RCRs The How Tos and Helpful Hints. DU Campus Compact: A community where individuals respect one another & their environment. We value our campus and

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RCRs The How Tos and Helpful Hints Slide 2 DU Campus Compact: A community where individuals respect one another & their environment. We value our campus and respect our environment. We take responsibility for acting in accordance with our communitys standards, & rules, and for reporting violations of those standards & rules. Slide 3 Cost List (you can use this at your 1 st floor meeting) Hourly Rate- Carpenter, Locksmith, Plumber $45.00Mirror (Medicine Cabinet)$75.00 Hourly Rate- Electrician, HV/AC, Steam Fitter $45.00Mirror (Nailed to wall by students)$25.00 Hourly Rate- Groundskeeper$25.00Mirror (Student room)$60.00 Hourly Rate- Housekeeper$23.50Outlet plate$10.00 Hourly Rate-Carpet/Upholstery Clearning$23.50Paint One Wall (touch up)$80.00 Blinds--Replace$80.00Paint Room $300.0 0 Blinds--Repair$36.00Paint- Built in Unit $150.0 0 Closet doors missing $100.00 Peep Holes$25.00 (Crawford, Shorney, Huffman)Reassemble Furniture$20.00 Closet doors missing (Small)$50.00Rehang Light Globe$20.00 Closet doors rehang$25.00 Removal of Personal Items/ plus standard hr. $20.00 Door Closure$175.00Removal of large personal items $50.00 Fire Extinguisher Missing$70.00(Loft, futons, etc)/ plus standard hr. Fire Extinguisher Retag$50.00Remove Contact Paper$20.00 Furniture- 1/2 Bunk Beds$150.00Replace Double Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser$60.00 Funiture- Bunk Beds$300.00Replace Single Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser$30.00 Furniture- Desk$310.00Screen Repair- Shepardson$60.00 Furniture- Desk Chair$125.00Screen Repair- Shorney$50.00 Furniture- Dresser$355.00Screen- Expandable$15.00 Furniture- Lounge Chair$140.00Screens- Huffman (full screens)$65.00 Furniture- Mattress$120.00Screens- Shepardson$65.00 Furniture- Mattress (80")$120.00Screens- Shorney$65.00 Furniture- Couch$700.00Shower Curtains/Rods$10.00 Furniture-Arm Chair$412.50Shower Heads$35.00 Furniture-Dining Room Chair$179.00Smoke Detector (price includes labor)$77.00 Furniture-Dining Room TableTBDTape Marks, plus 1/2 hour labor$10.00 Furniture-Coffee Table$400.00Toilet seat, plus 1/2 hour labor$40.00 Light- Round Ceiling Gloves $30.00 Toilet Tank Lid$75.00 (Beaver and Sawyer)Towel Bars/Rehang/Remount$25.00 Light Diffuser$35.00Towel Rods$15.00 Light Globe (Shepardson)$15.00Trash Can Beige Base$25.00 Slide 4 How to Submit a Work Order (W/O) O Go to www.denison.eduwww.denison.edu O go to mydenison (your personal login) O sign in with your username & password O Go to the campus resources tab (near the top/4 th tab over) O Click on the facilities services tab (on the left) O Then click submit a Work Order Slide 5 Slide 6 Slide 7 Slide 8 Slide 9 Slide 10 Slide 11 Slide 12 Slide 13 How to Find Advocate O Go to www.denison.eduwww.denison.edu O go to mydenison (your personal login) O sign in with your username & password O Go to Blackboard O Go to Residential Life tab (on Rt) O Go to advocate tab tab (on Lf) O Fill out and submit (there are options to save and work on later too) Slide 14 Slide 15 Slide 16 Slide 17 Work Orders O Will be noted and collected during RCRs O To expedite the needs to