Reaching Reluctant Readers & Book Blogging Basics

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Reaching Reluctant Readers & Book Blogging Basics. Jennifer Hubert Swan Westchester Library Association Annual Conference Tarrytown, New York. Who are the Reluctant Readers? Teens who are…. Too Tired Too Busy Too Scheduled Too Uninterested Too Involved Online Too_____________ TO READ!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reaching Reluctant Readers & Book Blogging Basics

Jennifer Hubert SwanWestchester Library Association Annual ConferenceTarrytown, New YorkReaching Reluctant Readers & Book Blogging Basics

Who are the Reluctant Readers?Teens who areToo TiredToo BusyToo ScheduledToo UninterestedToo Involved OnlineToo_____________






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Book Blogging BasicsWe can argue about characterization on Twitter, receive requests to critique whole novels on Facebook, or write a book blog that receives a wide monthly following. If that doesnt show the power of young adult literature, I dont know what does. Emma Allison, teenager. Why blog?Personal fulfillment

Professional connections

Provide mobile readers advisory

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