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  • Release Notes: Crestron Database Release Notes[12/14/2012 4:56:59 PM]

    Main Page

    Crestron Database Release NotesIntroduction

    The Crestron Database represents data for the advanced programming applications such as D3Pro andSystemBuilder. The data consists of module files, mdb control files, and other necessary files needed insupport of these applications.

    The following sections are available in the release notes:

    General Notes and IssuesNew Features/Bug FixesPrior Crestron Database Release Notes

    General Notes and Issues

    None at this time.

    New Features/Bug Fixes

    Known Issues:

    No issues at this time.

    Fixes/Changes from to

    Updated Dynamic Lighting Preset.csp for 3-Series processors to fixed scene initialization issue that could causescenes to not recall properly

    Updated Crestron Weather Modules:Crestron Weather Processor V1.5

    Added Support:

    SystemBuilder and BOM Support:AV3CP3NTPCS-4SMTPCS-4SMD

    Fixes/Changes from to 35.06.004:

    Updated D3Pro Vacation Scheduler

    Added Support:

    Core 3 Media Player Support

    SystemBuilder Support:


  • Release Notes: Crestron Database Release Notes[12/14/2012 4:56:59 PM]


    Streaming media devices:

    Apple_AppleTVDenon_DNP-720AEGrace_Digital_GDI-IRDT200Logitech_SqueezeboxMarantz_NA7004NAD_C446Sony_SMP-N200WesternDigital WD TV Live

    D3Pro Support:


    Fixes/Changes from to :

    Corrected an issue where lighting scenes would not save correctly

    Added Support:



    IR Drivers:

    DirecTV H24DirecTV HR24Motorola RNG110Samsung UN55ES8000FXZASony STR-DA1800ESYamaha YSP-5100

    Fixes/Changes from to :

    Fixed Fusion issue where meeting truncate was not working properly.

    Added Support:

    Updated DMPS-200-C and DMPS-300-C module to newest core logic from DMPS-100-C module.Updated DMPS-300-C module which brings compile time improvements.It requires Device Database 46.00.002or later for a new symbol.




    C2N-CBD-P-KP-On-OffC2N-CBD-P-KP-SceneCrestron DIN-RAIL enclosures (DIN-EN-2x18, DIN-EN-3x18, DIN-EN-6x18)

  • Release Notes: Crestron Database Release Notes[12/14/2012 4:56:59 PM]

    Updated program generation logic for non-dim loadsAdded 'Virtual Cabinet' to D3Pro which allows the user to drop in any non- DIN-RAIL modulesAdded "Current Temperature" analog output the D3Pro weather module

    Fixes/Changes from to

    Added Support:



    Fixes/Changes from 33.00.001 to

    Added Support:

    SIMPL Windows Support for DMPS-100-C

    Fixes/Changes from 32.05.005 to 33.00.001:

    Addressed issue where setpoint will reset on a reboot for a TSTATRF Scheduling module when there are noschedules defined.

    Added Support:

    SystemBuilder and SystemBuilder BOM:


    Fixes/Changes from 32.00.001 to 32.05.005:

    Added Support:

    Added SIMPL Windows Support for DMPS-200-C

    SystemBuilder BOM:


    IP Modules:

    Denon AVR-4311CI IPDenon AVR-3311CI IPDenon AVR-3211CI IPDenon AVR-4310CI IPDenon AVR-5308CI IPMarantz SR7005 IPPioneer VSX-50 IPPioneer VSX-51 IPPioneer VSX-52 IPPioneer VSX-53 IPPioneer VSX-1121 IPPioneer SC-57 IPPioneer SC-55 IPPioneer VSX-1021 IP

    Serial Modules:

    Bose Lifestyle T10

  • Release Notes: Crestron Database Release Notes[12/14/2012 4:56:59 PM]

    Bose Lifestyle T20Bose Lifestyle 235Bose Lifestyle V25Bose Lifestyle V35Bose VideoWaveDenon AVR-4311CIDenon AVR-3311CIDenon AVR-3211CIDenon AVR-4310CIDenon AVR-5308CIMarantz SR7005Pioneer VSX-50Pioneer VSX-51Pioneer VSX-52Pioneer VSX-53Pioneer VSX-1121Pioneer SC-57Pioneer SC-55

    Fixes/Changes from 31.05.009 to 32.00.001:

    Added Support:

    2-series support for Core 3 UI XPanel Web Configuration module

    Fixes/Changes from 31.00.005 to 31.05.009:

    SystemBuilder Support:


    D3 Pro Support:


    Added Support:

    IR Driver:

    Cyron HTW-1000

    Serial Devices:

    Samsung LN series LCD TV's:LN32D430LN**D450LN**D550

  • Release Notes: Crestron Database Release Notes[12/14/2012 4:56:59 PM]


