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<ul><li><p>1</p><p>Request for Qualifications</p><p>Architectural and Engineering Services</p><p>Tahlequah Health Center</p><p>Tahlequah Health Center</p><p>Tahlequah OK, 74464</p></li><li><p>2</p><p>Table of Contents</p><p>Description Page #</p><p>COVER PAGE 1</p><p>TABLE OF CONTENTS 2</p><p>INTRODUCTION 3</p><p>SECTION A: Definitions 4</p><p>SECTION B: Information and Solicitation Instructions 5 7</p><p>SECTION C: General Requirements of the Architect Engineering Firm 9 13</p><p>SECTION D: Scope of Services 14 19</p><p>SECTION E: List of Attachments 20</p></li><li><p>3</p><p>RFQ for Architectural and Engineering Services</p><p>Introduction</p><p>Cherokee Nation Property Management, (CNPM), a business entity of the Cherokee Nation, a Federally </p><p>Recognized Indian Tribe, is seeking proposals from qualified architectural and engineering firms to provide </p><p>professional services relating to the planning, development, design and construction of a new medical </p><p>outpatient health facility. Cherokee Nation has been awarded an IHS joint venture for staffing and operation of </p><p>a new medical outpatient facility. The building will include new clinical and administrative space that meets</p><p>the DHHS/IHS/DES A/E Design Guide 2013 (Attachment 2) requirements for Cherokee Nation Health </p><p>Services (CNHS). The building will be designed to a minimum of LEED Silver certification or comparable. </p><p>The project will also require a connected multilevel parking structure. The estimated size of the facility is not </p><p>to exceed approximately 470,000 gross square feet as reflected in the List of Potential Programs/Departments</p><p>(Attachment 1). The project is funded by the Cherokee Nation and Cherokee Nation Businesses. The estimated </p><p>construction budget for the project is $150,000,000 to $175,000,000.</p><p>The clinic site is located east of the existing W.W. Hastings Hospital at 100 Bliss Ave, Tahlequah OK 74464 </p><p>and is owned by Cherokee Nation but will be leased to CNPM. The site may be viewed by proposing firms.</p><p>Please notify CNPM Contracting Official, Sr. PM or Director of Construction to schedule a site visit.</p><p>Due to size and estimated budget, of the proposed facility, only qualified design teams will be considered for </p><p>award of A/E design contract.</p></li><li><p>4</p><p>Section ADefinitions:</p><p> CN Cherokee Nation</p><p> CNB Cherokee Nation Businesses</p><p> CNPM Cherokee Nation Property Management</p><p> CNHS Cherokee Nation Health Services</p><p> IHS Indian Health Services</p><p> Owner Cherokee Nation Property Management</p><p> A/E Architect Engineer</p><p> RFQ Request for Qualifications</p><p> RFP Request for Proposal</p><p> CNENT Cherokee Nation Entertainment</p><p> CM Construction Manager</p><p> JV Joint Venture</p><p> GMP Guarantee Maximum Price</p><p> BGSF Building Gross Square Feet</p><p> SD Schematic Design</p><p> DD Design Documents</p><p> CD Construction Documents</p><p> VE Value Engineering</p><p> PM Project Management</p><p> LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design</p><p> CxA Commissioning Agent</p></li><li><p>5</p><p>Section B</p><p>Information and Solicitation InstructionsGeneral</p><p> The purpose and intent of this solicitation is to request qualifications for design and engineering </p><p>services for the new Tahlequah, OK Health Center.</p><p> Once a determination of necessary qualifications has taken place, a shortlist of qualified firms will be </p><p>made.</p><p> Qualifying firms selected for the shortlist will be required to provide a RFP with fixed fee based on,</p><p>but not limited to, the scope of work, design requirements contained herein, along with detailed space </p><p>requirements to be supplied later.</p><p> The DHHS/IHS/DES A/E Design Guide 2013(Attachment 2) is to be used, in conjunction with the</p><p>project Scope of Services herein and List of Potential Programs/Departments (Attachment 1) as the</p><p>baseline design requirements of the Tahlequah Health Center.</p><p> Any attachments to the A/E RFQ submission may be considered as part of future contract.</p><p> Estimated construction schedule is 36 months.</p><p> The Owner would consider a fast track design. Conceptual estimated design schedule is 12 months with </p><p>early bid packages for civil and parking garage at 10 months.</p><p> A/E shall provide a cost estimate for FF&amp;E planning services to be considered. The cost estimate </p><p>should be an individual cost not to be included in the estimated percentage fee for A/E services. </p><p> There is no expressed or implied obligation for Owner to reimburse responding firms for any expenses </p><p>incurred in preparing proposals in response to this request. </p><p> Owner reserves the right to retain all submitted proposals and materials.</p><p> During the evaluation process, Owner reserves the right, where it may serve Owners best interest, to </p><p>request additional information or clarification from firms submitting proposals, or to allow corrections of </p><p>errors or omissions. Owner may make such investigations as (s)he deems necessary to determine the </p><p>ability of the prospective firm to perform the work, and the prospective firm shall furnish to Owner all </p><p>such information and data for this purpose as the Owner may request. At the discretion of Owner, firms </p><p>submitting proposals may be requested to make oral presentations as part of the evaluation process.