Reshaping the image of the historic summer resort P¤rnu into a year-round resort Heli Tooman, PhD P¤rnu College, University of Tartu

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Reshaping the image of the historic summer resort Prnu into a year-round resort Heli Tooman, PhD Prnu College, University of Tartu Slide 2 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.20082 Estonia small country with long- term resort and spa traditions Geography Area: 45 227 km Coastline: 3794 km Borders: 633 km total, 339 km with Latvia and 294 km with the Russian Federation Distance from Tallinn to Helsinki: 85km; to Riga: 307km; to St.Petersburg: 395km; to Stockholm: 405km Slide 3 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.20083 Estonian Resort and Spa Traditions In Estonia you may in several places find therapeutic mud, the healing properties of which were known in folk medicine since ancient times. Spas in the present meaning of the word were established as early as in the 1820 - 40s. Establishments were especially built or reconstructed for the use of local seawater or mud for the treatment of ailments under the supervision physicians. Slide 4 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.20084 The Association of Estonian Spas and Rehabilitation Centres In the course of time the Estonian spas have also partly changed their policy from being purely care centres towards being recreation centres, where the clients in addition to the treatments have the possibility to occupy themselves in various healthy activities, go in for sports or just relax and spend their time comfortably. The Association of Estonian Spas and Rehabilitation Centres (EKTL) has 16 members. EKTL has gathered in one web-page all facts concerning the Estonian Spas and Rehabilitation Centres. Here you may find a resume of the miscellaneous care and vacation possibilities the Estonian Spas have to offer. Slide 5 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.20085 Prnu - the Resort Town Prnu is a town whom the title of the summer capital has been bestowed upon both in peoples hearts as well as on a more official level; a town that is reigned by sun, fun and openness. Already in 1936, it was written: "Prnu is the resort of joy, which all Estonia can be proud of, a place for the Baltic traveller, of whichever nationality to stop by. Slide 6 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.20086 Prnu - the Resort Town Prnus first bathing establishment was founded already in 1838, the year now considered to be the birthday of the Prnu resort. Until the Second World War, Prnu was a very popular destination for holidaymakers from Scandinavia and Russia. During the Soviet time, Prnu was popular year-round resort Today Prnu with its beautiful sandy beach and numerous health spas, hotels, mud and water treatment centres, welcomes tens of thousands of tourists and people wishing to undergo treatments from many different countries. Slide 7 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.20087 Prnu Estonian Summer Capital, but also a good place for winter vacation Marketing Prnu as the Summer Capital of Estonia (since 1996) has made town famous with domestic and foreign visitors but gives an impression that Prnu is only a summer resort. Prnu is also a pleasant place for a winter vacation, whereas here a vacation can be combined in a most pleasant way with caring for ones health. Slide 8 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.20088 The Map of Prnu the town between sea and rivers Slide 9 9 Prnu beach ca. 1890 (Prnu Museum collection). Slide 10 10 Prnu Beach Salon in 1910 (Prnu Museum collection) Slide 11 11 Prnu beach 1930 (Prnu Museum collection). Slide 12 12 Prnu beach ca. 1930 (Prnu Museum collection). Slide 13 13 Prnu beach ca. 1939 (Prnu Museum collection). Slide 14 14 Prnu beach ca. 1960 (Prnu Museum collection). Slide 15 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.200815 Soviet Time Prnu has been very famous year-round resort-town on Soviet time Prnu was full of visitors from all around the Soviet Union, most of visitors came from Moscow and Leningrad Slide 16 16 Prnu beach 1996 (Prnu Museum collection) Slide 17 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.200817 Estonian Summer Capital Prnu (since 1996) Slide 18 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.200818 Beach Promenade 2006 Slide 19 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.200819 Mud Treatment House 1926 - 1927 Slide 20 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.200820 Beach Hotel 1935 - 1936 Slide 21 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.200821 Beach Cafe 1939 Slide 22 22 The Rehabilitation Centre Estonia The Rehabilitation Centre Estonia is recently refurbished, carries well-known good traditions, and is the oldest treatment facility in Estonia. Located in the immediate vicinity of the beach, amidst parks and boulevards, pleasant service, a lovely holiday and the necessary heath improvement are guaranteed here. The proximity of the city centre, theatre house and concert hall enables to comfortably enjoy cultural events. Time can pleasantly be spent in our restaurants and bars while dancing to live music. Slide 23 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.200823 The