Reflection of Light

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Reflection of Light

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REFLECTION OF LIGHTTerms Used :Incident Ray : Ray of light that falls on a reflecting surface(e.g. Mirror)[I]Reflected Ray: Ray of light that leaves the reflecting surface[R]Normal : Line drawn perpendicular to the reflecting surface at the point where the incident ray meets the surface.[N]Angle of incidence: Angle that the incident ray makes with the normalAngle of reflection : Angle that the reflected ray makes with the normal

IRNirAngle of incidence is equal to angle of reflection i = r

The incident ray, the reflected ray and the normal all lie in the same plane.

Laws of ReflectionPeriscope An apparatus that is made up of mirrors or prisms to view objects that cannot be seen otherwise.A simple periscope consists of two plane mirrors placed parallel to and facing one another .The mirror is placed such that the angle of incidence is 45.


(Using Prisms)Reflection of a parallel beam of light on a plane mirror results in Regular reflection as the reflected beam is also parallel.Reflection of a parallel beam of light on to a rough(irregular) surface results in Diffused reflection as the angle of incidence varies at each point on the surface and thus scattering the rays in different directions.

Regular & Diffuse reflection