up to 24 kV including mechanical connectors

    REPJ Medium voltage repair joints up to 24 kV including mechanical connectors

  • Universal jointing system to connect all common cabletypes using compression connectors


    3-core screened or belted cables

    3-core single lead cables

    System technologyFew heat-shrinkable components like oil barrier sleeves, conductive breakoutsetc. transfer paper cables into quasi polymeric type allowing the use of the samejointing sleeves.

    Transition joints up to 24 kV including Tyco BSM typemechanical shear bolt connectors


  • 3-core screened or belted cables

    3-core single lead cables

    3-core polymeric cables

    1-core lead sheathed cables

    1-core polymeric cables

  • Committed to Quality

    ISO 9000 series and ISO 14001 certifications for almost all locationsunderline our con tinuing commitmentto quality and the environ ment. All Energy Division products are subjected to extensive testing fromthe time they enter our plants as rawmaterial until they leave as finishedproducts. Requalification testing iscarried out on a regular basis withinstalled components. Customers can thus have full confidence in theproducts, services and data supplied. In many cases, this saves the cost and inconvenience of any furtherdownstream verification. All our electrical power products meetinternational specifications, such asIEC, CENELEC, IEEE, and virtually allnational standards.

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