Religion, Reformation & Counter- Reforma ¢â‚¬¢ Goal: begin a counter-reformation by: ¢â‚¬â€œ Attacking the

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    Religion, Reformation & Counter- Reformation Martin Luther

  • Religion? What do I know about religion?

    Why is so important?

    Why is historically a fountain of conflict?

  • Why is religion so important for humankind?

  • Why is important “fear”?

    ✤ Control (thoughts & behavior of individuals).

    ✤ Order (society as a whole).

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    Only two options? Let’s reform! let’s change!

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    Reformation? How did this event change (alter) the path of History?

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    Counter-Reformation? Why did the Catholics fight back Martin Luther’s ideas?

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    Roman Catholic Church 16th century, the only church in Europe after Muslims’ expulsion

  • Why is dangerous a unique interpretation?

  • Why a change? What should be changed? How was going to be the change?

  • 4 main reasons

    ✤ Poorly educated rural clergy.

    ✤ The sale of “indulgences”.

    ✤ High positions in Church = wealthy, powerful, high status (not caring about evangelization and teaching).

    ✤ Corruption denounced by the Christian humanists..

  • Thomas More Renaissance humanist

  • Erasmus of Rotterdam Christian humanist

  • Where did I hear his name before?

  • What is the main characteristic of the Humanism?

  • The sequence, step by step

  • Theocentrism

    ✤ Theo = God.

    ✤ Centrism = the center, the core.

  • Geocentrism

    ✤ Geo = earth.

    ✤ Centrism = the center, the core.

  • Heliocentrism

    ✤ Helio = the sun.

    ✤ Centrism = the center, the core.

  • Why were these 4 reasons so relevant for a change?

  • Indulgence?

    ✤ The full or partial remission of temporal punishment due for sins which have already been forgiven.

  • Evangelization?

    ✤ The process in the Christian religion which seeks to spread the Gospel (Lord’s word) and the knowledge of the Gospel throughout the world.

  • Why is the religious such a powerful tool?

    ✤ Control (thoughts & behavior of individuals).

    ✤ Order (society as a whole).

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    auf die von Ihnen gewählte Übersicht.

    – The Zeitung

  • Survey: “Do you believe in God? (2005)

  • Who is questioning the Pope’s authority?

  • Martin Luther A priest who changed the path of History with an idea.


  • John Calvin The Reformation in France


  • Luther & Calvin

    ✤ They never met.

    ✤ Their ideas together formed the basis of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century in Europe.

    ✤ Lutheranism & Calvinism.