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Renton Specials - Renton School District - Oct 17

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  • High Quality Instruction and Learning for Every Child, Every Day in Every Classroom

    As a result of Renton School District providing free, full-day kindergarten to all families at all elementary schoolswhich began this school yeardistrict English Language Learner (ELL) teachers have been able to identify through testing nearly 500 new kindergarten students who are now learning English as a second language.

    While the great majority of Renton students speak English at home, many students enrolling in schools are beginning to learn English along with their home language. The kindergarten students entering school this year who are now enrolled in ELL programs, speak Spanish, Chinese-Cantonese, Vietnamese, Somali, Russian, and other languages and dialects.

    These students will benefit from the language rich environment of an all-day kindergarten setting with highly-trained teaching staff who provide children with focused instruction in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English during their kindergarten year. English-speaking students will also benefit by learning alongside others who speak a different language and offer a more culturally-rich classroom.

    Many kindergarten studentslearning a second language

    District high school students better prepared to enter collegeMore Washington state students than ever are enrolling in high school Advanced Placement college-level courses and taking college-level exams, according to results released recently by the College Board. In the Renton School District, high school students took nearly 1,050 AP college-level exams last year. Scoring well on these tests prepares students for the rigor of college and could also lead to college credit. Renton students also scored well on last years SAT and PSAT college-

    entrance exams. More than 85 percent of Renton students took the SAT last year. Those students improved scores on reading, math and writing tests over previous years scores. Renton is one of only a few districts in the region that provides free PSAT and SAT college-entrance testing for all 10th-, 11th- and 12th-graders. The free testing, which is provided through the federal Race To The Top grant, is given during the school day right at the students high school. The work is part of Rentons goal to have all high school students college and career ready.

  • Students at all grade levels in schools across the district are learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills in classroom settings that incorporate the use of technology.

    District middle school students are taking part in a new program called Medical Detectives, which gives students the opportunity to explore mysteries in biomedical sciences through hands-on computer-based projects and labs. Students in the program use hand-held instruments that feed information into computer programs that help them explore vital signs, diagnose diseases and their treatment, and study the human body systems such as the nervous system. Students will soon use the program to conduct genetic testing for hereditary diseases and learn to collect and use DNA crime scene analysis, which place students in the role of real-life medical detectives. Students will also use the experience in the class to consider careers in medical fields.

    Providing teachers and students with 21st-century technology in classrooms is only possible thanks to the ongoing support of voters throughout the district who approve technology levies. Technology levies end every four years and must be re-approved with voter support.

    Middle School students embrace learning through technology thanks to voter-approved technology levies

    Fiscally responsible, accountable to taxpayersRenton School District taxpayers will save nearly $5 million in property taxes thanks to recent action by the School Board to refinance school construction bonds. Refinancing the old debt is similar to refinancing a home mortgage, which reduces the amount of interest paid over the course of a loan by taking advantage of historically low interest rates. Voter-approved school construction bond measures allow the district to rebuild, remodel and repair neighborhood school buildings. The districts original interest rate on the 2003 school construction bonds was nearly 5 percent. The new rate is about half of that at 2.5 percent. Voters in that election approved rebuilding Benson Hill, Kennydale, Hazelwood and Renton Park elementary schools as well as other construction projects at many other schools. Voters in 2012 approved projects to renovate, rebuild and improve other school buildings, including building new middle school being constructed now in the northern section of the district. These and other financial management

    strategies has helped Renton School District demonstrate fiscal responsibility, manage budgets responsibly, and be good stewards of taxpayer dollars. The work has resulted in recognition by the Association of School Business Officials

    International and the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada, who have presented the district with awards for outstanding financial management and reporting for more than 10 consecutive years.

    Artist rendering of the new middle school currently under construction in the north end of the district thanks to overwhelming voter support in the April 2012 School Construction Bond measure.

  • Music programs are present in all Renton School District elementary, middle and high schools. At middle and high schools, students are also enrolled in band and orchestra programs. Thousands of students in schools throughout the district are learning to play a musical instrument thanks to financial support from individuals who donate to community organizations such as the Friends of Renton Schools foundation, the Randall Rockhill Student Instrumental Music Fund and Allied Arts of Renton.

    The local community-based charitable organizations recently provided nearly $27,000 to repair student musical instruments, deliver music supplies like mouthpieces, reeds, strings, value oil and other essentials to ensure musical instruments at middle and high schools are ready for student practices and performances.

    Research shows that learning to play a musical instrument helps develop language and reasoning, improves memorization and hand-eye coordination, promotes creativity and craftsmanship, and provides a sense of achievement.

    Want to help fund music in schools? Learn more about Friends of Renton Schools foundation at and the Randal Rockhill fund at

    Hear students playing these newly-repaired instruments at community concerts coming up in November and

    December. Visit and Like the Renton School District Facebook page for dates and times of these wonderful student concerts:

    Community organizations provide funding to allow thousands of students to learn music

  • Renton School District staff have begun work to find space to build a new elementary school to accommodate continued student growth. One site being reviewed is Sartori Education Center, at 315 Garden Ave North in Renton. If this site were to be used, other property immediately around the school may have to be purchased to have enough space to construct a school.

    The process to find the needed space to build a new school includes: looking at existing district-owned property, expanding current sites by purchasing houses or businesses immediately adjacent to district property, and looking for land to purchase that could be developed into a school site.

    Families and businesses continue to move into Renton for its great schools, community amenities and positive business climate. With the growth comes the need to find options for school buildings to house the increasing number of students.

    This is only the initial phase of the work to locate an area that can accommodate a new elementary school. Any substantive planning would include convening a committee to create a plan, and would have to be approved by voters in a school construction bond measure.

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    Great schools and community meansgrowth throughout the district

    I love this job. The hours are great, I love being out and about in the community, and my coworkers are wonderful. Its really a great job! Shirley Macey, Renton School District Bus Driver

    I love my job. Its not stressful. I help people. Im appreciated. I recommend this job to anyone. Gary Stallman, Custodian, Kennydale Elementary School

    Looking for a great job?Renton School District is hiring: Apply online now at

    Teaching and non-teaching, full-time positons or part-timesubstitute positions, with hours that are set or flexible

    and many do not require a teaching degree.Pay can range from $11 to $17.36 per/hour with great benefits.

    Current openings include: School Bus Driver, Custodian, Food Service/Substitute Cook, Office Assistant, and more.