Research topic presentations Things I can do to help my country Things I can do to help AIU

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Research topic presentations Things I can do to help my country Things I can do to help AIU The knowledge about animals in Somalia By Adam Mohamed Ali. Somalia. About Somalia. Location: East Africa Capital: Mogadishu Population: 10 million Official Languages: Somali, Arabic. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Research topic presentationsThings I can do to help my countryThings I can do to help AIUThe knowledge about animals in Somalia

By Adam Mohamed Ali


About SomaliaLocation: East AfricaCapital: MogadishuPopulation: 10 millionOfficial Languages: Somali, Arabic

Things I can do to help my countryConsume goods and services produced locallyBy choosing to buy a five-dollar t-shirt made in my country instead of the exact same t-shirt selling for one dollar but made in abroad, I just made a major positive impact: the money stayed in the local economy, domestic jobs were compensated and small businesses stayed open.


Give bloodThis is one of the easiest things you could ever do to help someone. Blood banks are always in need of more. As the Red Cross says, Give the gift of life.

Things I can do to help AIU

Plant trees in the campusTrees give off oxygen that is necessary for humans and also make life nicer. It has been shown that spending time among trees and green spaces reduces the amount of stress that we carry with us in our daily lives.

Attend classes on timeDemonstrates that you are diligent and dependable.Indicates that you honor your commitments and you can be trusted.Shows that you have respect for other people and that you care as much about their time as your own.

Knowledge about animals found in Somalia

Somalia Flora

Some of the well known species that are found in Somalia are acacia, candelabra, baobab, and aloes. Some of the trees such as pine, dune, juniper, coconut and plants such as flamboyant had been imported from the other countries and now grow in abundance in Somalia.Somalia Fauna

Some of the wild animals which are commonly sighted in Somalia are lion, giraffe, zebra, elephant, hyena, gazelle, crocodile, baboon, lizard, boar, wildcat and many more. Snakes of different types are also common in Somalia such as krait, cobra and puff adder. The domestic animals of Somalia include goats, camel, and sheep. The most popular birds of Somalia are heron, green pigeon, ostrich, and duckReferencesGarlech, B. (2010, November 12). TAKE ACTION: 10 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO IMPROVE YOUR COMMUNITY TODAY. Retrieved from THE NEW PURSUIT:, T. (n.d.). The importance of being on time. Retrieved from Little things matter: