Research Paper Peer Editing Checklist '11

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Research Paper Peer Editing Checklist You must do each of these steps to receive credit today. Turn this paper into the sub when you are done today. I will pass these out next week. You may listen to your IPOD. Editor: _______________________________ Writer: _______________________________ Career: _______________________________ 1. Circle and count all Be verbs. Am, Is, Are, Was, Were, Be, Being, Been, Became, Becomes, Becoming, Isnt, Arent, Wasnt Total all Be Verbs, Write them at top of paper. Reduce number by half. 2. Box all sentence beginnings. Make a chart for them. Order Change sentence beginnings if either chart side has more than two of the same word. Frequency

3. Underline all sentences in alternating colors. Look for long lines of color and short blocks of colors. Do you need to compound sentences or punctuate and shorten them? Good writing has varied sentence lengths. 4. Eliminate the first person words. Put a Triangle around these words. I, Me, My, You. These must be changed. Ex: I believe to it is believed. You must to One must. Etc. 5. Check for no clichd phrases. water off a ducks back, etc. Make sure all writing is formal and academic. 6. Check for lower case sentence beginnings and proper nouns, put a LC by these, they should be capitalized. 7. Is it three pages? Is the paper finished? YES 8. NO

Is there a Thesis Statement? Is it underlined YES NO

9. Do the Body Paragraph correspond with the order of the Thesis Statement? YES NO 10. Is there supporting information in each paragraph? 11. Count the number of sentences in each paragraph. 12. Is there a TITLE? YES NO

13. Is there a punctuation mark at the end of each sentence? YES NO 14. Spelling mistakes? Symbols or Texting used? Ex: & for and, or 2 for to YES NO 15. Is there a transition sentence from paragraph to paragraph? YES NO 16. Is it MLA formatted? Use your packet to check, Margins, Heading, anything missing? YES NO. If missing explain what. 17. Does the Conclusion restate the Thesis Statement from the Conclusion? YES NO 18. Does the author already have internal documentation? YES NO 19. Does the paper clearly inform you about the career? 20. Circle a letter grade in your opinion. A B C D

On A separate Sheet of Paper Do the following and staple to the back of this paper.

1. Write one paragraph (5-10 Sentences) giving me good input on your opinion of the Intro paragraph. 2. Write one paragraph on the Body paragraphs (15-20 Sentences). Give me your opinion, are they clear and well written. 3. Write One paragraph (5-10 Sentences) giving your opinion over the conclusion.