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  • International Meat Topics — Volume 3 Number 3 15

    Thompson Meat Machinery is the largest and most advanced Australian designer and manufac- turer of meat processing machinery. They continually integrate innovative technologies to improve machinery performance, pro- duction efficiency, finished product quality and oper- ator safety. The latest mincing technology is capable of producing out- standing output rates that far exceed competitors’ machines of similar sizes.

    Thompson have incorporated potentially the world’s best mixing,

    mincing and CO2 injection cool- ing technologies – extremely fast (up to 15 times), efficient and consistent product tem- perature reduction technique, coupled with perfect tempera- ture control. Other benefits include the meat particle definition which

    distinctly separates meat and fat particles and achieves consistent product size. Smearing

    of the meat particles is elimi- nated by the design charac-

    teristics of the cutting system. b

    Innovative technologies improve performance

    Lutetia manufactures equipment which is used in the meat industry worldwide. Their massager is well known for the excellence of its marinating and curing action based on its exclusive baffle. As a complementary technol- ogy the company offer defrosting with dynamic steam under vacuum in a massager. This allows defrosting time to be reduced and gains of up to 10% of yield for all frozen prod- ucts can be achieved under optimal hygiene conditions with the possibil- ity of process consolidation (salting, marinating, cooking and cooling). With a single or double jacket massager this Lutetia patented method is adapted for a large range

    of product. Lutetia has also devel- oped a new range of injectors for all type of products such as whole or smaller meat pieces (from beef to game) with multiple tenderising/lac- erating possibilities. The ergonomics, cleanability and performances have been strongly improved and are now one of the best on the market. Lastly, their range of cookers is designed for steam or dry cooking, pasteurising, roasting, drying and smoking of all products using liquid smoke, sawdust, woodchips or log smoke generator. Their concept guarantees consistency and homo- geneity of every daily batch. b

    Improved performance in meat processing

    Treif’s frozen meat dicer Waran has been designed for dicing blocks of frozen meat and bulk goods in fresh or frozen form. The machine has a cutting output of up to 4.5 t/h. Waran is loaded fully automatically via a conveyor belt hopper for four blocks or via a block lift. Production specific loading solutions can also be provided. The machine that processes up to 200mm high blocks (down to -8°C in the case of natural meat) is able to adapt its cutting tools if prod- ucts

    are too cold or too hard (vartronic technology). Then the cut-off blade will automatically slow down in order to ensure that the grids are fed less rapidly. This pressure dependent feed control is achieved by three separate drive mechanisms for the lower grid, upper grid and blade, all of which work indepen- dently of one another. The dual lateral compression guar- antees optimum compression of the product and ensures that the capac- ity of the cutting chamber can be fully exploited. The results are bet- ter performance and a high cut- ting quality. The Waran dicer provides ideal

    hygienic conditions, for example gridsets with removable side walls. The patented hygiene cylin- der makes product contamination with hydraulic oil technically impos- sible. No oil can enter the cutting chamber. Waran is beneficial for IQF (individually quick frozen) pro- duction. b

    High output and ideal hygienic conditions

    Batch accuracy, high throughput and reduction of labour costs are key factors in the bulk packing of by- products. Marel’s automatic batch- ing line can be used for virtually any meat by- product and gives an average prac- tical throughput of 4.2 tons per hour, depend- ing on prod- ucts and batch size. Products can enter the batching line directly from cut up lines, processing lines or from bulk flow. The batching solution enables packing of cooled down (approxi- mately 2°C) products, such as liver or pig’s feet, which are typically brought to the batching line in large containers. These are placed in a swing loader and emptied into the line buffer infeed. From the buffer

    infeed, products are automatically guided onto a flighted conveyor and fed into the SpeedBatcher, the core unit of the line.

