Refined Guy

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Refined Guy. Zach Hannusch English 250. What I hope to show today. Image Cologne Text Audience. What is Refined Guy??. Write a review Website for guys that offers: Advice for fitness Food choices Car information Movie information Technology Style advice . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Refined Guy

Refined GuyZach HannuschEnglish 250What I hope to show today

ImageCologneText Audience

Write a review Website for guys that offers:Advice for fitnessFood choicesCar informationMovie informationTechnology Style advice

What is Refined Guy??

What I Hope to Show Today Not as important as imageBoringBig lettersBlend inWhite text

TextLack of details = wonderBlack box around textMake it pop!Leads to more visitors Tell a friend!

Text.AgainExpensive cologne Made to attract high fashion Cologne blends in with skinBlack label popsAttention grabber

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