Religious intolerance

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Text of Religious intolerance

  • 1. - Is the intolerance against other religious beliefs or practices - Religious intolerance can sometimes produce violence acts and even wars

2. IrnIrn UsbekistanUsbekistan TurkmenistanTurkmenistan Black SeeBlack See 3. - Population: 5.110.000 in 2009 - The official language is the Turkmen, but Russian is also spoken - The type of government consists of a presidential republic - The most recent constitution allows the formation of multiple parties 4. - Monotheist religion based on the Qur'an - They believe in Muhammad, the prophet born in the city of Mecca - This is the most important religion of the middle-east 5. - The Soviet Union conquered Turkmenistan in 1924 - The Soviet Union was the first state to have as an objective the elimination of religion - They would replace any religion for atheism - The situation was not different in Turkmenistan, causing religious intolerance 6. - The constitution assures the freedom of religion - Unfortunatly the government does not respect law - President Niyazov created the Ruhnama, a religious book based on his beliefs - All the population must support this book, otherwise punishments are going to be made 7. - Punishments to this type of countries (by UN) - Teach tolerance in schools, all around the world Activity 1 Which punishment would be appropiate for the goverment of Turkmenistan?


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