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REFLEXIVE VERBS Ralidades 2 Capítulo 2A Reflexive verbs? zIt is a verb that has a special pronoun called a reflexive pronoun

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Text of REFLEXIVE VERBS Ralidades 2 Capítulo 2A Reflexive verbs? zIt is a verb that has a special...

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  • REFLEXIVE VERBS Ralidades 2 Captulo 2A
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  • Reflexive verbs? zIt is a verb that has a special pronoun called a reflexive pronoun
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  • Reflexive verbs? zThe pronoun is used to reflect the action of the verb back to the subject zIn English it is like saying myself/himself etc
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  • Some Examples in English zHe cut his hair zHe saw himself in the mirror
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  • zMom cut Joeys hair = regular verb NOT A REFLEXIVE
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  • Examples in Spanish zBAARSE zEl chico se baa con burbujas. (The boy bathes with bubbles)
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  • zDESPERTARSE zMe despierto a las siete (I wake up at 7) zLLAMARSE zMe llamo Caroline (I call myself Caroline)
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  • How do we know it is reflexive? zThe infinitive has SE on the end zlevantarSE zdespertarSE zllamarSE
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  • How do you form a reflexive verb? zThe fact that the verb is reflexive does not change the way that a verb is constructed
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  • zall it means is that the verb is accompanied by a reflexive pronoun
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  • So, HOW do you conjugate? zFor now, do not worry about the se. Just ignore it. Take it out.
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  • zWhat do you have left? zThe infinitive of the verb
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  • How to conjugate. zThe verb arreglar happens to be a regular AR verb. zJust conjugate it as you would any other AR ending verb.
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  • Yo arregloNosotros arreglamos T arreglas Vosotros arreglis l, Ud. ella arregla Ellos, ellas, Uds. arreglan
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  • What to do with the se z The se is just letting you know you need a reflexive pronoun.
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  • zNow, decide which one to use depending on the subject
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  • Where do you place it? zIt can be placed in two different ways: Directly in front of the conjugated verb Yo me arreglo el pelo con gel. Yo me quiero cepillar mi pelo.
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  • Connected to the infinitive in a 2-verb sentence Quiero arreglarme el pelo con el cepillo.
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  • Or connected to a positive command. Por favor, pinate el pelo.
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  • MIRARSE (present tense) zMemiro(I) zTemiras(you) zSe mira (he/she/formal You)
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  • MIRARSE (present tense) zNosmiramos(we) zOs miris(you plural) zSe miran(they, Yall)
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  • Add the correct reflexive pronoun z 1.________ llaman z 2.________ despiertas z 3.________ lavamos z 4.________ acuesto z 5.________ lava
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  • Add the correct reflexive pronoun z1. SE llaman (they) z2. TE despiertas (you) z3. NOS lavamos (we) z4. ME acuesto (I) z5. SE lava (he/she/it)
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  • Practice. zWrite out in full the verb BAARSE in the present tense.. Construct verb in present tense (it is a regular AR verb) zwork out what reflexive pronoun you need zput it before the verb
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  • BAARSE z me bao z te baas z se baa z nos baamos z os bais z se baan
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  • Can you work out how to answer in Spanish... z What time do you get up? z What time do you take a bath or shower? z What time do you shave?
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  • THE QUESTIONS: zA qu hora te levantas? zA qu hora te baas / duchas? zA qu hora te afeitas?
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  • ANSWERS (your time might be different) z Me levanto a las siete. z Me bao / ducho a las siete y media. z Me afeito a las once y media.
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  • Cmo se dice en espaol? zI get up at 8 oclock. zHe gets up at 8 oclock. zYou get washed at 8.30. zShe goes to bed at 10 oclock. zWe go to bed at 10.30. zI go to bed at midnight.
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  • Cmo se dice? z Yo me levanto a las ocho. z l se levanta a las ocho. z T te lavas a las ocho y media. z Ella se acuesta a las diez. z Nosotros nos acostamos a las diez y media. z Yo me acuesto a la medianoche.

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