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Renton Specials - Renton School District - June 2015

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Text of Renton Specials - Renton School District - June 2015

  • High Quality Instruction and Learning for Every Child, Every Day in Every Classroom

    Hundreds of Renton School District high school students graduated recently after years of hard work, determination and personal accomplishments. Students learned to think analytically, logically and creatively; and understand

    how their work ethic will affect future career and educational opportunities. The students worked hard to meet all graduation requirements including:

    complete classes to gain at least 22 credits in language arts, mathematics, the sciences, social studies, career and technical education, and electives; and

    pass classroom- and school-based tests, and state tests in reading, writing and mathematics;

    create a plan for life after high school designed to help them regularly think about their future and select course work that will best prepare them for their post high school goals.

    Through the high-quality work of teachers and school staff, and with the countless hours of parent assistance, district high school graduates can read with comprehension, write effectively, and communicate successfully in a variety of ways and settings and with a variety of audiences; they know and apply the core concepts and principles of mathematics; social, physical, and life sciences; civics and history, including different cultures and participation in representative government; geography; arts; and health and fitness; they integrate experience and knowledge to form reasoned judgments and solve problems; and they understand the importance of work and finance and how performance, effort,

    and decisions directly affect future career and educational opportunities.

    Hundreds of seniors graduate with meaningful diplomas

  • Renton School District is cutting energy use to save taxpayer dollars and reduce its carbon footprint. Working with Puget Sound Energy (PSE), during the first half of this school year, the district upgraded lights to LED technology in parking lots at 16 different schools and district facilities. With the upgrade, the district is expected to save more than 415,000 kilowatt-hours of power every year. Thats the equivalent to the electric usage of an elementary school or around 35 homes during a years time. The project is also expected to cut the districts electric bill by around $28,000 per year and have significant maintenance savings.

    PSE recently presented the district with an energy efficiency rebate of $80,693.

    Additionally, Tiffany Park Elementary School has been designated a King County Earth Hero School for implementing projects that help protect the environment. Tiffany Park students and staffunder the guidance of 4th-grade teacher Jane Lambert and 5th-grade teacher John Paulare designated a Level 2 Green School for reducing waste from 30% to 60% in one year through recycling in the lunchroom and school wide.

    Hazen High School Hazen High School senior Minh-Thu Nguyen has been named a 2015 Gates Millennium Scholar. Minh-Thu is one of only 1,000 high school and college students worldwide to win the prestigious

    award based on her academic achievement, community service and leadership abilities. As part of the award, she will be granted a full-ride college and graduate school scholarship funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to pursue a medical degree at the University of Washington.

    Minh-Thu co-founded the school's Asian Student Coalition Club to help educate students on relatable and sensitive topics to raise awareness of social injustices within

    the Asian American community.

    While chances of receiving the award are slim due to the tens of thousands of highly-qualified applicants, Renton School District students have had great success in winning the prominent scholarship. Recent past award winners include Lindbergh High senior Thanh Dinh in 2014, and Renton High School seniors Lindsay Dacuan in 2010 and Rakib Mirza in 2011.

    Hazen High School senior named a 2015 Gates Millennium Scholar

    District cutting energy use and saving taxpayer dollars

    Thanks to local funding and support of education, hundreds of district elementary middle and high school students will be able to continue their learning this summer by attending summer programs at schools throughout the district.

    With the financial support provided by local businesses and individual donors through the Friends of Renton School foundation, students will attend Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs including robotics camps, math & science exploration camps, LEGO science/robotics building programs and more.

    The summer programs work to enrich

    student science content knowledge and engineering practices, which are taught by highly-qualified teachers in schools that are positive, engaging, interactive and constructive places to learn. Through the districts summer camp model, student curiosity is inspired while they develop a love of science and engineering. District teachers involved in the programs attend training and powerful collaboration sessions during the summer, which increases their capacity in science and engineering practices that they take back to their classrooms in the fall.

