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Ezard (Conway) Elementary School Expected Behavior: WE ARE READY TO LEARN STEP 1: TELL What we require Why we require it STEP 2: Specify student behaviors Discrete Sequential Observable Child-friendly language STEP 3: PRACTICE Activities Model Practice Demonstrate School-wide Expectation in ALL SETTINGS All students have an opportunity to learn.

MATRIX BEHAVIORS: Give your best effort. Be prepared. Stay focused. Listen to teacher. Model examples (student and teacher) Model ALMOST-THERE examples and nonexamples (teacher only) Provide frequent reminders THEN CHOOSE FROM THE FOLLOWING AS IS AGE-APPROPRIATE FOR YOUR CLASS o Related literature (see back) o Activity (see back) o Expound upon quotes o Role play in classroom

STEP 4: MONITOR Independent practice Feedback

Vary position in classroom and during transitionsBefore students transition to another activity, ask them to tell you how to be ready to learn.(pre-correct)

STEP 5: Review Review and practice throughout year Formal observation

Reinforce (verbally, loops, etc.) Remind Correct Feedbackpraise appropriate behavior and identify problems Ask students How did we do today (regarding being ready to learn)?

Teacher notes: What could I do differently? How could this lesson have been better? Follow-up lesson needed? Sample Activities: Create an anchor chart

Create a poster entitled 10 Ways to Be Ready to Learn or How to Be a Problem Solver Practice several callbacks to use in the classroom

Literature Ideas (even older kids like childrens literature): Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Burton The Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper Amazing Grace by Hoffman

QUOTES: To succeed, do the best you can, all the time you can, where you are, and with what you have. Oscar Arias Never, never, never give up. Winston Churchill Its not whether you get knocked down. Its whether you get back up again. Ralph Waldo Emerson You are never a loser until you quit trying. Mike Ditka