Rehyphen brand book 2019 and Emeco’s Coca Cola Navy Chair. â€‌ -- Dr. Andrew Howarth Dent, EVP Research

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Text of Rehyphen brand book 2019 and Emeco’s Coca Cola Navy Chair. â€‌ -- Dr. Andrew Howarth...

  • Rehyphen® pioneer an up-cycling initiative whereby we collect discarded

    cassette tapes and video tapes from local community and weave

    them into pieces of musiccloth® as an e�ort to reduce and eliminate

    e-waste, while giving the product new life. Our musiccloth® swatches have

    been stored and are available in Material ConneXion world wide libraries

    (Product Number: MC 7654-01) & University of Pennsylvania material lab. This

    material has been exhibited at TEDx as one of the idea worth spreading.

    American Design Club selected our MusicCloth® as one of the modern

    method of what it means to build an object. RedDot 21 also included

    MusicCloth® as one of the excellent 21st-century world of design.

  • “Music Cloth® is used as a demonstration of sustainability through reuse of an existing, typically ‘waste’ resource, but also of a highly creative yet relatively low tech solve. It gives the lie to the idea that innovation needs to be technologically advanced, and also is one of a trend of ways in which the material becomes the story similar to Parley for the Oceans and Emeco’s Coca Cola Navy Chair. ” -- Dr. Andrew Howarth Dent, EVP Research at Material ConneXion, New York.

  • MusicCloth® is selected by Interior Design Magazine as the Top 7 innovative woven material in Material ConneXion , Material Insight: MusicCloth®, 2 minutes video introduction ( )

    Date released video: 14/8/2017

  • Red Dot 21 World of Design:�ooring-decor/music-cloth/

  • “Top 7 Green Heroes 2018” Hand-picked by Kevin McCloud, the British Designer and television host for Grand Design.

    UK Grand Design Live: showcased from 10-14 October 2018 UK Grand Design Excel: show in May 2019.


    “An astonishing reinvention of tape into something fashionable and fabulous, Darling. ” -- Kevin McCloud

  • “Top 7 Green Heroes 2019” Hand-picked by Kevin McCloud, the British Designer and television host for Grand Design.

  • MusicCloth® Tote Bags

    MusicCloth® tote bag was slected by American Design Club that exemplify modern method of what it means to have built an

    object and showcased during New York Design

    Week 2018.

  • SIZE: 14.5” X 12.5” Handle stripe : Italian Buttero Premium Vegetable Tanned leather. Keychain Ornament: Micro Cassette tapes * Each tote bag owns its unique patterns and colors.

  • We believe that music is a universal language. It has the power to change the world. How might we reimagine a new way of

    exchanging music by addressing our global e-waste issue and transform this medium

    into another form that inspire global community?

    MusicCloth® note book

    SIZE: 5” x 3.5” Each notebook owns its unique patterns and bookmark quotes.

  • Customised service is available (logo and company’s tag line printed at the bookmark end tape ) Top list for corporate gift.

  • MusicCloth® EZ link Card Stickers

    Partnered with:

  • 100 di�erent cities, ship it worldwide; size: 18” x 12”

    MusicCloth® City Map

  • We tracked each piece of our MusicCloth® by writing down the name of the cassette album that we used to weave.

  • POP UP AT:

  • Inspired by Mr. Donald Trump, these left over empty tapes are turning into “Tweet tapes”, a unique up-cycled greeting card which come with a 140 character meaningful quotes to inspire us and our loved ones, each specially chosen to

    celebrate the various special occasions in our lives. Turn and read the hidden message inside the tapes.

    Make #cassettetapes great again!

  • Tweet tapes

  • Accessories

  • “The idea of launching "Ready, Cassette, Go" experience

    is not just offer an innovative products, services, and experiences,

    but also an innovative system that embrace the change!”

    MusicCloth® Experience

  • MusicCloth® Retro Silhouette Portrait


  • "Our final goal is to encourage public to reimagine how we care for our planets challenge our community to make wastes and memories beautiful."


  • “We think that the MusicCloth® is a very important design that we are adding to our collection. We believe it is an excellent example of the creative recycling of material that would become waste. Since so much of what is produced today ends up contaminating our environments, by collecting used cassette tapes and weaving them into a fabric, Rehyphen is contributing to both the beauty of the earth and producing a beautiful product all with one simple process. — Dr. Elizabeth Beck, Librarian at University of Pennsylvania, Fisher Fine Arts Library Material Collection.

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    Locate cassette tapes donation bin

    Weave Cassette tapes into MusicCloth

    Lauched MusicCloth products

    re-share our technique through workshops, connect community together through food and drinks.

    Empty cassette tapes are made into tweet tapes and spread sustainable message and achieve zero waste




    举办工作坊,将编制音乐面料的技术传承, 通过美食将社区链接和凝聚。

    将空的卡带制作成贺卡,通过客制祝语和 字句,将环保理念散播到世界各地。

    Circular Economy Model 循环经济模版

  • 一种全新交换音乐的方式

    “A brand new way of exchanging music”

  • Corum Singapore appointed J.J. Chuan, the fouder of rehyphen as the very �rst friend of Corum in Singapore.

  • J.J. Chuan is a multi- local who has been working and living in Singapore, Malaysia, New York and Shanghai. She graduated from

    Parsons The New School of Design in New York and is a receipient of Yeohlee Fellowship program which she learned from

    the luxury designer Yeohlee in New York who advocates locally made, zero waste and sustainable practices. She

    believes that music is a universal language, and it has the power to change the world. She reimagine a

    new way of exchanging music by addressing our global e-waste issues and transform our pre-loved cassette tapes into

    pieces of MusicCloth® that inspire global community. J.J. Chuan created rehyphen® with the aim of solving real-life problem.

    Run by mother-daughter duo, the brand produced all its product locally in Singapore. She is appointed by Kevin McCloud

    as one of his Top 7 green heroes. The swiss watchmaker Corum announced J.J. as their �rst ambassador of Corum in Singapore.

  • As Seen on:

  • “Every hero doesn’t go do this great big hero thing. They do the simple thing over and over and over...and they stick to it.”

    by Matthew McConaughey

    所有伟大的英雄都没有去做那些所谓伟大英雄的事迹。他们只需专注的做一 件事,心甘情愿的一再重复一件看似无趣却又乐此不疲的事情。