</p><p> Owner reserves the right to cancel this solicitation at any time and to reject any and all proposals, to waive </p><p>any and all proposal and qualification requirements and to negotiate contract terms with the selected firm, </p><p>and the right to disregard all nonconforming, non-responsive or conditional proposals.</p></li><li><p>6</p><p> Questions related to this solicitation should be directed as follows:</p><p>Contracting Official:</p><p>Tina Jones, 777 W. Cherokee St. Catoosa, OK 74015</p><p>O :(918)384-7802, C :(918)729-9183</p><p> </p><p>Indian Preference:In the awarding and the performance of the contract, Owner and prospective firm and its sub-contractors shall, to the greatest extent feasible, give preference to Indianowned businesses, as evidenced by Indian-owned certification by the Cherokee Nation Tribal Enforcement Rights Offices (TERO). </p></li><li><p>7</p><p>RFQ Proposal</p><p>A. General:</p><p>1. Develop and attach an organizational chart and a brief resume of proposed qualified design </p><p>team members with minimum five years of medical facility construction design experience </p><p>and applicable certifications. Proposed organizational chart of qualified design team members </p><p>should include prime and each consultant/entity expected to work on the project under </p><p>contract of the selected A/E firm.</p><p>2. The shortlist for the RFQ is to be determined by evaluation of qualifications and estimated </p><p>fee percentage based off the scope of work and design requirements related to IHS Joint-</p><p>Venture agreement.</p><p>3. It is mandatory that the proposing A/E team has experience designing in accordance with the </p><p>DHHS/IHS/DES A/E Design Guide 2013 (Attachment 2) or previous versions (within the past </p><p>10 years).</p><p>4. Proposing A/E firms shall submit a rsum of successful projects in the following categories:</p><p>a. All IHS JV Health facility design projects completed in the past 10 years.</p><p>b. All Hospital and/or Clinic projects in excess of 200,000 square feet designed in the </p><p>previous 10 years.</p><p>c. All Hospital and/or Clinic projects designed which exceed $100MM construction </p><p>valuation in the previous 10 years.</p><p>d. A statement defining your firms role in each of the aforementioned categories (i.e. </p><p>prime architect, joint venture, or supporting architect)</p><p>e. For each project identified in a and b above, provide the original Owner budget and final </p><p>cost (include construction and design costs as one value).</p><p>f. For each project identified in a and b above, provide the original design schedule and </p><p>actual design schedule after completion.</p><p>5. Proposing A/E firms must submit two original copies and one electronic copy of its Tahlequah</p><p>Health Center RFQ proposal.</p></li><li><p>8</p><p>B. Proposal Preparation</p><p>1. Prepare an estimated percentage fee to submit with your RFQ proposal. Percentage fee shall be </p><p>based on a project size not to exceed approximately 470,000 gross square feet and estimated </p><p>construction budget amounts of $150,000,000 to $175,000,000.</p><p>2. Furnish a supporting narrative statement explaining in detail the method of estimating the </p><p>proposed fee percentage based off the scope of work and DHHS/IHS/DES A/E Design Guide </p><p>2013 (Attachment 2) and other factors deemed necessary to adequately evaluate the RFQ</p><p>response.</p><p>3. There will not be a formal in-person presentation for the RFQ proposal evaluation. A </p><p>presentation will be required for firms selected for the shortlist during RFP evaluations.</p><p>4. Furnish a narrative describing where the design headquarters will be located for duration of the </p><p>project and any potential concerns of location related to project site that will affect cost </p><p>estimate.</p><p>5. For the purpose of this RFQ, all items deemed necessary by the proposing A/E design team will </p><p>be assumed to be included in the estimated percentage fee.</p><p>6. In the case of multi-branch firms, joint ventures or affiliates, it is expected that all costs will be </p><p>included in the proposed estimate percentage fee.</p><p>7. Additional information may be requested for any proposed fee deemed to be excessive or may </p><p>not be considered for the shortlist.</p></li><li><p>9</p><p>Section C</p><p>General Requirements of the Architect and Engineering Firm</p><p>SCHEDULE OF SERVICES</p><p>Except as otherwise specified herein, the A/E shall furnish the necessary personnel including, but not limited </p><p>to, all consultants (lighting, elevator, Graphics Designer, Landscape design, low voltage, LEED, Programmers </p><p>etc., unless provided in-house) materials, services, facilities, and otherwise do all things necessary for or </p><p>incidental to the performance of the work set forth in the Scope of Services and the Program of Requirements </p><p>(Attachment 1) Documents. Refer to I.H.S. Design Guide 2013 (Attachment 2) and this Section for </p><p>requirements on Services and Schedule.