REPA Opmaak includes radius belts for spiral conveyors, delivery conveyors, accumulation conveyors,

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Text of REPA Opmaak includes radius belts for spiral conveyors, delivery conveyors, accumulation conveyors,

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  • REPA TRANSPORTBANDEN REPA Transportbanden B.V. is located in Uitgeest, the Netherlands.

    REPA has been producing conveyor belts for all types of industry since 1993. REPA will gladly help you fi nd an innovative solution to your situation. We develop conveyor belts under our own manage-

    ment which exactly meet the conditions demanded by the situation.

    Our work also includes the manufacture of various types of rollers. REPA delivers from stock all the components which are necessary for a transport conveyor system to work correctly.

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    Also for service abroad REPA

    has Support Centers.

    When you choose REPA Transportbanden, you are choosing quality. We take absolutely no risks with your company’s production process and only work with rubber and plastic conveyor belts of the high- est quality. We also have the latest vulcanization presses. In the unlikely event that a fault occurs, you can count on our service engineers. Our en-

    gineers know their profession and will be on-site quickly, even in the middle of the night or in the weekend. It goes without saying that they will have the correct spare parts with them, because REPA keeps them in stock. This keeps the downtime to an absolute minimum. REPA takes your production process just as seriously as you do yourself.

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  • ASSEMBLY / MAINTENANCE / INSPECTION REPA is more than just a supplier of conveyor belts We can inspect your conveying system and draw up a detailed report. Any bottlenecks will then be highlighted. We will draw up a plan of approach and discuss this with you, so that you can prevent faults and downtime.

    We can also produce an inventory of all the convey- or belts in your company. Since we will then know all the details of the conveyors in your company, we will always be able to repair and assemble the conveyor belts as quickly as possible.

    Request an inspection for your

    Transport installation. With coverage!

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  • PLASTIC MODULAR BELTS REPA’s plastic conveyor belts can be fitted with cor- rugated side walls and cleats according to your own specifications.

    If you wish to easily continue to meet the HACCP requirements, then choose REPA’s antibacterial conveyor belt.

    REPA’s plastic conveyor belts meet the strictest qua- lity requirements and have very good tracking pro- perties.

    This antibacterial conveyor belt is available in blue and white. It runs perfectly over knife edge transfers and is not affected by oil or grease. For more information about the antibacterial conveyor belts, please request our special brochure or visit:

    REPA can deliver every type of plastic conveyor belt required by the situation in your company.

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  • CHEVRON CONVEYORS Chevron Rubber conveyor belts with profile heights ranging from 15 mm to 32 mm for steep elevator conveyors.

    REPA has the best solution, also for your production process. All the conveyor belts can be fitted with all kind of cleats of varying heights.

    Elevator conveyor belts are produced by REPA ac- cording to customer specifications.

    Oil-resistant, grease-resistant and heat-resistant rubber conveyor belts are also included in REPA’s delivery programme.

    REPA has dozens of kilometres of conveyor belt in stock. Its resistance to wear makes this conveyor belt suitable for the most intensive uses. The rubber con- veyor belts also have excellent tracking properties.


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  • MODULAR CONVEYOR BELTS MADE-TO-MEASURE / PRODUCTION Conventional conveyor belts are not the best solution for every situation and, therefore, REPA also delivers modular conveyor belts. The range of plastic REPA modular conveyor belts includes radius belts for spiral conveyors, delivery conveyors, accumulation conveyors, etc.

    These conveyors can be used in production lines for dehydration, drying and blanching. New types of conveyors are constantly being developed, which means that they can be used in almost every situation.

    The modular conveyor belts are usually made of the fol- lowing plastics: Polypropylene (PP) Polyethylene (PE) Polyacetal (POM)

    For further technical information and prices, please contact our tech- nical consultants.

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    REPA can fit the conveyor belts with various tracking guides, skirtings and cleats of varying heights.

    REPA manufactures conveyor belts according to customer specifications. Conveyor belts which fully meet the demands that the situation places on them.

    REPA only uses high-quality plastics and fabrics, which means that the conveyor belts have good tracking properties and are wear resistant.

    By keeping the production under our own manage- ment, REPA is now able to deliver conveyor belts in any size. If desired, the conveyor belts can be fitted with, for example, cleats, tracking guides, side walls and closed edges. The top cover can be provided with all kinds of different profiles.

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  • FOODSTUFFS The food industry requires a very specific approach towards conveyor systems. Plastic conveyor belts or modular conveyor belts are mostly used.

    Our range of products includes PVC, PU, PE, PP, silicon, Teflon and wire mesh conveyor belts.

    REPA HACCP conveyor belts are what you need when you have to meet all the food safety and pu- blic health requirements. The distinguishing fea- ture of these conveyor belts is their special coating which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria wit- hout the use of antibacterial additives.

    The REPA conveyor belts make it easy for you to meet the HACCP requirements.

    Good cleaning properties and low permeability of oil and grease.

    The HACCP conveyor belts are available with a blue up- per surface for extra hygienic safety, because it is then easier to check the cleaning process and it improves the working conditions.

    For more information about this conveyor belt, please request the special brochure or visit:

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  • DISTRIBUTION / LOGISTICS In a situation where each day tens of thousands of people depend on a correctly working conveyor system, you must have certainty.

    REPA delivers and installs almost any type of con- veyor belt, from a conveyor for a check-in desk to a distribution conveyor and a conveyor for the

    loading system of an aeroplane. An airport is constantly growing and so is the con- veyor system that is used. New situations arise and they require innovative solutions.

    You can count on REPA’s 24-hour service in the case of unforeseen emergencies.

    REPA‘s technical consultants will be glad to help you find the best solution for every situation.

    Only then is it possible to create a conveyor system that runs almost flawlessly, regardless of whether it is used in the largest and most modern airport in the world or at a small company.

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  • HORTICULTURE / AGRICULTURE Special conveyor belts are also required in the horticulture sector. Specific needs require durable solutions.

    REPA has more than 400 different types of plastic conveyor belts in its delivery programme. REPA has the experience and know-how to install the

    correct conveyor belt in the correct location to meet your company’s requirements.

    It goes without saying that REPA can fit almost every plastic conveyor belt with the correct ac- cessories, such as several kind of cleats, side walls, tracking guides, closed edges and spill edges.

    REPA’s conveyor belts have very good tracking properties and are extremely wear resistant.

    Whether you require plastic or rubber conveyor belts, REPA has the right conveyor belt for every situation in the horticulture sector.

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  • BULK INDUSTRY Strict demands are placed on the rubber conveyor belt used in the bulk industry. They must be wear resistant and have

    good tracking properties. REPA delivers this type of conveyor belt and can fit them with cleats and cor- rugated edges.

    REPA’s delivery programme also includes oil-re- sistant, grease-resistant and heat-resistant convey- ors. We also deliver Chevron conveyor belts with profiles ranging in height from 15 mm to 32 mm. REPA has the correct conveyor belt for every appli- cation or, if necessary, we can quickly develop one for you

    The ContiClean is a rubber conveyor belt with a special plastic coating on the top cover.

    It is a conveyor belt which drastically reduces the sticking and caking of a product.

    For more information about Conti- Clean, please request the special brochure or visit:

    Without ContiClean

    With ContiClean


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  • HEAVY INDUSTRY A conveyor must wo