REME Instrument Trade - Arborfield Old .served in the REME Instrument Trade over the years. The work

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Text of REME Instrument Trade - Arborfield Old .served in the REME Instrument Trade over the years. The work

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    REME Instrument Trade

    A record of Instrument Technicians / Mechanics and Artificers who served in

    the Corps of Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers spanning the years 1954

    to 2000.

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    This document has been compiled by Dave Knowles, who served as an Instrument Technician /

    Artificer between 1977 and 1999. The information and photographs within have been provided by

    numerous fellow tradesmen over a number of years. I neither claim, nor stipulate any copyright to

    this material and view it very much as open source to all fellow tradesmen, and their families, who

    served in the REME Instrument Trade over the years. The work is simply an attempt to record all of

    us in one place and provide a meaningful memento which can be passed on to families and friends


    The information covers the period 1954 to 2000, which is effectively the year in which the REME Instrument trade passed into history as the trade was merged, along with a number of other REME trades, into the REME Electronics trade group.

    The work has relied on input from many fellow tradesmen and is by no means complete. It

    summaries almost three years of information gathering. There is every chance a revision or two will

    be created, to reflect further information as it becomes available.

    Any additional information, photographs; amendments; or indeed suggestions or enquiries can be

    sent to :

    Dave Knowles

    Melbourne, Australia

    March 2015

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    Contents :

    Course photographs and names 1954 to 2000..1

    Consolidated list of apprentice & basic trade training courses...X

    Consolidated list of upgrader trade training courses..X

    Consolidated list of artificer trade training courses.X

    Consolidated list of Instructors at Arborfield, Carlisle, Bordon...X

    Orphans list of names from the trade with no course yet identified.X

    Trade postings over the years, by country..X

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    54B Apprentice Instrument Mechanics Arborfield 1957

    Rear : Clive Soord, Jim Ashworth, Tony Lyne, Don May, John Richards, Derek Palmer, Bill Cleaton.

    Front: Jock Greves, Spike Riley, Clive Swatton, Robin Tomsett. (Photo taken by Terry Bunyard who was also on the course)

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    60b was the first apprentice course to pass out of Carlisle, after the training had moved there from Arborfield.

    Norman McClaren, Alan Wilton, Bernard Fuller, Dennis Lunn, Derek Grater, Chris Nurse, Dave Walker

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    61b Apprentice Instrument Tech Carlisle finished 1964

    George Kirkpatrick, ? Stewart, Phil Williams (DNC)

    Peter Winter, ? Iheme, Andy Hamil, Mick Zambra

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    61c Apprentice Inst Techs Carlisle - finished 1964

    Words from Bernie Baker

    (There were three intakes each year A, B & C. I

    believe that there were six on our course although

    my memory seems to think that we were joined by an

    A/T from 61B who had been back squaded (Alan

    Thornton). I think that that we were the first to

    start and finish at Carlisle and that we were also

    the first to be posted as (L/Cpl) Technicians. Dave

    Sanderson, Bernie Baker, Geoff Cashmore-Thorley,

    Mick Barker, Chalky White, Freddy Mills . As for

    instructors, Head of Section was ASM Bob Pringle

    and I believe that Gus Gorse, of Bordon fame, also

    did a stint

    64b Apprentice Inst Techs Carlisle - finished 1967 (at Bordon)

    Ben Bentham, Blackie Blackwell, Chris Compton, Eric Culshaw, Mugsy

    Murgatroyd, John Gridley, Tony Little, Jan Skuratko

    64c Apprentice Inst Techs Carlisle - finished 1967 (at Bordon)

    Dave Alexander, Dave Burrell, Mick Burrows, Roger Cross, Steve Hammond,

    John Preston, Bob Stone, Steve Portman

    62c Apprentice Inst Techs Carlisle - finished 1965

    Howard Emerson, Ray Gatward, Bob Reid, Gig Dawson, Dave Nickerson, Dave King, ? Mcphereson, Graham Paddy

    63c Apprentice Inst Techs Carlisle - finished 1966(at Bordon)

    Simon Purton, Bob Blake, Chris Pollard, Ian Johnston, Mike Franks, Dave Atkins

    64a Apprentice Inst Techs Carlisle - finished 1967 (at Bordon)

    Pete Douglas, Colin Bazen, Bob Barkas, Pete Hoskins, Johnny Hove

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    Notes on apprentice training.

    It is believed training for apprentice instruments mechanics at Arborfield started in the mid 40s after responsibility was transferred to REME from? Prior to this training was

    probably conducted at Woolwich. The earliest report found to date of anyone attending apprentice training at Arborfield is Bob Spiller in the mid 40s No other reports have

    been received until intake 54b reported above.

    Length of training for apprentices was 3 years.

    It is believed that in 1959 a decision was made to transfer the training of apprentice instruments mechanics to Carlisle. Courses which were mid training relocated to

    Carlisle. It is believed 56c may have been the last apprentice instrument course to pass out of Arborfield.

