Reading Classical Greek (Greek Alphabet)

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Reading Classical Greek (Greek Alphabet)


  • JACT Greek

    Students should make themselves thoroughly familiar with the alphabet before the course begins and should practise pronouncing aloud the words written below. Upper case letters are on the left, lower case on the right.

    A alpha a (as in Yorkshire hat) M mu m

    a (as in father) N nu n

    B beta b xi ks

    gamma g (hard, as in get) O o omicron o (as in got)

    delta d pi p

    E epsilon e (as in get) rho rh

    Z zeta zd sigma s

    H eta e (as in French bte) T tau t

    theta t-h upsilon u (as in French tu)

    I iota i (as in it) phi p-h

    i (as in police) chi k-h

    K kappa k psi ps

    lambda l omega o (as in saw)


    ai (as in aisle) ui (as in French lui)

    au (as in cow) ei (as in they)

    eu (e-u, not quite together) ou (as in fool)

    oi (as in boil)

    = h = lack of h (e.g. = hex = ex)

    -- = ng (as in angle)