</p><p>A. Basic Services:</p><p>Phase I Pre-Design</p><p>Phase II Concepts </p><p>Phase III Schematics</p><p>Phase IV Design Development</p><p>Phase V 65%Construction Documents </p><p>Phase VI 100 % and Final Construction Documents </p><p>Phase VII Bid &amp; Award Phase</p><p>Phase VIIIA Construction Contract Administration-</p><p>(Except Construction Field Observation)</p><p>Phase VIIIB Construction Field Observation - Other than Inspector </p><p>Phase VIIIC Construction Field Observation Project Representative Services </p><p>Phase IX Warranty Phase Services </p><p>Warranty Inspection Trips:</p><p>Architectural Mechanical</p><p>Electrical Civil</p></li><li><p>10</p><p>PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE/DELIVERABLES/DELIVERY SCHEDULE</p><p>A. The period of performance of the work shall be from date of execution by the Contracting Official </p><p>through completion of construction. </p><p>B. Furnish a schedule of deliverables, overall estimated performance period for A/E Services and </p><p>construction of the project. Schedules should be related to scope of work, building size and </p><p>estimated construction budget. The schedule shall include time frames for CN/IHS approval at </p><p>different design phases. </p><p>C. The preliminary construction schedule is 36 months.</p><p>ADDITIONAL SERVICES</p><p>When applicable, additional services may be required by the Owner and must be performed by the A/E.</p><p>These services will be identified and approved in writing by CNPM before commencement of work. If </p><p>work is completed without approval in writing by CNPM it will be at the cost of the A/E design team.</p><p>PROPERTY, EQUIPMENT, SUPPLIES, FACILITIES, PERSONNEL AND SERVICES</p><p>Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, all property, equipment, supplies, facilities, personnel, and </p><p>services required to perform the work shall be furnished by the A/E.</p><p>DESIGN GUIDES</p><p>A. Scope and Funding Limitations: Scope and funding limitations as established by the Program are set </p><p>forth in the criteria and definitive information furnished to the A/E. It is the responsibility of the A/E to </p><p>develop the design in such a manner as to ensure that construction can be completed within funds</p><p>allocated and in conformance with instructions contained herein and to allow for an award of a </p><p>Construction Contract within the amount of allocated funds, and to notify the Contracting Official </p><p>promptly of any problems in doing so.</p><p>B. Design Criteria</p><p>Available sources - Federal and Industry standards (latest editions in effect at the date of contract) are </p><p>adopted as design criteria for IHS facilities.</p></li><li><p>11</p><p>C. A/E DESIGN GUIDE 2013</p><p>The DHHS/IHS/DES A/E Design Guide 2013(Attachment 2) is to be used as guidance in areas of </p><p>instructions/information not otherwise covered by the scope of work and to the extent it is not in </p><p>conflict with other provisions of the scope of services. (Section D, herein) The Design Guide will be </p><p>used to measure performance under this contract in matters not specifically covered herein. The A/E </p><p>Design Guide is used to describe most requirements to be performed by the A/E. If there are other </p><p>exceptions or clarifications necessary, it is the responsibility of the A/E firm to obtain a written </p><p>clarification.</p><p>DESIGN WITHIN AREA LIMITATIONS</p><p>The building is not to exceed approximately 470,000 gross square feet. The total building area as </p><p>designed shall not exceed the total floor area (i.e., Building Gross Square Feet, BGSF) previously stated </p><p>and in the approved List of Potential Programs/Departments. Also, deviations (not to exceed 10%) </p><p>from room sizes stated in the List of Potential Programs/Departments (Attachment 1), as may be </p><p>recommended by the A/E, will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and must be specifically </p><p>approved by the Contracting Official. </p><p>CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT SERVICES:</p><p>The A/E services are to provide for the accommodation of Construction Management Services which </p><p>will be provided by a separate contract. The changes which will be necessary in the normally furnished </p><p>A/E Services are as follows:</p><p>A. Cost estimating will be performed by the Construction Manager and cost associated with this </p><p>responsibility is therefore eliminated from the A/E scope of services. The A/E will be required to </p><p>participate with the CM and CNPM in the review of the cost estimates and is not relieved of the </p><p>responsibility to provide a design within the funding limitations. Cost estimates will be provided at the </p><p>Concepts, Schematics, Design Development, and 65% Construction Document Phase.</p></li><li><p>12</p><p>The alteration of the normal sequence for producing the construction documents to a phased delivery </p><p>and separating the work into bid packages to produce the major benefits of the CM. CNPM, CM &amp; </p><p>A/E shall make the determination of which design elements can be produced concurrently, rather than </p><p>sequentially, and which elements can be prepared in conceptual form in sufficient detail to allow the </p><p>CM to provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) at the earliest date; however, in any event not </p><p>later than the beginning of the construction of the first bid package.The sequencing of the production of </p><p>the construction documents will necessitate some modification to the review schedules. These changes</p><p>will be jointly developed in conjunction with the A/E, CM, and CNPM.</p><p>B. It is anticipated the construction of the facilities will be phased by the production and bidding of at least </p><p>three major, separate bid packages. The elements of construction included in each bid package will be </p><p>determined joi...</p></li></ul>


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