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Rebecca Gould

Rebecca GouldPortfolioDetailed Drawings

Good Cop This is a Drawing of a character from The Lego Movie. Took around 4 hours.

SmaugThis is a drawing of Smaug from The Hobbit,

This took about 4 Hours.

Davy Jones

This is a Cartoon version of Davy Jones. Took around 2 hours and I used Pencils and Pen to outline.

Lego WallpaperThis took around 6 hours, It was a piece of work for a friend.


This was a cartoon version of Jessica Rabbit. I was experimenting outlining with white pen, and I found it to work really well with cartoons, really brings out shine and a 3D look.

Futuristic Woman

This is a Futuristic Drawing of a Lady, I based it on life drawing but added sharp points, round curves and a statue-like stance to represent the futuristic movement.

This took about an hour.Life DrawingThe next drawings were all done in life drawing sessions. Having a model in front of us we drew from what we could see, they all took different lengths of time. The owl at the end is on A2 paper, it took me about 15 minutes to complete and was also done in a life drawing session.


Clouds 1

This was a beautiful sunset and I love the way the clouds and the colours go together. There is no filter to this photo.

SunsetThis image was taken on an evening walk, there is no filter.

Beach Clouds

This photograph was taken at a local beach, I tried to focus on the sun behind the clouds and I think it looks very effective with the darkness of the shadow and the contrast of the image, there is no filter.

London Eye

This iconic image was taken at the bottom of the London Eye, It was stormy and I like how the image has that dark, stormy feel to it.

GraffitiThis photo was taken in a skate park in central London, I have enhanced some of the colors to make them brighter, but the detail in the picture I did not think needed too much added to it.3D Artwork

CollageThese are collages I made, They are life drawings with materials stuck on top to make them more interesting.

Wonderland BookI made an altered book, It is themed from Alice in Wonderland and has pieces of text form the story incorporated into the book. I really like it, its quirky, interesting and looks great.

BraceletsThe next 3 Images are from our Design To Sell Project. All the bracelets are recycled from old jewellery and they seemed to sell very well. I used jewellery wire to bind them all together and I made the glass beads in the Lampwork factory, I think out of all the projects we did in college, This was my favorite.

Design Sheets

This was a design Sheet for Design to sell, I was planning on making Pandora charms and started designing the beads.