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Text of Realistic Fiction Examples of Realistic Fiction

  • Realistic Fiction

  • Examples of Realistic Fiction

  • Historical Fiction

  • Examples of Historical FictionCopper SunTitanic Crossing

  • FolkloreFolklore includes stories, myths, and fables that people told one another over the years. Later the stories were written down.

  • Examples of FolkloreAesops FablesBeauty and the BeastThe BunyansCinderellaJohn HenryThe Talking EggsThe Tortoise and the Hare

  • FantasyFantasy is fiction that has elements that are not real. Sometimes this includes talking animals or characters with magical powers. Theres usually a conflict between good and evil.

  • Examples of Fantasy

  • MysteryMysteries are stories that have a real setting and a problem to be solved that includes clues, distractions, and an answer to the problem.

  • Examples of MysteryNever Say Die

    Mystery of the Midnight Message

    Nancy Drew

    Sherlock Holmes

  • Science Fiction

  • Examples of Science FictionBatmanSupermanMen in BlackStar WarsThe Time MachineThe Hunger Games

  • PoetryPoetry is verse written to inspire thoughts and feelings in the reader. It often uses rhyme and rhythm, or it can be written in free verse.

  • Examples of PoetryThe OdysseySarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage OutBallad of BirminghamThe HighwaymenThe Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

  • InformationalInformational books are nonfiction books that give true facts on a variety of subjects.

  • Examples of Informational WritingMagazinesDanger! EarthquakesNewspapersEncyclopaediasTextbook: History, Math, Science

  • BiographyA biography is the true story of a real persons life from the past or present.

  • Examples of BiographyTiger Woods: An American Master

    Clara Barton, a Red Cross Pioneer


  • Autobiography

    An autobiography is the true story of a real persons life from the past or present written by that person.

  • Examples of Autobiography

  • Drama