Receipes chosen from our partner’s countries for charity

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ISTITUTO COMPRENSIVO DI GATTEO. Comenius Project “ R.R.E.V . ”. Receipes chosen from our partner’s countries for charity. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Receipes chosen from our partner’s countries for charity

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Receipes chosen from our partners countries for charityISTITUTO COMPRENSIVO DI GATTEO

Comenius Project R.R.E.V.In our school we are trying to collect money for a good cause: an ex-pupil of about 16 years has been hit by a serious disease, multiple sclerosis and she requires expensive care and assistance. Her name is Nicole. All teachers and students are involved in fundraising for her. Weve already given to Nicoles mother some money by selling fairy tales books written by our students and thanks to a play drama staged by our colleague Lusiana with the participation of children and families.We thought that the cookery contest suggested by Comenius Project would be a good opportunity to help our charity. So our students chose three recipes in the Cookery booklet and they made them in the kitchen of the school. Then they offered prepared meals to the other students and teachers asking for a nominal contribution.

Here are the receipes chosen by studentsFrench crepes Estonian Tiramisuwith strawberriesRomanian stuffed mushrooms

Crepes with Nutella

Tiramisu with strawberries

Stuffed mushrooms

Buon appetito

We know it's not much, but this simple activity made our students understand the importance that also little actions can help unlucky people.