Reading and Writing Activities

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  • 1. Suggested Learning Activities for the Kids

2. Goal: To enhance reading skills and gain self confidence.Reading Activities: 3. Set up a Reading Corner 4. Get A Gold Star 5. Look for BooksRead to Me 6. Suggested Learning Activities For Kids 7. Word Hunt Activity/ Puzzles etc. 8. P.S. I LOVE YOU 9. Follow the Leader 10. Shop Your Way with Words 11. Up up and away! 12. The Monster under the bed 13. The Gift That Keeps on Giving 14. Writing Activities 15. Things to Do/ Bring 16. Comic Strips/ Books 17. JOURNALS AND DIARIES 18. Make A Menu 19. Directional Group notALPHABETICAL Sadly most kids draw the letters from the bottom up Teach the kids to print in a directional groups 20. UPPER CASE LETTERSTRAIGHT LINEGROUP ILHEF4 21. UPPER CASE LETTERSTRAIGHT SLANT LINE LETTERS NV7WYMAXZ K 22. UPPER CASE LETTERCentered Straight Line Letters TI 23. UPPER CASE LETTERPARTIALLY CURVED STRAIGHT LINE DPB5R 24. UPPER CASE LETTERDown right curved and Down left Curved UJ 25. UPPER CASE LETTERCircular Upper Case OQCG6S8 26. LOWER CASEGroup 1 -I i v w x z Group 2- k t y j Group 3- o c e 27. LOWER CASEGroup 4 d a 9 g q Group 5- c 2 3 b p h n Group 6- f u smr