    The SpeedBatcher automatically weighs the by-products

    into sub-weights that are then selectively combined to form the optimal final batch weight, specified with over-/under- weight toler- ances. For most bulk packing tasks,

    the products are then released into cartons, after forming of the final batch weight. These cartons are check weighed and labelled according to customer requirements, after which they are ready for stock or dispatch. b dorthe.mohn.christensen@

    Easy handling of meat by?products

    red meat processing

  • 16 International Meat Topics — Volume 3 Number 3

    red meat processing

    Handtmann provides a process opti- misation opportunity for all quality oriented producers. Integrating final grain size grinding into the filling process is gentle on the product and opens up wide ranging optimisation options which Handtmann can pro- vide perfect implementation solu- tions for. The main benefit of combining final grinding with the filling process is the reduction in the number of process steps. Coarse pre-grinding and shorter cutter times are gentler on the product. Coarsely ground prod- uct is evacuated effectively when it is passed through the Handtmann vane cell feed system. The residual air content is significantly reduced. A key benefit for product quality; shelf life and colour stability improve and a compact structure is attained. High evacuation level, gentle grind-

    ing and accurate portioning are char- acteristics that are ideal for the pro- duction of minced meat. A Handtmann vacuum filler, for example the VF 600 series, with GD 93-3 grinder head, GD 93-6 grinding attachment in combination with the GMD 99-2 minced-meat portioner form an ideal production line which meets the high demands of minced meat production. Hygiene and bacteriological con- siderations play a very important part here. The Handtmann inline grinding system does not heat the product to a significant degree, and the GMD 99-2 portioning unit can be directly connected to back-end packaging lines. Consequently, this practically rules out the risk of heating or contamina- tion due to manual handling. b

    Minced meat production with inline grinding

    High speed cutters from the Slovak company PSS Svidnik meet two important criteria – excellent final product quality and observance of the highest hygienic requirements for equipment handling. Their vacuum high speed cutter K 200 V is designed for fine cutting, mixing and emulsifying of processed materials in the food industry. The equipment masters the prepa- ration of fine ground as well as coarse ground products. Easy and fast loading of the machine is ensured by the high level lifting device. The cutter is supplied with a quality knife sys- tem that guaran- tees very fast product processing and achieves the desired quality for a wide range of products. It is controlled from a central con-

    trol panel with a coloured touch

    screen. The most important features are controlled by joysticks. The individual moving machine parts are placed behind covers and supplied with safety features in order to prevent any risk of injury to personnel or damage of the machine

    parts. Use of the vacuum

    system provides the final meat prod- ucts with the first class quality that is characterised by the homogeneous product structure, and the vacuum system also ensures the product shelf-life extension. b

    High speed cutters for excellent product quality

    All FAM cutters meet most stringent hygienic requirements of food pro- cessing, whereas FAM Hymaks aims to fulfill them all. Because sanitation and food safety are key factors in the food pro- cessing industry, FAM made them a research priority. After close col- laboration with customers and insti- tutes (FBG, Germany and USDA, USA), FAM launched FAM Hymaks, a heavy duty dicer cutting meat and meat products in strips and dices. The machine’s biggest innovation is the obstacle-free product flow through the ‘product contact area’, i.e. in-feed chute, drum with impeller, cutting section and dis- charge chute, without any screws, bolts, bores, threads or projec- tions. The impeller’s paddles are rounded off with a minimum radius of 6mm. The polished in-feed and discharge chute surfaces consider- ably smoothen product passage while increasing capacity. The innovative ‘single-piece design’ of drum and slicing knife without

    knifeholder is unique. Furthermore, the cutter’s design prevents dirt deposits. The drive zone is entirely sepa- rated from the product area.

    With its excellent clean- ability, FAM Hymaks min-

    imises the

    microbial contamination risk and simplifies sanitation. FAM Hymaks complies with all regulations (CE, HACCP, EHEDG), resulting in a USDA Dairy Equipment Accept- ance Certification in November 2008. b

    Unique contribution to food safety

    A special pioneering spirit prevails at Fomaco, stimulating innovative think- ing and creativity. This is truly the core of their set of values, which combined with their passion for excellent machine desig