    See some of the financial supporters of Friends of Renton Schools on the back of

    this newsletter. You, too, can support local learning by donating at

    Local support of Friends of Renton Schools foundation means hundreds ofstudents will attend high-level summer programs

  • Renton school buses are safe and well-maintained. Thats the finding of the Washington State Patrol which recently gave the districts fleet of school buses a 100% inspection rating. Buses are inspected for braking efficiency and the total braking system, suspension and steering components, the exhaust system, tires, lights and more. Drivers, mechanics and staff at the Transportation Department pulled together to organize and synchronize bus schedules on busy school days to have all the vehicles available for the annual inspection. The team does an incredible job to get students to and from school, stay safe and obey all traffic laws, keep students safe.

    Renton School buses get 100% on State Patrol inspections

    Thanks to financial supporters of music in schools, Hazen High Schools Highlander band students, under direction of band and orchestra teacher Chris Coy, will have a new Marching Band in the fall. To help bring back the program, an anonymous donor pledged a $2,000 matching gift if band students could raise their own $2,000 by the end of the school year. The students met their matching gift campaign goal by hosting a breakfast fundraiser, collecting online donations from parents and the public, and other means.Band Director Coy will use the funds to purchase a sousaphone, marching French horns, marching baritones, uniforms and more. Students will begin practice during the summer (much like high school football teams) and be ready for performances at parades and field shows. Music supporters can still donate online to support the Hazen Highlander Band by visiting, or by sending a check to Hazen High School Attn: Marching Band Donation.

    Hazen High School brings back Marching Band

    Renton School District | 300 SW 7th Street, Renton WA 98057 | 425.204.2345 | | |

    Nineteen of the districts spring sports teams have won the Dairy Farmers of Washington/Les Schwab Tires Scholastic Award presented in association with the Washington Interscholastic Athletics Association (WIAA). The students are recognized as top teams in the state to excel in sports while also maintaining high combined team grade point averages (GPA).

    Hazen High girls tennis team is recognized for maintaining a near-perfect 3.7 GPA. Hazens girls varsity and junior varsity track and field teams were also recognized as Outstanding for maintaining team GPAs between 3.6 and 3.5 respectively. Sixteen additional teams from Hazen, Lindbergh and Renton high schools also won Distinguished Awards

    for maintaining team GPAs above 3.0.Sixty three high school teams qualified for academic awards this school year, with 14 qualifying for the Outstanding Team Awards.

    Student athletes win academic awards for hard work in the classroom as well as on

    the track, field and courts

    Dairy Farmers of Washington/Les Schwab Tires

    Scholastic Award Renton School District spring high school athletic teams

    win academic awards for maintaining a team GPA of 3.5-4.0

    SCHOOL SPORT/ACTIVITY LEVEL GPA COACH Hazen Tennis- Girls C Team 3.705 Samantha Towne Hazen Track and Field-Girls Varsity 3.673 Shannon Rance Hazen Track and Field- Girls J/V 3.514 Shannon Rance Renton Tennis- Girls Varsity 3.491 Brycen Wesen Renton Softball Varsity 3.469 Brett Laymon Hazen Tennis- Girls Varsity 3.464 Gail Ellis Hazen Tennis- Girls J/V 3.445 Tina Richards Hazen Softball J/V 3.415 Chimene Lautenslager Lindbergh Softball Varsity 3.409 Larry Laliberte Lindbergh Tennis- Girls Varsity 3.367 Erik Ho Hazen Softball Varsity 3.356 Kurtis Brandel Lindbergh Tennis J/V 3.34 Mark Ishimitsu Hazen Track and Field-Boys Varsity 3.309 Michael Maloney Lindbergh Track and Field Varsity 3.262 Jeff Stuart Hazen Soccer-Boys Varsity 3.17 Ken Matthews Renton Track and Field - Girls Varsity 3.159 Alice Williams Hazen Track and Field-Boys J/V 3.154 Michael Maloney Lindbergh Softball J/V 3.074 Larren Laliberte Renton Softball J/V 3.038 Farley Haruo

  • Thanks to the support of local businesses,hundreds of Renton School District

    students will attend summer school thisyear, free of charge, to study Science,

    Technology, Eng