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  • 7/23/2019 Report Mapeh!!


    National Museum

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    Ipe and I almost always find ourselves in the Intramuros area whenever we dont have anythin!to do and this "unday was no e#$eption% &ut !iven that it was hi!h noon and it would have been

    torture to roam around under the sun, we de$ided to !o to the 'ational Museumfirst, as it had

    been over a year sin$e our last visit%

    (u$kily for us, several win!s have been reopened to the publi$ A') you $an !o in for free*

    Apparently, "undays are free so better make the trip% +

    Hall of Mastersirst on our stop was the .all of Masters% /ou $ant really miss this as this is the main hall of theentire buildin! and its dire$tly in front of the museum entran$e% .ere, you will find the

    masterpie$es of uan (una and eli# .idal!o+ the "poliarium and the Assassination of

  • 7/23/2019 Report Mapeh!!


    The Assassination of &ustamante

    "poliariumI love their work and while I $ant de$ide who the better painter is, I personally prefer .idal!o%

    .is paintin!s look so life-like, espe$ially his portraits% 1ven the !radation of li!ht to depi$t

    $reases and wrinkles on the skin is rendered so masterfully% If you stand a few feet ba$k from his

    paintin!s, youd think they were photo!raphs%

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    2nfortunately, most of .idal!os paintin!s, indeed all my favourites of his, are lo$ated in a

    different museum 3 at the &an!ko "entral Museum to be spe$ifi$ so you mi!ht want to $he$k it

    out 4its 5ust a few kilometres away%6ne paintin! of (una that I parti$ularly like, is his Portrait of a (ady% I $ant determine what

    draws me to it, perhaps the $olors or how the fa$e reminds me of 1uropean paintin!s 4we have

    the (ouvre $offee table book full of paintin!s at home and I browse throu!h it in my idle time 3 asort of present7souvenir from hubby from his trip there%

    Portrait of a (ady


    The Museum has an entire !allery devoted to ernando Amorsolos works 3 from his sket$hes to

    his paintin!s% ittin! enou!h, $onsiderin! that he is our $ountrys first 'ational Artist forPaintin!%

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    some of Amorsolos portraits

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    alls full of sket$hesFavorite Paintings

    "everal !alleries are devoted to paintin!s and indeed, there is one devoted entirely to 'ationalArtists su$h as painters oya, 1dades and s$ulptors Abueva and Tolentino% Masters who belon! to

    that distin$t !roup of last men you address only by their last names% unny thou!h that I felt like

    I was rattlin! off the names of $ondominium towers at 9o$kwell% +P

    Modern Maria Clara by :i$torio 1dades, ;

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    >a!ampanan by 'apoleon Abueva, ;

  • 7/23/2019 Report Mapeh!!


    The .ills of 'ikko by ose oya, ;

  • 7/23/2019 Report Mapeh!!


    u!itive from the apanese, )ominador Castaneda, ;

  • 7/23/2019 Report Mapeh!!


    )eath Mar$h, )ominador Castaneda, ;

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    Senate Session Hall

    6ne notable portion that Ipe and I were really e#$ited to see is the old "enate "ession .all at the

    rdlevel of the buildin!% It was based on the ori!inal desi!n of 9alph .arrin!ton )uane as

    revised by uan Arellano%

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    The ornaments were done by Isabelo Tampin$o and his sons An!el and :idal% If I am not

    mistaken, this is one of very few stru$tures, if not the only one, in the $ountry with su$h intri$atestatues of @reek and 1!yptian !ods% The statues thou!h were too far up for me to see and mytrusty $amera $ant !et a !ood enou!h Doom photo of themG but while these lend !randeur to the

    hall, I was a bit $onfused as to what this myriad of $hara$ters was supposed to represent%

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    In any $ase, the hall is still under renovationG I honestly didnt think hubby and I should be there

    but the workers kind of for!ot to $lose the main doors so we 5ust assumed it was open forviewin! 4and only as we were e#itin! the pla$e did we see the E'o 1ntryF si!n%

    The Progress of Medicine

    A re$ent addition to the masterpie$es housed in the museum is Carlos ran$is$os Pro!ress of

    Medi$ine 3 a set of four panels depi$tin! the evolution of medi$ine in the $ountry from pre-$olonial, $olonial, Ameri$an and the Modern 1ra 4up until the time it was painted in any $ase,

    ba$k in ;

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    The paintin!s should be viewed $hronolo!i$ally, $lo$kwise, from top left

    6bviously thou!h, bein! e#posed to the publi$ in un$ontrolled temperature and humidity haddeteriorated the paintin!s so badly that several restoration works had to be done to salva!e them,until finally, it was de$ided that they be transferred to the Museum where they $an be better

    preserved for future !enerations% As a $ompromised, a detailed repli$a was installed in its

    ori!inal lo$ation%Under RenovationThere are still lots more rooms under renovationG indeed, there are more $losed rooms than open

    and I am almost !iddy with anti$ipation for when they do finally open% I saw a note on one of the

    hallways that the renovation $ost for the entire pla$e is bud!eted at Php;0MM and I was, to be

    honest, dismayed% 1ven without mu$h knowled!e in $onstru$tion, I knew that bud!et was toosmall to fully restore the museum to its old !randeur% That amount is barely enou!h to $over one

    floor, let alone a mammoth $omple#% I wish ri$h art patrons would donate to this $ause be$ausetheres a lot of potential for it to be really attra$tive and worth tourists money%or those who havent visited yet, you $an take the 0-de!ree tour here%
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    Homage to Dominador Castaeda | In My Studio. A study of clouds reveals

    Castaeda's enc!ant for ma"ing careful notes of very #eeting su$%ects.

    Deat! Marc!& Dominador Castaneda& ()*

    Manila Cat!edral $y Dominador Castaneda ()+ | $y Seia ,ens

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    Dominador Castaeda- Roasting a ig.

    DMI/ADR CAS0A/1DA. 2AR 0R/ 3AI/0I/4

    Dominador Castaeda- A 5alley in California.

    Dominador Castaeda 6 7eac! Com$ers

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    Dominador Castaeda- /ia !ut.

    Dominador Castaeda 8 /agdadasal

    Dominador Castaeda- 5egeta$le garden of 3a!ay 3ari.

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    Dominador Castaeda 6 9ields 7y 0!e Hut