    Training at Carlisle lasted until 1966, when the decision was made to discontinue apprentice instrument tech training. Courses which were mid training (64A, B & C) were

    relocated to Bordon and finished their training there. It is very likely that the last apprentice instrument tech course to pass out of Carlisle was 63c, although to date there

    has been no records found of this course.

    Apprentice training for Instrument Technicians was reintroduced in ? Conducted at Princess Marina College, Arborfield. Length of training was XX. The first course to pass

    out after training was XX in XX

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    33 Artificer Instruments Bordon - Sep 1966 to Nov 1967

    Rear :Brian Gisborne, Barry Williams, Dave Hall, Sgt Kordjonie (Ghana), Mahmoud Sihaden (Jordan), Sgt Oladmadji (Nigeria), John Smith, Sgt Peprah (Ghana), John Lee

    Front : Charlie McGill, Mr Vern Wood, Capt ?, Mr Green, WO2 (AQMS) Tozer, Harry Gostling

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    35 Artificer Instruments Bordon approx Nov 1968

    Rear : ? Robinson, ? Van Rensberg, Abdul Rasip - overseas student, ? Pike, Wilf Hurst

    Front : Mr Green, Lt Col Smith, Maj Nicholson

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    02 Basic Instruments finished 1967/68?

    Neil McCole, George Edmondson

    03 Basic Instruments finished 68?

    Deryk Washer, Barry Frangleton, Maurice Smith, Dave Ward, Heinz Bonzio, Dave Heap

    5 Basic Instruments finished 1970

    Ian Richardson, Brian England, Gordon Rose

    06 or 07 Basic Instruments finished 1970

    Dave Barker, John Beresford

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    36 Artificer Instruments pre course photo 1969

    Rear : Pete Curphy, Peter (Taff) Williams), Bernie (Taff) Fuller, Bernie Baker, Al Kitchin, Dave Jackson Front : Bill Ewen, Dave Bellis, Tony Bricknell, CSM ?, Pete Tiley, John Taylor

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    36 Artificer Instruments finished 1970

    Rear : Pete Tiley, Dave Bellis, Pete (Taff) Williams, Dave Jackson, Pete Curphy, Alwyn Kitchin, Bernie (Taff) Fuller

    Front : Bill Ewan, Mr Green, Lt Col Bagnall Oakey, Capt Penfold, Bernie (Spud) Baker, John Taylor

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    11 Basic Instruments finished 1970

    Rear : Ray Dixon, Dave Stow, Tony Turner, Pete Hatherly (bench fitting instructor), Tony Ash, Andy Smith, Ralph Small, Eris Scargill

    Front : Tony Derry, Tom Fisher, Wally Green, Ian Dall, Brian Devlin.

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    Rest of course photos to follow

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    1943 intake of Apprentice Mechanics will have finished around 1947

    Bob Spiller

    49b Apprentice Instrument Mechs Arborfield finished Jul 1952

    B Baker

    Colin Long

    E Thomas

    I Brown

    Ronald Marks

    William Meadows

    Peter Williams

    54b Apprentice Instrument Mechs Arborfield finished 1957

    Clive Soord

    Jim Ashworth

    Tony Lyne

    Don May

    John Richards

    Derek Palmer

    Bill Cleaton.

    Jock Greves

    Spike Riley

    Clive Swatton

    Robin Tomsett

    Terry Bunyard

    56b Apprentice Instrument Techs Arborfield finished Dec 1959

    Pete Tiley

    Mike Dows

    57b Apprentice Instrument Techs Arborfield finished Dec 1960

    M Allan

    A Barber

    D Feuel

    D Hardy

    D Harbron

    T Murray

    E Schofield

    58b Apprentice Instrument Techs - Arborfield -finished Jul 61

    R Brand

    P Driver

    A Hallam

    P Harris

    M Stevens

    R Sutton

    W Todd

    P Watson

    59a Apprentice Instrument Techs - Arborfield -finished Dec 61

    Barry Cooper

    Charlie Collard


    Was A Twyning on this intake? Was R Markham?

    59b Apprentice Instrument Techs - Arborfield -finished March 62

    Alan (Doddy) Dodds

    Bill Ewan

    A (Kipper) Haddock

    Mike Jeffery

    Mick Phillips

    Consolidated list of apprentice & basic instrument tech training courses

  • 2

    Barry Williams

    C Collard

    59c Apprentice Instrument Techs - Arborfield -finished 1962

    David Jackson

    John Taylor

    Was R Sterling on this course?

    Was J C Davie on this course?

    60b Apprentice Instrument Techs Carlisle finished 1963

    Norman McClaren

    Alan Wilton

    Bernard Fuller

    Dennis Lunn

    Derek Grater

    Chris Nurse

    Dave Walker

    61a Apprentice Instrument Techs Carlisle finished 1964

    Tony Bowman

    Keith Neale

    Pete Glover

    Ken Staves

    John Cu