Tervis SPA The Tervis SPA is Estonias largest resort establishment on the Prnu shore, which is operating for the fourth decade already. The sanatorium complex consists of seven buildings connected by glass galleries, the newest of these is the hotel wing which was completed in 2002 Slide 24 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.200824 Tervise Paradiis Tervise Paradiis is a complex opened at Prnu beach in March 2004, which consists of an 8-story spa hotel and a 2-story water park. Tervise Paradiis is the first hotel in Prnu which complies with the requirements for a four-star hotel, with 112 double rooms and 10 suites with saunas a total of 244 beds. In addition to an indoor pool, the hotel features a pre-heated outdoor pool and a terrace for the sun lovers in the early spring. The 11,500 m amoeba-shaped water park features plenty of attractions, a variety of saunas and a 25-metre pool which offers relaxation for everyone from small children to the elderly people. Slide 25 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.200825 Spa Hotel Viiking Spa Hotel Viiking is located in the seaside district, next to the historical moat of Vallikraav, merely a few minutes walk from Prnu city centre. The hotel first opened its doors to visitors in 1993. Today, the hotel consists of three contemporary and modern buildings, the last on which was completed in 2003. Spa Hotel Viiking offers different therapeutic and relaxation packages for people who wish to improve their health spanning from one day to two weeks. SPA Hotel Viiking contains a high-quality treatment centre and trained experts, which allow us to treat bone and joint diseases, radiculitis, hypertension, various chronic inflammations and stress. Slide 26 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.200826 Spa Hotel Sprus Sprus is a cosy resort hotel located in the seaside district of Prnu, in the middle of parks and boulevards. The Centre is located only a few hundred metres from the beach and within walking distance of the town centre. Sprus is an excellent place for preventing ailments, accelerating rehabilitation or simply for relaxing. Sprus is the sanatorium in Estonia with the longest tradition of offering rehabilitation treatment. There is treatment of joint, bone and peripheral nervous system diseases. Packages for generally improving ones condition and reducing stress. Out-patient and in-patient care Slide 27 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.200827 Strand Spa and Conference Hotel XXXX Slide 28 28 The number of summer visitors 1996292 000 1997308 000 1998220 000 1999311 000 2000275 000 2001415 000 2002401 000 2003330 000 2004304 000 2005267 000 2006339 000 2007272 000 ??? Slide 29 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.200829 Reshaping the Resort Prnu has ambitiously been positioned as a resort town. The towns development plan states the vision: Prnu is a regional centre with a safe physical and social environment, competitive economy and up-to-date infrastructure; it is an attractive resort throughout the year. Marketing the town as the Summer Capital of Estonia has made the town famous with domestic and foreign visitors but gives an impression that Prnu is only a summer resort. Recent visitor surveys show that the number of domestic and foreign visitors is declining. While competition from other destinations may account for some of this, other factors include poor image management, product development, quality and marketing. Reshaping the resorts image as a year-round resort is a key issue. Slide 30 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.200830 The New Holistic Concept Prnumaa Pikeseringid Prnu County Sun Rings Slide 31 31 IDARING Laanemaa LUNARING Sinine Meremaa rannikualad LNERING Maa mere res PHJARING Roheline Jemaa Via Baltica Via Baltica Soomaa meri 4 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 Prnumaa Pikesering Pikeseringide vahelised teema- ja tmbekoridorid Via Baltica Rannikualad Meri Soomaa Pikeseringide sisesed teema- ja tmbekoridorid Meri ja saared Luna-Eesti Kesk- ja Phja-Eesti Lne-Eesti, saared Prnumaa Pikeseringid Prnu Pikesering 2, 4 1, 2 3 12341234 Legend Slide 32 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.200832 What we have? We have: Natural resort, spa traditions, experiences, good resources Beautiful surrounding, beaches, parks, etc Resort and tourism development plan Roof-organization: Prnu County Tourism Prnu Convention Bureau Prnu Concert Hall, Drama Theatre Museums, Art Galleries, etc, active cultural life, shopping centres, etc Tennis and Colf courses, sport facilities, etc Slide 33 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.200833 And we have: Prnu College, University of Tartu Department of Tourism Studies: More than 350 students Tourism related R & D, inlc resort and spa R & D New study-field (applied higher education) Spa Management and Marketing We are developing a new curriculum Wellness Service Design and Management (Master degree) Slide 34 Heli Tooman 14.-15.03.200834 Where is the Key? What we dont have or dont have enough in Prnu: Image of the year-round resort town Good knowledge and skills for better destination product and quality development and cooperation Good knowledge and understanding about destination mar