Reaching Reluctant Readers

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Reaching Reluctant Readers. By: Joy Millam Heather Gruenthal Teacher Librarians & YALSAs Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers Committee. What does a reluctant reader look like?. There is no single answer. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • By: Joy Millam Heather Gruenthal

    Teacher Librarians &YALSAs Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers Committee

  • They are the goths, geeks, preps, jocks, nerds, skaters, and gamers. Kids from every demographic can be RRs.

    How do we define a reluctant reader:RRs are kids who for whatever reason do not like to read.

  • Sometimes they are too busy to readAthletics and extra-curricular activitiesDemanding course of study (IB/AP coursework)Employment

  • BooktalksDigital book trailersPurchase appealing books for themRead the movie

  • RRs like books that have these characteristicsAppealing coversAttention getting openingEdgy topics

  • Ask for donations (registration packet or back to school night, alumni letter)Recycling collectionBook fairs (physical & virtual)Amazon wishlistSelling bookmarks

  • RRs also like Gateway books like PostSecretVery visualFew words

    These books dont look like much but they lead to quality books.

  • Read all books you share with studentsCover is impactfulChoose popular booksie: Child Called It Take notes as you readCite passages Note important events

  • Buy extra copiesNote popular titles & find similar titles (ie: It- Bruises, Basement)Practice, practice, practiceYour comfort is criticalPractice passages and summariesTake your show on the roadMake regular appointments

  • Take books to the classroomPrepare several different presentationsEnsures availabilityWear comfy clothesLeave brochuresDisplay booktalk booksAdd encouraging note

  • Dont booktalk a book you dislikedDont reveal too muchDont go too long per title2-5 min per title max.Dont memorizeDont talk too fast

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