Physical Plant O To assure proper billing O To assure who should be billed Slide 18 Reporting Damages and Changes O Is extremely important!!!!! O Why: O In order to properly bill a resident, accurate damage reports are critical. This means that any change that occurs when a resident occupies the room must be accurately recorded. O If changes/damages are not reported students can (1) move in to a room that has damaged or unusable property and/or (2) be billed for damages that they did not cause. Slide 19 Types of Rooms: O Single O Eg. Cutis West, Shorney, Shaw, Kappa Sig. O Double O Eg. Crawford, Smith, Curtis East, East Hall O Suite O Eg. Shorney, . O Four man or woman O Eg. Shep . O Six-man or woman O Eg. Sawyer, Beaver O Apartments O Eg. Brownstones (Hayes, Wright, Upper & Lower Elm), Sunsets (Sunny A, Brown, Meyers, Good Hall Slide 20 Standard Double Slide 21 Standard Double Room Slide 22 Standard Double Room: Desk & Bookcase Slide 23 Standard Double Room: Door & Closet Slide 24 Standard Double Room: Dresser Slide 25 Standard Double Room: Vanity Mirror Slide 26 Standard Double Room: Wall Condition Nail and Tack Line Slide 27 Bed: Frame Slide 28 Bed: Spring Slide 29 Bed: Mattress Flip it over too! Slide 30 Dresser: Top/Sides & Drawers Slide 31 Dresser Slide 32 Chair Slide 33 Bookcase & Desk Bookcase Desk Slide 34 Bookcase Slide 35 Desk Light (on bookcase) Turn it on (to see if it works) Slide 36 Desk Slide 37 Ceiling Light Outer Casing (is it cracked?) Slide 38 Closet/Wardrobe Are there 2 doors? Slide 39 Windows: Blinds Slide 40 Window: Frame/Glass & Screen Slide 41 Door: Inside/Frame Slide 42 Door: Outside/Frame Slide 43 Door: Lock/handle Slide 44 Vanity Mirror: Frame/Spring spring opening Slide 45 Vanity Mirror: Medicine Cabinet Slide 46 Towel Racks Slide 47 Cable Box Slide 48 Cable Box (close up) Slide 49 Smoke Detector Slide 50 Sprinklers Slide 51 Peep Hole Slide 52 Trash Can Slide 53 Recycling Bins (dry & wet) Slide 54 Suite Example Slide 55 Suite Panorama 1 Wardrobe Slide 56 Suite Panorama 2 Slide 57 Suite Panorama 3 Unconnected dresser Slide 58 Suite Panorama 4 Slide 59 Suite Panorama 5 Slide 60 Suite Panorama 6 Slide 61 4 and 6 Man Example Slide 62 4 Man: Bedroom/Bathroom Slide 63 4 Man: Sink Area Slide 64 6 Man: Bedroom/Bathroom Slide 65 Wall Conditions Slide 66 Apartment Example Slide 67 Apartment Bedroom Slide 68 Slide 69 Apartment bathroom: Toilet Slide 70 Apartment Bathroom: Cabinets/Sink Slide 71 Apartment Bathroom: Mirror & Medicine Cabinet Slide 72 Apartment Bathroom: Shower (outside) Slide 73 Apartment Bathroom: Shower (Inside) Slide 74 Apartment Bathroom: Shower Head Slide 75 Kitchen: Refrigerator Slide 76 Kitchen: Stove/Oven Slide 77 Kitchen: Microwave Exhaust fan Slide 78 Kitchen: Sink Slide 79 Kitchen: Countertops Slide 80 Kitchen: Cabinets Slide 81 Kitchen: Drawers Slide 82 Kitchen: Fire Extinguisher Slide 83 Living Room: Couch Slide 84 Living Room: Arm Chairs Slide 85 Living Room: End Table Slide 86 Living Room: Coffee Table Slide 87 Apartment: Internet Box Slide 88 Dining Room: Dining Table Slide 89 Dining Room: Dining Chair Slide 90 Apartment: Pantry Slide 91 Apartment: Common Room Closet Slide 92 Take Your Time O Make sure to spend adequate time in each room doing RCRs. O If RCRs are not done correctly, you may have to re-evaluate the room/rooms.