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RFP PRO201800008

Sports Facility Feasibility Study Services

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DATE: MAY 18, 2018


This Request for Proposal (RFP) is the official notice that the Indiana State Fair Commission,

an Indiana body corporate and politic established at Ind. Code 15-13-2-1, (the Commission)

is seeking proposals from qualified vendors to provide Sports Facilities Feasibility Study

Services. The intent of the Commission after the review and evaluation of responses is to enter

into a contractual agreement with one or more qualified vendors. By bidding on these goods,

you are guaranteeing pricing as set forth in this RFP.

I. Overview

The Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center is located in Indianapolis, Indiana,

approximately three miles north of the downtown corridor. The Fairgrounds has been home

to the annual Indiana State Fair since 1892 and is also a year-round event facility hosting

more than 400 events annually. The Fairgrounds is governed by the Indiana State Fair

Commission, a quasi-governmental entity charged with preserving and enhancing the

Fairgrounds, and annual Indiana State Fair.

The Commission owns more than 250-acres of property. The main campus comprises 200

acres, with an additional 50 acres adjacent to the main campus. In total, this property

consists of more than 40 buildings/structures or varying sizes, several acres of parking lots,

three RV campgrounds, and a one-mile dirt track.

Since 1998, the Commission has invested nearly $160 million into improvements to the

facilities and grounds.

II. Summary of Scope of Work

This RFP is being issued by the Indiana State Fair Commission for the purpose of obtaining a

market needs assessment and financial analysis related to potential new or renovated

facilities located at the Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center, to be used for sports-

related events and activities. This could include hosting sporting events in existing or newly

constructed facilities (such as volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, gymnastics, etc.) or the

construction of sports fields for outdoor activities (for league and/or tournament use) on the


The Commission is considering constructing a new 140,000 square foot multi-purpose

facility to host a variety of events throughout the year. One of the many identified potential

uses of the facility is sports-related events and activities.

RFP PRO201800008

Sports Facility Feasibility Study Services

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Additionally, the Commission owns more than 250 acres of property, consisting of multiple

buildings and acres of outdoor space. The Commission is seeking input from respondents to

determine the feasibility of utilizing this space, either through development or creative re-

use, for sports-related events and activities.

As a result, the Commission seeks to determine, through a Feasibility Study, if the market

potential exists for sports-related events and activities, and if further development of

Commission-owned property for these purposes is financially viable in the Indianapolis


The proposed Feasibility Study should include the following:

Market Assessment

o Economic overview

o Trends

o Comparative market analysis and market demand

o Local and regional facility audit

Financial analysis

o Economic impact/Financial projections

Facility analysis

o Feasibility of newly constructed 140,000 square foot multi-purpose facility,

including design considerations to best accommodate sports-related events.

o Feasibility and cost of constructing sports fields (including type and

number) as well as any ancillary/support facilities needed to maintain and

operate fields

o Review of existing facilities with feasibility of better utilizing these facilities

for sports-related events and activities.

The Commission is asking respondents to address how they will approach each of these

areas, including completion timelines and cost. Respondents should include any additional

information that they feel will be beneficial for the Commission to consider.

III. Evaluations

A. Evaluation of Responses

This is a best value procurement where the Commission reserves the right to select the

most advantageous offer and/or offers by evaluating and comparing all factors. The

Commission will appoint an evaluation team consisting of Commission employees.

The Commission reserves the right to withdraw this solicitation at any time in the process

prior to contracting upon notification to all vendors in receipt of the solicitation

documents by fax, letter or email to their last known business address. If such action is

taken by the Commission, no Offeror will have claim for recompense.

RFP PRO201800008

Sports Facility Feasibility Study Services

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The Commission reserves the right to contact and hold discussions with responsible

Offerors for the purpose of clarification to assure full understanding of the responsiveness

to the solicitation.

The evaluation of consultants proposals will include the criteria listed below:

Consultants experience with developing similar Feasibility Studies

Proposed timeline for completion of study

Cost of the Feasibility Study

Acceptance of the Commissions terms and conditions

B. Evaluation Criteria

1. Adherence to Required Proposal Contents: Responding Offeror must provide a complete proposal per the terms of this RFP.

2. Qualifications and ability to perform requested services: i. Past experience with developing Feasibility Studies

ii. Firm/personnel qualifications. iii. References from other organizations.

3. Execution of the scope of work: i. Description of proposed scope of work.

ii. Deliverables, budget and completion schedule. iii. Process timeline



30 points

15 points

5 points

20 points

20 points

10 points

100 points

C. Pre-Proposal Questions

The Commission will receive pre-bid questions in writing via email at until 2:00 PM, Friday, June 22, 2018. The Commission

reserves the right to hold further discussions for the purpose of clarification to assure full

understanding of and responsiveness to this RFP.

D. Pre-Proposal Meeting & Site Tour

A pre-proposal meeting and tour will be held on June 11, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. (local

time). Attendance is not required to respond to the RFP. It is not necessary to RSVP to

the meeting. The meeting location will be at:

Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center

Farm Bureau Building Banquet Hall

1202 East 38th Street

Indianapolis, Indiana 46205

RFP PRO201800008

Sports Facility Feasibility Study Services

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IV. RFP Response Structure and Process

A. Content of the Proposal

Offeror must submit written proposals that are complete, thorough and accurate. All

information requested must be submitted, or alternatively, a statement providing the

rationale for not submitting the requested information must be provided. The

Commission will, if determined to be in its best interest, take such statements into

consideration in determining the responsiveness of the proposal. All documents

submitted in response to this RFP become property of the Commission.

This RFP may contain specific quantities, phases or levels; however, this RFP does not

guarantee any certain quantities, phases or levels.

The Commission reserves the right to award this RFP in whole or in part.

All proposals shall contain the sections, with the content described for each section, as set

forth in Section VI to this RFP.

B. Submission Requirements

Please deliver three (3) unbounded, paper copies by 2:00PM EST on or before

Friday, July 6, 2018 to:

Indiana State Fair Commission

Administration Building

ATTN: Contracts & Written Agreements Office

RE: RFP-PRO201800008

1202 E. 38th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46205-2869

C. Key Dates

Submissions: See Section IV (B) above.

Selection of Proposal(s): On or before July 22, 2018.

It is Offerors responsibility to ensure the RFP is received by the Commission on or

before the above deadline. No exceptions.

No public opening due to evaluation process. All responders will be notified upon


RFP PRO201800008

Sports Facility Feasibility Study Services

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V. State Contract Requirements

The successful Offeror(s) will enter into a contract with the Commission under the terms and

conditions set forth at Section VIII to this RFP. Of

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