    Samsung PN series plasma TV's:


    Samsung UN series LED TV's:


    IP Devices:

    Tivo PremiereTivo Premiere XLSharp LC-60LE847USharp LC-70LE847USharp LC-80LE844USharp LC-60LE745USharp LC-70LE745USony STR-DA3700ESSony STR-DA5700ES

    Fixes/Changes from 31.00.004 to current:


    DMPS-300-C Module update

    Fixes/Changes from to current:


    DMPS-300-C Module Updates

    Adds support for setting "System ID" (see DM PUF 2.40 notes) via front panelNote: to upgrade to new module, create a new program using module v1.1. Copy over logic from your existing

  • Release Notes: Crestron Database Release Notes[12/14/2012 4:56:59 PM]

    program. DO NOT use "replace control system" command.Device Database 41.05.005 or later is required to use with this DMPS-300-C Crestron Database update

    Fixes/Changes from 30.01.004 to current:


    Issue where the event scheduler is marked as not compatible with 2-series processor


    New modules for CEC Control via DigitalMedia Systems

    IR Devices:

    Anthem AVM_50VCisco IPN330HDCisco IPN_4320Integra DTR-30.2Panasonic TC-L47WT50Rotel RCD-1520Rotel RSP-1572Rotel RSX-1560Samsung SMT-H3262Samsung SMT-H3272Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4250HDSony VPL-VW1000ES

    Security Devices:

    GE Concord 4GE Concord NX-587EHoneywell Vista-128BPT TurboHoneywell Vista-250BPT TurboHoneywell Vista-128BPTSIA Turbo


    ATC-AudioNet Pandora supportMLX-3 supportSWAMPE-4 support

    D3 Pro:

    Weather Support

    Fixes/Changes from 30.01.000 to 30.01.004:


    Fusion 9.0 module support for SIMPL Windows

    D3Pro Support:

    DSC PowerSeries Security products

    Fixes/Changes from 30.00.000 to 30.01.000:

    Notes:In the past, SIMPL Windows treated all of Crestron's "generic input" ports as the same. That is, it didnt distinguish

  • Release Notes: Crestron Database Release Notes[12/14/2012 4:56:59 PM]

    between a Versiport and, say, the inputs on the PAC2M (which only accept a dry contact). The result was that toolslike D3 Pro and SB would allow the user to place Crestron occupancy sensors onto ports that physically could notsupport them.

    This change in this version of the Device Database should fix the problem, where now devices should be bettermatched to the input ports.

    Crestrons occupancy sensors should now only be allowed to drop onto Versiports, or other ports designedspecifically for them (e.g. the occupancy sensor inputs on the GLPAC).


    Startup issue for the following:


    The following devices are no longer permitted to be dropped on digital inputs:

    Generic Digital InputGLS-ODT-C-1000GLS-ODT-C-2000GLS-ODT-C-500GLS-ODT-W-1200GLS-OIR-C-1500GLS-OIR-C-450GLS-OIR-W-2500Generic Photocell 0-24V Digital Input

    Note: For the above fixes, Device Database version 40.00.001 and up is required


    SystemBuilder Support

    CP3DM-RMC-200-S wrapper moduleDM-RMC-Scaler-S wrapper module

    SystemBuilder BOMs


    D3Pro Support


    D3Pro BOM


    Fixes/Changes from 29.05.000 to 30.00.000:


    Fixed Issue where Infinet EX Dimmers do not allow 0% Min Dim LevelDMPS module fix for full connection logic- for CDS

    Updated IR Driver:

  • Release Notes: Crestron Database Release Notes[12/14/2012 4:56:59 PM]

    Updated Sony STR-DA-5700ES IR driver

    Added the following Prodigy Compliant devices:

    Bose Lifestyle 235Denon AVR-1612Denon AVR-1912Denon AVR-2112CILG BX580Mitsubishi LT 416164Mitsubishi LT 55265Onkyo TX-NR609Onkyo TX-NR809Onkyo TX-NR3009Pioneer SC SeriesPioneer SC-55Pioneer SC-57Pioneer VSX-51Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4240CScientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HDCSony KDL-40XBR7Sony XBR-46HX909Sony STR-DA4600ESSony STR-DH SeriesSony STR-DH520Sony STR-DH720Sony STR-DH820Sony STR-DN1020Yamaha RX-A710Yamaha RX-A810Yamaha RX-A1010Yamaha RX-V SeriesYamaha RX-V371Yamaha RX-V471Yamaha RX-V571Yamaha RX-V671Yamaha RX-V871

    Fixes/Changes from 29.02.000 to current:


    Updated Infinet-EX modules to fix parameter setting issues in D3Pro and SystemBuilder

    Added the following devices for us